Day 911 of retirement

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Hi All

Sunday 5th August:

Busy morning this morning. The Thunder Monster got her wash and wax after a wet dirty week.

Guy received the first of many text messages that Jo and Dave were at the hospital in Canberra and the baby was a coming. Jo had a long labor (18-hours ish).

At 9:30am I dropped Guy off at Mahjong for an early game and called into the hardware store to get a new tap and two new “Firefly” light bulbs. Back home and fixed the tap and the light bulbs.

Then off to Google IT to post the blog as the power was off all day yesterday so no blog posted. At midday I made my way to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

No more news on the deceased westerner. The Pulis are now looking wide and far (sending pics and finger prints to the mainland) to try and identify the victim. It certainly appears that the incident happened on one of the other islands and the body just happened to wash up here.

The wild stories are certainly doing the rounds on who he is and what happened. You could write a good murder mystery with some of the stories going round. I won’t repeat the gory details.

Monday 6th August:

Jo and Dave’s baby daughter was born at 1:08am AUS time (3:08am our time). Guy spoke to Jo several times early this morning with mother, daughter and dad all doing fine.

My early morning walk with Gerald was cancelled this morning as we are experiencing a rainy windy day once again. It rained steadily for most of the day.

We also had a brownout from some time in the middle of the night till 9:00am. Then another one from 11:30am to 12:30pm (1-hour) and then another one from 3:30pm to 5:30pm (2-hours).

After lunch and still raining, we caught a Trike into Gasan (and a Jeepney home) and managed to Skype Jo and Dave in hospital and see the first pics of our brand new grand daughter, Zali May Rose Fabian. All very exciting.

I finished reading my 53rd book of the year “Stone of Tears” by Terry Goodkind (Kindle Book). It’s another looonnggg read (Second book in an eleven book series -The Sword Of Truth) but a great read. Bring on book three.

Tuesday 7th August:

As we have enough food in the house no market day today.

I’m feeling the best this morning. It started last night where I felt all achy and lethargic. Took some good old Panadol, which helped a bit but it lasted all day.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday. I did a quick run into town to the ATM (It was working today) to get the rent money as it’s due today.

Back home and rested up for the afternoon to get over this bug. I meet Guy at Google IT at 5:30pm so she could Skype Jo, Dave and see the new grand daughter Zali once again. Skye is fantastic in situations like this.

Wednesday 8th August:

A quiet morning this morning as I’m feeling better but not 100%.

I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 12:30pm and made my way to Boac (22km away) to get two of our motorcycle helmets inspected, approved and have the standards sticker applied.

I got to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) just after 1:15pm and got straight in. I had to hand over our helmets and the paper work filled out in duplicate along with a copy of my driver license.

One of the DTI staff looks at the helmet and makes sure it is “okay” and signs the paper work. I then had to have a chalkboard hung round my neck with my name on it (like a mug shot…) and while holding the two helmets I had my picture taken.

More signing of the paper work and the ICC sticker is applied to each helmet and the serial numbers are recorded. I get a copy of the paper work and all done in 20 minutes.

I cruised back to the Barbarossa in Gasan and caught up with Geoff (Pom), Dave (Canadian), Lyndon (Aussie) and Dude (Yank) for a few iced teas and to solve some of the problems of the world.

At 5:30pm I met Guy at Google IT for some Wi-Fi where she was able to Skype Jo and Dave in hospital and see Zali the new granddaughter once again.

Thursday 9th August:

I’m feeling much better this morning. Almost back to normal.

Cherry here at 8:00am for our washing and cleaning day. We have changed her day from Friday back to Thursday so that she and Ailyn are here on the same morning. This gives us an extra “free” morning on Fridays.

Ailyn arrived at 11:00am (A bit late) for Guy’s massage. I did a quick trip to Boac to get two more motorcycle helmets approved and have the sticker issued.

One of the helmets is a new one I bought when Sandy and Brian were here and the other is an older one belonging to Geoff (Pom) that I borrowed.

They approved my helmet but wouldn’t approved Geoff’s old one. OOohhhh well it was worth a try.

After lunch we had a relaxing afternoon reading and resting. I had a few little jobs to do around the cottage now that the rain has finally stopped here. Manila has really copped it and it is still raining there. There are horrendous floods all over. Luckily all Guy’s family is fine as they live on a hill.

Friday 10th August:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. As things have dried up a bit we walked back into the boondocks up to Kalong and back. Still pretty humid so a good sweat up was had by all.

Home and after breakfast with Guy we went into the market for a big shop. We managed to fill our three shoulder bags with groceries so the cupboards are now fully restocked once again.

After lunch we were all ready to go to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Skye and off went the power at 1:30pm. It came back on at 2:30pm so we decided to continue in.

We made a detour to our block to have a look as the owners of the remaining land are clearing it up and have asked if they can remove one old coconut tree as it is could fall onto the Japanese house next to our block. Will let them know that they can remove the old coconut tree, as it doesn’t look too healthy.

Into Google IT and Guy was able to Skype the new family and have a look and a chat. Jo and Zali went home yesterday so they have survived their first 24-hours by themselves.

An interesting update on the body that was washed up on the island last week. It is still not identified. But today I got an email (via my blog of all things) from a guy on Mindoro (Island to the west of us) that he had read my blog about the incident and thought it might be his uncle as he went missing at that time and is still missing and he has tattoos.

I let him know (via email) I would have a chat to the Pulis and would provide an update to him tomorrow. On the way home we dropped into the Gasan Pulis station and had a chat to the commander there and he advised us to go directly to the Boac Pulis station and deal with them, as it is their case.

After dropping Guy home I rode up to see Ron (Yank) as he knows some of the Pulis in the Boac station. Tomorrow morning at 9:00am he is going to take me to see the Boac Pulis and we will see what we can find out and get the information back to the gentleman on Mindoro, one way or the other and determine if it is his uncle or not.

We shall see. More to come next week.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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