Day 925 of retirement

August 25, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 18th August:

Not having much luck with my ailments at the moment. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, stuffy head and achy all over. So out came the good old aussie “Codrals”. Thanks to Sandy and Brian (Sister and Bro-in-law) who were here in June we are restocked with Codrals, so all good.

At 10:45am I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and cruised past the market for some supplies for the next few days. Back to the cottage for lunch and a bit of a siesta to rest up my weary bones…..

Mid afternoon I made my way to Google IT and posted the blog and check emails etc. On the way home I dropped into Barbarossa for an iced tea and ran into a crowd of thousands.

There was Dave (Canadian), Geoff (Pom) Dude (Yank), Harry and Charmaine (Aussies) and Vern (German). After a chat and a few iced teas it was back home and more Codral.

Sunday 19th August:

Got the flu bug well and truly so into the Codral once again.

The seas were huge and rough this morning as we are under the tail end of Tropical Storm “IGME”. No rain though so all good.

Once the Codrals kicked in, it was time for the Thunder Monster wash. No wax today just a wash.

At 11:30am I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I made my way to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Good crowd once again today.

Home by 3:00pm to watch the MotoGP qualifying at Indianapolis, USA. Sad to see Casey Stoner crash out with an awful high side.

Monday 20th August:

Still got the Flu bug so more drugs (good old Codral’s).

It is Gasan Day or more precisely Kalesayahan Day (means horse and cart fun day). The day consists of the Kalesa (horse and cart) parade and then the Glockenspiel contest where local kids put together a dance routine to drums and xylophones and are judged accordingly.

We missed the Kalesa parade but caught up with them in the park after and had a good old look see at the decorated Kalesa’s.

Back home for lunch and Guy off to Mahjong at 1:00pm. Just after 2:00pm, I made my way back to see the Glockenspiel contest but couldn’t get many pics as it was vert very crowded. My only saving grace was that as I’m so tall, I could at least see some of the contest over the many heads in the crowd.

On the way home a quick detour to Google IT and back home feeling a little tired from the flu thing.

We had Brownouts from 11:00am to 1:15pm (2 ¼ Hours) and then again from 6:15pm to 7.30pm (1 ¼  Hours).

Tuesday 21st August:

Up at 5:00am and all packed for our Manila trip. Ron’s Limo service (Ford Pickup) picked us up at 6:00am and dropped us off at Balanacan Port just before 7:00am on the northern end of the island.

We caught the 8:00am Ro-Ro to Lucena. As it is a long long weekend (Monday & Tuesday Public Holidays) and yesterday was the final day in the Gasan Festival, the Ro-Ro was packed.

The vehicle deck was full and on the passenger deck it was standing room only. We managed to get a seat so all good. The trip took an extra half hour today (3-hours all up) as the poor old Ro-Ro was sitting a little low in the water. The crossing was nice and smooth, which was good for the sea sickness (none today).

With so many people on board we decide to make our way to the front of the boat 45 minutes from docking time. This way we were at the front of the queue disembarking (it’s a bit like a cattle stampede) and were able to get a good seat on the JAC Liner bus to Manila.

We arrived in Manila just on 5:00pm some 11-hours after leaving home. We dumped our stuff at Guy’s sister’s place and headed off to the mall. We had dinner there and did our luxury goodies shopping for the island (Aussie cheese mainly).

Back to Guy’s sister’s for an early ish night as we are off to immigration first thing tomorrow to get my passport stamped for my permanent residency (At long last….).

Wednesday 22nd August:

More drugs for the flu to get me through another day at immigration. Up at 6:00am and left the house by 7:00pm. After a Trike, LRT (Train) and Jeepney ride we arrived at immigration just before 8:00am. We were the first in line so got the paper work underway straight away.

Today I get my permanent Residency VISA stamp in my passport, which will finally make me a Filipino resident. My plastic ID card (The ACR-I Card) will be ready in another week or so. So we went back to our friendly Notary (JP) lady and got an authorization for Jerry (Guy’s brother) to pick up my card when it’s ready so we don’t have to come back again.

