Day 869 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 23rd June:

Up and off to Google IT café to post the blog and for Sandy and Brian to catch up on emails as they have been off line for nearly 3-days.

We were thinking of going to one of the waterfalls today but it was hot and humid so we decided to stay put in the Nipa Hut for a rest day.

I gave both Thunder Monsters a wash and wax in the late afternoon. Being all hot and bothered I went for a swim and Sandy joined me.

Another rest day was enjoyed by all.

Sunday 24th June:

Today is San Juan Day (St. John, the Baptist), which means that the kids stand on the roadside and throw water at passing vehicles. Motorcycles are supposed to be exempt (too many accidents) and mostly they are, but not always.

Mid morning Guy and I made our way into the market and made it in and out whilst staying dry. At 11:00am I took Guy into Gasan for her Mahjong game and we weren’t so lucky. I got drenched and Guy managed to get somewhat wet as well. Ooohhh well you know what to expect if you venture out on this day and it was actually quite refreshing as it is a hot one again today.

At midday Sandy, Brian and I rode into Barbarossa to have lunch with the expats (we all made it in a dry state). We arrived back home at 2:00pm to rest up from the afternoon heat and humidity in the Nipa Hut reading, swimming and with the odd siesta thrown in for good measure.

At 4:45pm we made our way to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi and met up with Guy after her Mahjong game. Home by 7:00pm for a relaxing evening.

I finished reading my 42nd book of the year “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” by Mark Leyner & Billy Goldberg M.D. (Kindle Book). A great read about hundreds of questions you’d only ask a doctor after your third Martini.

Questions Like:

  • Does sugar really make kids hyperactive?
  • What causes morning breath?
  • Does urinating on a Jellyfish sting stop the burn?
  • Can a hair sample be used in a drug test?
  • Does the kind of amnesia you see in movies really exist?
  • Does wet or cold weather cause a cold?
  • Can lip Balm be addictive?
  • Do your nails or hair grow after you die?

Monday 25th June:

Following a lazy morning Sandy, Brian and I went for a ride on the Thunder Monsters to Cawit Port to show them a Ro-Ro that we catch to the mainland. On the way home we stopped at the bakery in Gasan for some supplies.

Just as we arrived, Gil and his brother arrived at his office by the bakery.

Gil runs the operation here on the island making the graphite writing figures for his brother in USA (see blog from Monday 28th May for further details) ( Sandy & Brian purchased four of these figures to take back to AUS as souvenirs for their friends.

Sadly their father passed away last week, hence Gil’s brother being here for the funeral on Thursday.

We had a brownout from 12:15pm to 4:15pm (4-hours) along with an afternoon thunder and lightning storm. So time in the Nipa Hut was in order doing the usual.

We finished up the evening playing “Chronology”, a card game getting the year of an event in the correct chronological order.

Tuesday 26th June:

Market day in Gasan, so we all left home at 7:00am and walked into the market (6km). Got a few supplies, mainly consisting of mangoes and more mangoes.

We caught the Jeepney back home for a latish breakfast.

At 11:00am we headed for Bertholt’s (German / Greek) and Josephine’s (Local) place on the other side of Gasan by the airport for a cup of tea and a chat. Bertholt has just returned from Greece where he has sold up all his properties (one was a penthouse apartment over looking the Acropolis) and a yacht, so is now officially retired on the island.

He sadly took a bit of a hit on the sale prices due to woes that Greece is currently in. He has gotten out while he could and before things get any worse.

After lunch it was time for a siesta then a trip to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. Once back home the Karaoke was cranked up by Guy and Brian.

Following a DVD movie, the live Wimbledon Tennis was watched as Sandy and Brian are quite the avid tennis fans.

I finished reading my 43rd book of the year “Critical Error” by Murray McDonald (Purchased Kindle Book). A great read about terrorism in the Middle East and the USA. Interesting twist.

Wednesday 27th July:

Well it is the last day of Sandy and Brian’s visit as they leave tomorrow. We started the morning with a walk back round the rice paddies behind the cottage.

They are mostly still dry due to the lack of rain but we did find a few planted ones. Also we witnessed a farmer with his Buffalo preparing a paddy for planting. Brian took a bit of a tumble on one of the paddy walls and lost a little skin on his knee. He now has memento of his visit to take back to AUS.

After lunch it was a visit to Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

Back home for a rest before dinner back in town at the Barbarossa. After a very yummy meal (Including ice-cream for desserts) it was a quick stop at Google IT café to print out Sandy and Brian’s boarding passes for their trip home tomorrow.

A nice cup of tea was had by all on our arrival back at the cottage.

Thursday 28th June:

The last day of Sandy and Brian’s visit today and Sandy started the day with a massage from Ailyn. Ron arrived just after 12:00 noon to taxi everybody to the airport for their 1:40pm flight to Manila.

As we already knew that the flight was going to be late I followed on the Thunder Monster so Guy and I could stay at the airport with them and leave once their flight took off. Ron dropped everybody off at the airport and stayed for an iced tea and then left us to wait.

Finally at 4:30pm (3-hours ish late) Sandy and Brian left for Manila and their 8:35pm Qantas flight back to Australia. Guy had organized her Senior Pulis friend Ed at the airport to pick them up at the Zest Airlines terminal and transport them to the International terminal and assist with getting them through customs and immigration.

We got a text from Ed at 6:00pm that they were passing through immigration and will easily make the 8:35pm flight to AUS. All’s well that ends well……

We also got a call from Sandy to say that Ed meet the Zest flight on the tarmac, scooped them up and delivered them through to the departure area (via immigration & customs) by 6:15am. Now that’s service with a smile…..

And to finish up our evening we had a brownout from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Friday 29th June:

We awoke to a rough and windy day as we are under the influence of the tail of tropical storm “Dindo”. It’s way up north of us and moving away so should all be fine again in a few days.

The cottage was very quiet this morning with our visitors now gone. We got a text mid morning to say that they made it back home to Adelaide safe and sound.

Cherry was here for her usual washing and cleaning day. Guy headed off to Mahjong at Midday. At 12:30pm we had a brownout and with Cherry finished her day’s chores, I decided to make my way to Boac (45km round trip) as I needed a few things.

I arrived back home at 2:30pm (after a stop at the bakery for some Pandecoco’s) and the power was back on, so all good.

I finished reading my 44th book of the year “Deception Point” by Dan Brown (Kindle Book). A great read about corruption, murder, mystery and deception in NASA and the USA government.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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