Day 855 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 9th June:

Up and off to the market for extra supplies today in preparation for our visitiors’ arrival tomorrow.

Back home and I washed and waxed John’s Thunder Monster. My Thunder Monster was fine as it hasn’t been used much this week.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:30am and I rode into town and refueled John’s Thunder Monster. I did another quick stop in the market for a few things we had missed and stocked up on some fresh Pandecoco buns.

I switched Thunder Monsters and cruised into town to refuel mine. I meet Russell and Geoff in the Barbarossa for an iced tea and burger for lunch.

With the Thunder Monster refueled it was back home for a cup of tea and a siesta as we are back into the hot humid days once again after the Monsoon Typhoon / trough earlier in the week.

At 4:00pm I hit the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi to post the blog. Well, all the DSL network was down on our side of the island and they had no idea when it would be back online. I went back home and waited for Guy’s text as I was meeting her there after Mahjong. At 5:15am I met her at the Google IT café and still no service.

We made our way home and after dinner Guy rang them and the DSL network was back online. I did a quick run into the café and got the blog posted.

Guy stayed home and cooked up a feast for Sandy and Brian’s arrival tomorrow.

I finished reading my 36th book of the year “Night of the Assassin” by Russell Blake (Kindle Book). A good story about drug cartels and an assassin.

Sunday 10th June:

Up and off to the airport with Ron (and his pickup limo service) at 7:15am to meet the plane bringing my sister Sandy and brother in-law Brian here for a visit. The plane was scheduled to arrive at 7:45am but didn’t arrive till 9:30am. Ooohhh well at least they arrived.

Back home and a rest day as Sandy and Brian had been up since 3:30am. After lunch we watched the Pacquiao (Filipino Hero) / Bradley fight in Vegas. It went the full 12 rounds but Manny lost on a split decision. The locals will be displeased (to say the least!!!).

A swim followed by a siesta under the Nipa Hut finished off a great afternoon.

Guy and I received our Kindles brought over by Brian and Sandy, so spent the afternoon transferring across all the free books. Got them all setup now so let the reading begin.

Monday 11th June:

Awoke to a brownout this morning. The power went off some time in the early hours of the morning as I remember the fan going off and it was getting a little warm in our bedroom.

It came back on at 6:30am but everybody managed to get a good night’s sleep regardless, so all good.

Midmorning I guided Brian for a cruise into Gasan and back on the second Thunder Monster. He hasn’t ridden a bike for a few years now but it all came back very quickly.

Late morning we all cruised into Google IT café and everybody got their one-hour Wi-Fi fix. After lunch it was time to hit the Nipa Hut in the heat of the afternoon for some reading and siesta time.

Late afternoon I ducked into town for one of the charcoal roast chickens for dinner. Once home we processed some Buko (coconut) with condensed milk for drinking.

After dinner Sandy and Brian went for a night swim to conclude the day’s activities.

Tuesday 12th June:

It’s a public holiday today (Philippines’ Independence day).

It was market day so we all arose at 6:30am and walked into the Gasan at 7:00am. When we arrived in Gasan the festivities were underway with a street procession.

After stocking up on supplies we caught a Jeepney back home.

At 10:00am Gerald arrived for a chat in the Nipa Hut and a cold iced tea as he had walked down. He left just after 11:00am so Sandy and Brian went for a pre lunch swim.

At 4:00pm after the heat of the day we went exploring on the Thunder Monsters. We cruised down south past Buenavista to one of the headlands on the cliff top for a view of Mount Malindig and Elephant Island.

We then inspected the sulphur and the hot springs (two separate establishments) and will be returning to the hot springs for a dip later this week. The water from these springs bubbles up from the base of Mount Malindig which is an extinct volcano.

We finished up the evening playing “Chronology”, a card game getting the year of an event in the correct chronological order.

I finished reading my 37th book of the year “Cat & Mouse” by James Patterson (Kindle Book). A really good murder mystery read. The best one of his books I have read so far.

I finished reading my 38th book of the year “The Simple Guide to Steve Jobs” by Chris Scott (Kindle Book). Interesting.

Wednesday 13th June:

A leisurely morning was had by all. At 10:00am we all headed to Boac on the Thunder Monsters. The first stop was the Boac Hotel for some free Wi-Fi for us all to catch up on emails and synchronize the Kindle’s.

At midday, we made our way to “Fine Dining” for a very nice long lunch including desert whilst overlooking the Boac town centre. From there Sandy and Brian did a tour of the museum that gave them an insight into the life and times of Marinduque.

The next stop was the Specialty Shop, which has a few imported wines on the shelves (Mainly American and Argentinean). They managed to find an Aussie Hardys Cabernet Sauvignon (2011) for P290 ($6.90 AUS) so they shall see what it is like. It was the only Aussie wine in the shop.

An afternoon rainstorm was bearing down on us so we decided to have a look at the old Cathedral up on the hill and wait out the rain. After an hour or so, we made our way back to the bikes only to discover that Brian’s helmet had fallen onto the ground upside down and was half full of water.

Needless to say he had to endure a “wet head” on the way home. We arrived back home at 4:30pm ish after a great day out.

Thursday 14th June:

A rest day today. Ailyn arrived for a double massage session. Sandy went first followed by Guy. They both enjoyed their 2-hour relaxing massages.

The remainder of the day was spent in the Nipa Hut eating, reading and catching up on all things Australian from Sandy & Brian.

I finished reading my 39th book of the year “Open Season” by Archer Mayor (Kindle Book). A great murder mystery in a small American town.

Friday 15th June:

Up early as we were off to Gerald’s for an early morning walk up to Meadow Peak. Now we had no rain at all at the cottage, but 4km up the road at Gerald’s they had 18mm of rain overnight.

We decided to make our way up to Kalong and see how the track was to Meadow Peak. As it turned out they have freshly graded the track to Kalong and with the 18mm of rain last night it was rather muddy and slippery.

We made it to Kalong but decided to go no further as it was just too wet, muddy and slippery. It was back to Gerald’s for iced tea, hot tea and an assortment of fresh fruit from his garden.

Sandy and Brian also got a tour of the Middle East from Gerald and all his great photographs. We made it back at 9:00am in time for Cherry (The washing & cleaning lady) to wash our sweaty and muddy hiking clothes.

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and the rest of us had a little rest till 3:30pm. Brian has a touch of the good old “Delhi Belly” so not venturing too far today. At 3:30pm we dropped in to see Guy in action at the Mahjong house and then hit the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. At 5:00pm we made our way to Gil’s restaurant in Gasan where we meet Guy for dinner. After dinner Sandy and Brian made their way home and Guy and I did a quick detour via the Google IT café as Guy had to order Jordan, (her son back in AUS) some soccer boots online.

A nice cup of tea and a DVD finished off the evening nicely.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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