Now there is an immigration office in Boac on the island where I pay my yearly fee. So we asked if they would send my ACR-I Card to this office for me to pickup. But alas no go. They will accept my money in the Boac office but won’t send my card there…….

So while waiting (4-6 hour wait for processing) it was across the road to Starbucks and relax in the lounge chairs with a hot Chai.

At 12:00 noon we made our way back to immigration and my passport was finally finally stamped with my permanent residency VISA. WWwooo hhooo….

The final cost for this paper work was P4 ($0.01 cent yes 1 cent). So off we went across the building to the ACR Card window to drop off the paper work so they will print my card, which will be ready in a week or so for Gerry (Guy’s brother) to pick up.

At the ACR Card window they wanted a photocopy of my permanent residency VISA stamp in my passport so while I held my spot in the line Guy went off to get the photocopy.

After about 10 minutes she came back with a funny look on her face. Her purse was gone out of her bag. She figured that she may have left it (after paying the P4) at the ACR VISA card window or it was pick pocketed in the crowd as immigration was packed at this time. It only had a few hundred Pesos in it and no cards so nothing serious.

Once we finished at the ACR Card issuing window we made our back to pay the photocopy lady and got to the toilets before leaving. Guy had one last look in the ACR VISA issuing window and there her purse was behind the glass. She retrieved it and it even still had all her cash in it. Miracles do happen.

As we were all finished by 12:30pm we decided to head for Guy’s sister’s, pack and catch the 6:00pm JAC Liner bus and come home. We made the bus depot by 3:30pm, got a good seat and sat in the air-conditioned bus and waited. The bus left at 5:30pm.

All was good till we were 1-hour out of Lucena (1 ½  hours from the Port) when the air-conditioning broke down. There were no opening windows on the bus so we had to swelter on the hot stuffy bus till we made Lucena and the JAC Liner maintenance depot. I was starting to feel very ill at this stage (motion sickness and still got the flu thing). It didn’t help that we had an erratic bus driver either.

The bus mechanic was able to fix the air-conditioner and we travelled the last 30 minutes to the Ro-Ro Port nice and cool. We just made it and basically drove straight onto the Ro-Ro. We left the bus and made our way up to the top passenger deck of the Ro-Ro, found a plastic bench seat each and laid down (not many passengers on the Ro-Ro) for the count.

The Ro-Ro was a little rough but was actually better than the bus ride with our crazy driver. We both managed to sleep on and off for the whole 3 ¼ hours Ro-Ro ride so I was feeling a little better by the time we arrived on the island.

Another 30 minutes on the crazy bus and we were home. We were so so so glad to get home. After a cup of tea to calm down it was off to bed at 5:30am.

Thursday 23rd August:

We both slept like logs till midday. I still have this stupid flu thing. AAahhhhhh.

The only action today was a trip to the market to get some supplies. The remainder of the day was reading along with a siesta. Relaxing.

OOohh we also heard from Dave (Canadian) and Crissa (Local) from over Mogpog way (An hour from here at the top of the island) who had a baby girl born on Sunday night. They called her Pixie Margaret and mum and daughter are doing very well. Crissa had a home birth and it went extremely well for all concerned.

Friday 24th August:

No walk this morning as I’m still feeling the effects of the flu. But at 9:00am I did ride up to see Gerald for a cup of tea and a chat.

Back home and Cherry arrived for the washing and cleaning as we had altered the day from yesterday to today just for this week. Same with Ailyn who arrived for Guy’s massage today. Next week both ladies are back to our usual Thursday timetable.

A relaxing afternoon with reading and a siesta thrown in for good measure.

We had a short brownout from 2:45pm to 3:45pm (1-hour).

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Day 918 of retirement

August 18, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 11th August:

Ron picked me up at 9:00am and we made our way to the Provincial Pulis office in Boac. As luck would have it, we ran into the Chief of Intelligence Mr Joey Carpio. He is one of the Pulis who helped Gerald and I with our across the island walk.

