Day 897 of retirement

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Hi All

Sunday 22nd July:

Brownout during the early hours of the morning with the power coming back on at 8:30am. Raining on and off all day as we are currently under the influence of Tropical Depression “FERDIE”.

At 10:00am Guy caught the Jeepney into Mahjong and I decided to walk into town to Google IT (6km). I broke out the large umbrella and headed off. It wasn’t windy, just steady rain so the umbrella worked a treat.

Once I posted the blog and did my Internet stuff I made my way to Barbarossa for the expat gathering. The rain kept the crowds away today. There were only four of us today.

At 3:00pm I made my way back to Google IT for a quick Wi-Fi catch up and then walked back home (6km).

I managed to walk home in between showers so all good. Guy walked home from Mahjong (5km) and also managed to miss the rain.

I also got a call from Dave the Canadian (works in the oil sand fields in northern Canada & married to Crissa (local) living in Mogpog past Boac). He is back on the island till late December so it will be good to catch up with them again.

I finished reading my 51st book of the year “2nd Chance” by James Patterson (Paperback Book). A good murder mystery.

This was actually the 14th Kindle book I read but the Kindle version was corrupted and had the last bit of the book missing.

Amazon didn’t have the Kindle version for sale so I found a secondhand copy (P125 ($3.00 AUS)) in a bookshop in Manila. It’s a good book so I wanted to know the ending. It was worth reading it again and now knowing the ending.

Monday 23rd July:

Up and off for my morning walk with Gerald at 6:00am. After all the rain yesterday we elected to do the beach walk today, as the boondocks will be too wet and slippery. It was blowing a gale on the beach and quite humid so by the time I got home I was very “sticky”.

After a nice refreshing shower and a latish breakfast I rode over to see Bertholt (German) who lives by the airport (15 minutes ride away). He had downloaded a series for me as he has the same fast Internet connection at his house as Google IT. He loaded it up on a USB stick for me and I was back home for lunch.

On the way home I picked up a fresh pineapple and some mangoes.

A little siesta followed a leisurely lunch. At 2:30pm we headed into Google It for some Wi-Fi. Guy was able to Skype Jo (daughter) and had a good chat to her, as the birth of her first child (and our first grandchild) is due in two weeks ish.

Tuesday 24th July:

Market day today. We were going to walk in but had a bit of a sleep in instead. At 9:00am we rode in and bought our supplies for the next few days.

Mid morning it was rubbish burn up time along with a quick clean up of the beach.

The rest of the day was a rest day. We read our Kindle’s and had the odd siesta or two.

Wednesday 25th July:

Woke up with a bung left eye this morning. It is puffy, itchy, bloodshot and teary. Bit like hay fever. I’ve had it before and had some drops to put in which helped. So a quiet morning was had by all.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday and I had a little siesta. After the siesta the eye felt a little better so I walked into Gasan (6km) along the road and dropped into Google IT for some quick Wi-Fi and then called into Barbarossa for a few cold iced teas with Geoff (Pom) and Lindon (Aussie visitor).

Late afternoon and I walked back home along the beach (6km) in the sea breeze. The eye is much better tonight.

Thursday 26th July:

The eye is much better today so all good.

Ailyn was due here for Guy’s massage but she didn’t turn up. Guy left a message for her on her mobile to come tomorrow if she can. Where she lives back in the boondocks she has no mobile coverage so only get messages when she comes down to the coast.

Cherry was a day early for our washing and cleaning as we were away in Manila last week and had a bit of a load to wash.

The rest of the day was our rest day. A day where we stay in and eat, read, siesta and potter round the cottage. A very relaxing day indeed.

We had a brownout from 5:30pm to just before 7:00pm. We had the rice cooked before it went off so all good for dinner.

Friday 27th July:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our walk. When I arrived Juliet met me at the gate to say that Gerald has been sick (vomiting) overnight so isn’t up for our walk. I headed back home and decided to go for a walk back in the boondocks behind the cottage.

I had seen some kids disappear up a track previously so decided to see where it went. It made its way up onto a long mountain meadow with the odd family living up there. I followed it for a while but as it turned back further into the interior I turned round and headed back home as it started to rain.

Definitely further exploring required.

After lunch we made our way into Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Guy was able to Skype Jo (her daughter) who is due in 2-weeks. Getting close now.

I finished reading my 52nd book of the year “Wizard’s First Rule” by Terry Goodkind (Kindle Book). This is the first “Fantasy” book I have ever read and I loved it. It’s a loooonng book to read but it kept me very interested all the way through.

This is the first book in an eleven book series (The Sword Of Truth Series). I have started reading the second book “Stone of Tears”.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


One Response to Day 897 of retirement

  1. Trevor & Guy,
    Will be interested to visit your sanctuary in the near future…. that’ll be during my home leave.
    Kindly give details on how to avail your facilities.
    Thanks guys…

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