Day 841 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 26th May:

Leisurely morning. I ducked into the market for some supplies and at 11:00am I hit the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. Guy headed into Mahjong at 11:30am.

At 12:30pm I made my way to Barbarossa and meet up with Geoff (Pom), Russell (Canadian) and Ron (Yank) for an iced tea, chips and a chat.

Russell announced that he is now heading back to Canada on July 18th and back to work. He and his partner (Filipino local) have some more planning to do before they are ready to retire in the Philippines.

I ducked home for a few hours then meet Guy back at the Google IT café after Mahjong. I was checking out my Superannuation funds, as I haven’t bothered for quite some months with the world financial crisis stuff. I could only check one fund as the other fund’s website was off line till Monday for maintenance and was pleasantly surprised to see it is growing slowly.

On the way home we found a new barbeque man who was grilling some Pork Belly over charcoal. They look and taste very very nice.

I bought my first Kindle book today. Up till now all I have downloaded are free books from Amazon and James R (Friend from AUS). Reading it now and should finish it in a few days. Review once finished.

Sunday 27th May:

The Thunder Monster got a quick wipe over today as no rain this week. Guy off to Mahjong at 10:00am and at 11:00am I make my way to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

At midday I arrived at Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Usual crowd. At 3:00pm I headed home for a cup of tea and a little siesta. At 5:15pm I rode back into Gasan just in time to catch a parade of boys and girls from the local Catholic Church.

Following the parade (6:15pm) I meet Guy at DJ’s restaurant. This is the new restaurant opened only for dinner at the moment. Gil (Filipino/American owner) is going slowly slowly so he can train up his staff and then may open for lunch as well. The staff is excellent and the food is very very good.

The restaurant is on the top floor (4th floor) of the tallest building in Gasan. The views are fantastic as you can see over the township and port and get a front seat view of the sunsets. You also get a nice breeze up there as well so very pleasant.

Monday 28th May:

A hot one last night. We had the fan on low just to keep the air circulating which was pleasant to sleep under. At daybreak the power went off for an hour or so and it just started to get sticky and unpleasant. Once the power was back on and the fan kicked back into gear, it was fine.

After breakfast we did a quick trip into the market for some supplies and upon arriving back home (10:30am) the power was off once again. So time to do a rubbish burn and beach clean up.

Once I finished my chores I was a ball of sweat and as there was still no power I went to the hand pump on the well and pump a bucket full of cool water and had a very refreshing scoop shower to wash away the sweat and dirt.

The power came back on at 11:30am ish.

After lunch and a siesta we made our way into Gasan (at 3:00pm). Guy was off to register to the Commission of Elections so she could vote here in the Philippines.  Senate elections are due in 2013.

I meet up with Gil, the new restaurant owner. He also has rooms for rent in the same complex as the restaurant and has had them available for some time now. He is looking at getting some advertising for the restaurant and Marinduque in general to let people know what a little piece of paradise we have here. I provided him with a selection of my photos to help him out.

He gave Guy and I gifts from his other little industry he operates here on the island. They are Graphite Objects that you can use as a writing instrument. You can see more at Click on the hand on the far left. These are the graphite writing objects that Gil manufactures here on the island, in Gasan.

A quick stop at the Google IT Café and home for the evening.

I finished reading my 32nd book of the year “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle & Scott McEwen & Jim DeFelice (Purchased Kindle Book). It’s an autobiography of SEAL Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle. A great read but it is very in your face at times.

Tuesday 29th May:

Up at 6:30am for a cup of tea and then walked into Gasan at 7:00am to meet John (Pom) at 8:00am. John is off to England for all of June so I have “borrowed” his Suzuki Thunder Monster (his is exactly the same as mine) while he is away.

My sister Sandy and husband Brian will be here for almost 3-weeks so it will give them a bike to ride round on. This way we can explore the island when we want to and be self-sufficient transport wise.

Once back home I picked up Guy and we rode back to the Gasan Market as it is market day. Got our few supplies and back home.

At midday Guy headed off to Mahjong and I rode out to John’s house to pick up a bike helmet he was lending me. I put it on and noticed that there was no strap to hold it on. I asked where the strap was and John’s comment was “why do you need a strap, just sit it on your head”. MMmmmmmm now that would work in a crash…Not….

Now lets just say that John believes that his bike is an inanimate object of metal and plastic that should be ridden and not washed. I spend the afternoon cleaning it (washed it twice and then waxed it), topping up the battery and changing the fuel filter. An oil change is still to come. The maintenance and clean is part of the “hire rate”.

Late afternoon after my second shower for the day I did a quick trip to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

Wednesday 30th May:

This morning it was the Thunder Monster’s turn for a good wash and wax. It has been some weeks since her last wash and although she was still clean she was a little dusty. She got a goooood going over this morning with her wash, wax and touchup with WD-40 on any rusty bits.

At midday I ran Guy into Mahjong with a detour to see Rose (Hairdresser) and book us both in for a trim tomorrow at 1:00pm.

I then made my way up towards Boac to see Ivan (Aussie chicken farmer). He had a mole removed on the mainland and the doctor was sending him a report via email. Ivan doesn’t have an email so he used mine.

Ivan does have a laptop (but no net connection) so I transferred his report to a USB stick so he can read it later. The report was all good so he’s happy with that.

Back to Google IT café for a quick stop and then home to rest up in the heat of the afternoon.

We had a short brownout from 8:00pm to 9:15pm just to keep us on our toes.

Thursday 31st May:

The power was off at first light this morning but it wasn’t too bad as it had rained overnight so things had cooled down. It came back on at 7:00am.

At 8:00am I walked up to see Gerald (9km round trip) for a cup of tea and a chat. I walked back along the beach and arrived home (11:00am) just as Ailyn was finishing Guy’s massage.

The power was off again just after 11:00am and back on at 12:30pm. As the skies were looking very black we caught a Jeepney into Gasan for our haircuts at 1:00pm. I had my cut first for a cost of P60 ($1.42 AUS) and then Guy had a colour and a hair spa for P400 ($9.50 AUS).

While Guy was having her treatment I wander just up the road to the Google IT café and surfed the web for a couple of hours. At 3:30pm the power was off once again after a big downpour, which cooled things down nicely.

Guy’s treatment was almost finished when the power died with half of her hair blow/dry done. We caught a Jeepney back home from there.

The power came back on at 4:30pm just in time for dinner and another heavy rain shower.

The power off again at 9:30pm and back on at 10:45pm.

I finished reading my 33rd book of the year “Primal Unleashed” by Jack Silkstone (Purchased Kindle Book). A good read about a private army and bad people chasing weapons of mass destruction.

Friday 1st June:

It looks like the wet has finally arrived. We had our first downpour yesterday and the weather pattern is looking all stormy. Gerald (4km up the road from us) had 75mm in 2-hours yesterday so a good start.

It is all cloudy and stormy today with some drizzle and cooled down nicely. Still somewhat humid though.

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. A short one today after the rain as the track into the boondocks is muddy and slippery.

Back home at 8:30am and Cherry was here for our washing and cleaning day.

A cloudy, drizzly and cooler afternoon, so a rest day is in order (Siestas and reading).

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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