He confirmed that the deceased was still unknown and then showed us the photos of the deceased (not pretty after 3 days in the water). We were looking for a tattoo that the Mindoro person (Jade) had told us about. It was just too hard to tell.

Mr Carpio sent an email to Jade at the address I provided and included pics of the deceased and the Pulis report and let her know that it was I who gave them her contact info. Jade can then review the evidence and see if it is indeed her missing uncle.

The power of the internet hey…….

Back to Barbarossa for an iced tea and a chat to Geoff (Pom) and Lyf (Danish) before home for lunch.

Guy had already left for Mahjong by the time I arrived home just before midday. After a quick lunch it was off to see Gerald as he has some Word 2008 documents that he needed converted back to Word 2004 format so he could read them. After a nice cold iced tea and a chat it was off to Google IT to post the blog.

All done and back home for a well deserved rest…..

Sunday 12th August:

Thunder Monster wash and wax today. She wasn’t that muddy but had that nice layer of salty sea air covering her from the windy week. She got an extra special careful wax today so she is very shiny now.

Guy off to Mahjong at 10:30am and I made my way to Google IT just after 11:00am for some Wi-Fi. At midday I cruised to Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Quite a crowd today with some very “heated” discussions on life, love and the universe (OOhhhh and Politics and Religion which of course created more problems that we solved….).

Monday 13th August:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. As the weather has been dry for a few days now, we headed back into the boondocks up past Kalong and over to Bilog on the other side of the ridge.

We explored a new trail but it came to an abrupt end up a gully. So back to Bilog and we came home on the second Bilog track which gave us a good 10km loop walk. There were still a few places where it was nice and muddy but most of the tracks were dry ish.

It was pretty humid so we were both a ball of sweat by the time we got home some 3-hours later. A nice cold iced tea was enjoyed by all.

Home for a refreshing shower, a latish breakfast and then a siesta finished off the morning.

After lunch we caught a Trike into town with our empty gas bottle. The gas replacement shop is actually next door to Google IT so very handy. But as luck would have it they were out of full gas bottles. They were expecting a delivery at 4:00pm ish.

After some Wi-Fi at Google IT and buying some fresh Rambutan’s the gas truck hadn’t turned up so we left the cylinder there and will pick up a full one tomorrow.

I finished reading my 53rd book of the year “Stone of Tears” by Terry Goodkind (Kindle Book). It’s another looonnggg read (Second book in an eleven book series -The Sword Of Truth) but a great read. Time for a crime mystery before book three.

Tuesday 14st August:

We awoke to a brownout this morning. It went off at 5:00am ish and didn’t come back on till 5:30pm (12.5-hours). It then went off again at 6:30pm and was off till 8:00pm (1.5-hours).

Market day today so off to town to get some fresh supplies. We also picked up our recharged spare gas cylinder so all stocked up on food and gas once again.

Guy was off to Mahjong at 11:30am. After lunch I rode into town and caught up with Geoff (Pom) and Dave (Canadian) at the Barbarossa for an iced tea and a chat.

Dave is after a 14-foot tinny (aluminum boat) with a 30HP ish outboard so he can explore and go fishing on the coast up Mogpog way. I haven’t seen a tinny anywhere in the Philippines except on Boracay Beach. Certainly none on the island anywhere.

Now I do happen to know that Terry (Welshman) who has a house here on the island has a 14-foot tinny in his shed. So gave Dave his contact details in case Terry wants to sell his boat or can direct Dave on where he got his.

I meet Guy at Google IT at 5:45pm as she once again Skyped the family in Canberra. And of course when we arrived home we were back into a brownout. Dooohhh as Homer would say.

Wednesday 15nd August:

Leisurely morning as we awoke to the tail end of Tropical Depression Helen. A bit windy and some drizzly rain.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday. After a bit of a siesta I walked into town with a stop at Barbarossa for an iced tea with Geoff (Pom) and then Google IT for some Wi-Fi. At 3:30pm I walked back home (12km round trip) just as it started to drizzle a bit.

Guy wasn’t far behind me as she walked home from Mahjong as well (5km walk).

Thursday 16th August:

Cherry arrived for the washing and cleaning day. The weather is still a bit rough from Tropical Depression Helen but no rain today so all good.

Ailyn arrived for my 2-hour massage at 10:00am and very nice it was.

After lunch it was off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Guy was able to Skype the new family back in Canberra and see the new baby grand daughter Zali.

Friday 17th August:

Off for our early morning walk this morning. Gerald caught a Jeepney to the cottage and we walk back over the boondocks ridge and found our way to Dawis Township, which is on the Dawis River.

Once we got on the top of the ridgeline we asked a local farmer for directions and he kindly directed to this little track running off into the jungle that finally got us to Dawis. From Dawis we walked back to the main road and home.

After breakfast and a shower Guy and I headed to Boac and the Land Transport Office (LTO) to renew our drivers licenses as they expire on your birthdays here (Guy on the 1st Sep and mine on the 9th Sep).

So after we both paid P818 ($19.50 AUS) each, filled in 6 pages of paper work, had 3 photos taken, had all fingers fingerprinted, had a drug test, had our eyes tested, had an eye colour blindness test, had blood pressure done and were weighed, we were done. It was completed in 2-hours (including going to 3 different establishments for all the tests) and all the staff were very helpful and made the process run very smoothly.

A temporary paper license was issued and our new plastic one will be here in approximately 4-months (Yes that is 4 months). Ooohhh well it is for the next three years.

We had a little brownout from 7:00pm to 7:30pm (30 minutes) but all good.

I finished reading my 54th book of the year “I am Ozzy” by Ozzy Osbourne & Chris Ayers (Kindle Book). A great read about Ozzy’s life.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

PS: The body on the beach investigation is still in limbo. I haven’t heard anything re the email on the missing uncle from last week so will check with the Pulis next week and see if they have more.

Day 911 of retirement

August 11, 2012

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Hi All

Sunday 5th August:

Busy morning this morning. The Thunder Monster got her wash and wax after a wet dirty week.

Guy received the first of many text messages that Jo and Dave were at the hospital in Canberra and the baby was a coming. Jo had a long labor (18-hours ish).

At 9:30am I dropped Guy off at Mahjong for an early game and called into the hardware store to get a new tap and two new “Firefly” light bulbs. Back home and fixed the tap and the light bulbs.

Then off to Google IT to post the blog as the power was off all day yesterday so no blog posted. At midday I made my way to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

No more news on the deceased westerner. The Pulis are now looking wide and far (sending pics and finger prints to the mainland) to try and identify the victim. It certainly appears that the incident happened on one of the other islands and the body just happened to wash up here.

The wild stories are certainly doing the rounds on who he is and what happened. You could write a good murder mystery with some of the stories going round. I won’t repeat the gory details.

Monday 6th August:

Jo and Dave’s baby daughter was born at 1:08am AUS time (3:08am our time). Guy spoke to Jo several times early this morning with mother, daughter and dad all doing fine.

My early morning walk with Gerald was cancelled this morning as we are experiencing a rainy windy day once again. It rained steadily for most of the day.

We also had a brownout from some time in the middle of the night till 9:00am. Then another one from 11:30am to 12:30pm (1-hour) and then another one from 3:30pm to 5:30pm (2-hours).

After lunch and still raining, we caught a Trike into Gasan (and a Jeepney home) and managed to Skype Jo and Dave in hospital and see the first pics of our brand new grand daughter, Zali May Rose Fabian. All very exciting.

I finished reading my 53rd book of the year “Stone of Tears” by Terry Goodkind (Kindle Book). It’s another looonnggg read (Second book in an eleven book series -The Sword Of Truth) but a great read. Bring on book three.

Tuesday 7th August:

As we have enough food in the house no market day today.

I’m feeling the best this morning. It started last night where I felt all achy and lethargic. Took some good old Panadol, which helped a bit but it lasted all day.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday. I did a quick run into town to the ATM (It was working today) to get the rent money as it’s due today.

Back home and rested up for the afternoon to get over this bug. I meet Guy at Google IT at 5:30pm so she could Skype Jo, Dave and see the new grand daughter Zali once again. Skye is fantastic in situations like this.

Wednesday 8th August:

A quiet morning this morning as I’m feeling better but not 100%.

I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 12:30pm and made my way to Boac (22km away) to get two of our motorcycle helmets inspected, approved and have the standards sticker applied.

I got to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) just after 1:15pm and got straight in. I had to hand over our helmets and the paper work filled out in duplicate along with a copy of my driver license.

One of the DTI staff looks at the helmet and makes sure it is “okay” and signs the paper work. I then had to have a chalkboard hung round my neck with my name on it (like a mug shot…) and while holding the two helmets I had my picture taken.

More signing of the paper work and the ICC sticker is applied to each helmet and the serial numbers are recorded. I get a copy of the paper work and all done in 20 minutes.

I cruised back to the Barbarossa in Gasan and caught up with Geoff (Pom), Dave (Canadian), Lyndon (Aussie) and Dude (Yank) for a few iced teas and to solve some of the problems of the world.

At 5:30pm I met Guy at Google IT for some Wi-Fi where she was able to Skype Jo and Dave in hospital and see Zali the new granddaughter once again.

Thursday 9th August:

I’m feeling much better this morning. Almost back to normal.

Cherry here at 8:00am for our washing and cleaning day. We have changed her day from Friday back to Thursday so that she and Ailyn are here on the same morning. This gives us an extra “free” morning on Fridays.

Ailyn arrived at 11:00am (A bit late) for Guy’s massage. I did a quick trip to Boac to get two more motorcycle helmets approved and have the sticker issued.

One of the helmets is a new one I bought when Sandy and Brian were here and the other is an older one belonging to Geoff (Pom) that I borrowed.

They approved my helmet but wouldn’t approved Geoff’s old one. OOohhhh well it was worth a try.

After lunch we had a relaxing afternoon reading and resting. I had a few little jobs to do around the cottage now that the rain has finally stopped here. Manila has really copped it and it is still raining there. There are horrendous floods all over. Luckily all Guy’s family is fine as they live on a hill.

Friday 10th August:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. As things have dried up a bit we walked back into the boondocks up to Kalong and back. Still pretty humid so a good sweat up was had by all.

Home and after breakfast with Guy we went into the market for a big shop. We managed to fill our three shoulder bags with groceries so the cupboards are now fully restocked once again.

After lunch we were all ready to go to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Skye and off went the power at 1:30pm. It came back on at 2:30pm so we decided to continue in.

We made a detour to our block to have a look as the owners of the remaining land are clearing it up and have asked if they can remove one old coconut tree as it is could fall onto the Japanese house next to our block. Will let them know that they can remove the old coconut tree, as it doesn’t look too healthy.

Into Google IT and Guy was able to Skype the new family and have a look and a chat. Jo and Zali went home yesterday so they have survived their first 24-hours by themselves.

An interesting update on the body that was washed up on the island last week. It is still not identified. But today I got an email (via my blog of all things) from a guy on Mindoro (Island to the west of us) that he had read my blog about the incident and thought it might be his uncle as he went missing at that time and is still missing and he has tattoos.

I let him know (via email) I would have a chat to the Pulis and would provide an update to him tomorrow. On the way home we dropped into the Gasan Pulis station and had a chat to the commander there and he advised us to go directly to the Boac Pulis station and deal with them, as it is their case.

After dropping Guy home I rode up to see Ron (Yank) as he knows some of the Pulis in the Boac station. Tomorrow morning at 9:00am he is going to take me to see the Boac Pulis and we will see what we can find out and get the information back to the gentleman on Mindoro, one way or the other and determine if it is his uncle or not.

We shall see. More to come next week.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Day 905 of retirement

August 5, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 28th July:

Busy day today. I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 10:00am. Then off to the market for supplies for the next few days where I ran into John (Pom). One of his older (7 years old) Labradors (Dick was his name) died last night so he was a little glum.

I rode back to the cottage and dropped off the supplies before making my way to Boac (22km away).

On the way I dropped in to see Wayne (Aussie) who lives just outside of Boac. He is back from immigration this last week where he finalized his probationary residency papers. I had a chat to him and Grace (Local wife) and enjoyed a nice cool orange juice.

Into Boac and managed to find all that I was after so cruised back home along the coast. Once home, it was a latish lunch. After lunch I grabbed the laptop and cruised into Google IT for some Wi-Fi to post the blog.

Made it home in time to cook up Pork spareribs (with secret herbs & spices) for dinner. It is one of my favorite meat dishes.

Sunday 29th July:

The rain started about 9:00 last night and rained steadily all night and all day as we are currently under the influence of Tropical Storm “GENER”.

No wash or wax for the Thunder Monster today as she remained tucked under cover.

Guy caught a Jeepney into mahjong just before 10:00am and I walked into town just after her, under my trusty big umbrella. First stop was Google IT for some Wi-Fi. The second stop at midday was the Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

At 3:30pm with the rain still steadily falling, I had a leisurely walked back home. I like walking in the rain.

Monday 30th July:

A wild and wooly night last night from Tropical Storm “GENER”. The wind is blowing a gale and the seas are very rough. Luckily my Monday morning walk with Gerald was postponed yesterday till Tuesday.

I got up at 4:30am to watch the MotoGP race in Laguna Seca, USA. Another good race with Casey Stoner taking out the winner’s podium. It still puts him some 32 point behind and sitting in third place on the overall leader board. With eight races to go it will be a tough call to retain his number 1 title this year.

At 10:00am I had a look at the weather outside as we had to go to Boac (22km away) to see the bank and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) about motorcycle helmets.

As the weather didn’t look too bad rain wise we decided to chance it and ride the Thunder Monster to Boac. We made it there and almost back home (the last 5km) before the heavens opened up and I got soaked and Guy was a little better off with me shielding most of her in the rain as we rode (couldn’t be bothered with stopping and putting the ponchos on).

The bank stuff was all sorted quickly (they give fantastic service and nothing is too much trouble for them). Then off to DTI for the approval papers for our motorcycle helmets.

You see, up till now you could wear any sort of helmet (or variation there of) on your motorcycle, as there were no standards covering helmets. They are now bringing in a system whereby you have to have your helmet inspected then an “Approval” sticker stuck to that helmet.

They are inspecting helmets for cracks, dents, stickers, padding, custom paint jobs, broken straps and anything else that might constitute a danger to the rider. From the “helmets” I have seen people riding with, the local helmet sellers are going to do a roaring business for the next few months.

We grabbed the paper work we need to fill out and the lovely lady had a quick look at our helmets and indicated that they will be fine. We have till the end of September (then they will charge a fee for the sticker) to get our helmets approved.

I’ll take the helmets and paperwork back later this week for the approval process.

We had a brownout from 12:00noon to 1:45pm (1 ¾ hours) just to keep us on our toes.

Tuesday 31st July:

Tropical Storm “GENER” is still with us today but it is showing signs of abating. The wind is dying down and the steady rain has been reduced to showers.

We had a brownout that started at 10:00pm last night and lasted till 8:00am this morning (10-hours). Not sure what that was about but could have been some power lines down from all the strong winds (Trees blown across the lines…). OOohhh well got the fridge defrosted so can’t complain.

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. We did a beach walk today and managed to dodge the showers.

As the tide was rather high and the sea was rather rough we had to do a few detours off the beach through the local village to get around some of the structures on the beach.

Just as I left Gerald’s, a rain shower caught me so I was a little wet by the time I got home. As I was already wet I did a quick trip into the market for a few supplies and managed to get even wetter.

Back home and into the shower and I was all good again.

After lunch it was off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. I was able to Skype my sister Lyn in WA and have a chat. Guy was unable to get hold of Jo (Daughter) today. Ooohhh well there’s always tomorrow.

I still find it rather weird that I am out in the stormy / windy / rainy weather and I’m wet and yet I am still in shorts and tee shirt and not cold at all.

Wednesday 1st August:

This morning was one of those mornings when we just slept in without trying. With Tropical Storm “GENER” this last week it has cooled things down to the high 20C during the night and along with a nice breeze it has been great sleeping. This morning it was just so nice to lay in bed and feeling the gentle coolish breeze that before we realized it, it was 10:30am.

I had a quick cup of tea and was off to Mogpog (30km away at the top end of the island) to see Dave (Canadian) and Crissa (Local). They are expecting their first baby in September. Dave, who works in northern Canada, is here till the end of December for the birth of his daughter.

Dave is looking at getting his residency so I ran him through what I went through to give him an idea of what is involved. Crissa served up a very nice lunch.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday.

Mid afternoon I rode back home dropping into Google IT for a quick Wi-Fi fix on the way. After dropping my stuff at the cottage I rode back into Gasan for a few supplies at the market. I dropped into the Barbarossa for an iced tea and a chat to Geoff (Pom), Lyndon (Aussie) and Dude (Yank).

Thursday 2nd August:

We awoke this morning to a bit of a panic on our side of the island. Word had come through that a westerner’s body has been found dead on Laylay beach (just north of us) by the Pulis. The Pulis were treating it as a murder case due to the extent of the injuries.

After a few texts and mobile calls all the expats checked with each other to firstly see that we were all okay and if anybody knew who it was.

The expats in our group were all accounted for thankfully. Ron (Yank), who knows everybody on the island, went to Boac and had a look at a picture of the deceased to see if her recognized him but it wasn’t anybody Ron knew.

Today was wash and massage day. Cherry was here at 8:00am for the washing and cleaning. Ailyn arrived at 10:00am for my two-hour massage which was very nice indeed.

We had a little brownout from 10:00am to 11:00am.

After lunch I did a quick run into town and caught up with Geoff (Pom) at Barbarossa for an iced tea and a chat re any further info about the dead body, but nobody knew anything further as the case is being handled by the Boac Pulis and not the Gasan Pulis (our locals).

Late in the evening Gerald got a text from Edna (Boac Pulis lady he knows) to say that they still hadn’t identified the body. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Friday 3rd August:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. As it hasn’t rained for a few days we hiked back into the Boondocks to the village of Kalong. The track was okay but was borderline muddy / slippery up near the village.

Back home and Ron (Yank) dropped by for a chat. He had no further news on who the deceased is. It’s a bit of a mystery as in who he is, where he has come from and how he ended up washed up on the beach at Laylay.

After lunch it was time for a trip to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Skype. Guy spoke to Jo who is due next week so getting excited now for the first grandchild for Lola (Grandmother) and Lolo (Grandfather).

Saturday 4th August:

Awoke to a brownout this morning. Not sure when it went off but it was in the early hours of the morning as we had the fan going in our bedroom most of the night.

It finally came back on at 4:30pm some 12 hours ish after going off. The fridge got defrosted again…..

Ron dropped in first thing for some books from our meager library and with an update on the westerner body found at Lay Lay. The Pulis still have no identification of the body. I caught up with Geoff (Pom) when I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 11:00am and he had had a look at the photos of the victim and he didn’t recognize him.

The theory now is that the incident may have happened on one of the other islands and the body just happened to wash up on Marinduque. And of course there a few wild stories going round on the whole thing.

After lunch and still no power I had a bit of a siesta followed by some reading (Second book in an eleven book series -The Sword Of Truth – A lonngggg book) and then a nice long walk along the beach arriving home just as the power came back on.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy