Day 918 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 11th August:

Ron picked me up at 9:00am and we made our way to the Provincial Pulis office in Boac. As luck would have it, we ran into the Chief of Intelligence Mr Joey Carpio. He is one of the Pulis who helped Gerald and I with our across the island walk.

He confirmed that the deceased was still unknown and then showed us the photos of the deceased (not pretty after 3 days in the water). We were looking for a tattoo that the Mindoro person (Jade) had told us about. It was just too hard to tell.

Mr Carpio sent an email to Jade at the address I provided and included pics of the deceased and the Pulis report and let her know that it was I who gave them her contact info. Jade can then review the evidence and see if it is indeed her missing uncle.

The power of the internet hey…….

Back to Barbarossa for an iced tea and a chat to Geoff (Pom) and Lyf (Danish) before home for lunch.

Guy had already left for Mahjong by the time I arrived home just before midday. After a quick lunch it was off to see Gerald as he has some Word 2008 documents that he needed converted back to Word 2004 format so he could read them. After a nice cold iced tea and a chat it was off to Google IT to post the blog.

All done and back home for a well deserved rest…..

Sunday 12th August:

Thunder Monster wash and wax today. She wasn’t that muddy but had that nice layer of salty sea air covering her from the windy week. She got an extra special careful wax today so she is very shiny now.

Guy off to Mahjong at 10:30am and I made my way to Google IT just after 11:00am for some Wi-Fi. At midday I cruised to Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Quite a crowd today with some very “heated” discussions on life, love and the universe (OOhhhh and Politics and Religion which of course created more problems that we solved….).

Monday 13th August:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. As the weather has been dry for a few days now, we headed back into the boondocks up past Kalong and over to Bilog on the other side of the ridge.

We explored a new trail but it came to an abrupt end up a gully. So back to Bilog and we came home on the second Bilog track which gave us a good 10km loop walk. There were still a few places where it was nice and muddy but most of the tracks were dry ish.

It was pretty humid so we were both a ball of sweat by the time we got home some 3-hours later. A nice cold iced tea was enjoyed by all.

Home for a refreshing shower, a latish breakfast and then a siesta finished off the morning.

After lunch we caught a Trike into town with our empty gas bottle. The gas replacement shop is actually next door to Google IT so very handy. But as luck would have it they were out of full gas bottles. They were expecting a delivery at 4:00pm ish.

After some Wi-Fi at Google IT and buying some fresh Rambutan’s the gas truck hadn’t turned up so we left the cylinder there and will pick up a full one tomorrow.

I finished reading my 53rd book of the year “Stone of Tears” by Terry Goodkind (Kindle Book). It’s another looonnggg read (Second book in an eleven book series -The Sword Of Truth) but a great read. Time for a crime mystery before book three.

Tuesday 14st August:

We awoke to a brownout this morning. It went off at 5:00am ish and didn’t come back on till 5:30pm (12.5-hours). It then went off again at 6:30pm and was off till 8:00pm (1.5-hours).

Market day today so off to town to get some fresh supplies. We also picked up our recharged spare gas cylinder so all stocked up on food and gas once again.

Guy was off to Mahjong at 11:30am. After lunch I rode into town and caught up with Geoff (Pom) and Dave (Canadian) at the Barbarossa for an iced tea and a chat.

Dave is after a 14-foot tinny (aluminum boat) with a 30HP ish outboard so he can explore and go fishing on the coast up Mogpog way. I haven’t seen a tinny anywhere in the Philippines except on Boracay Beach. Certainly none on the island anywhere.

Now I do happen to know that Terry (Welshman) who has a house here on the island has a 14-foot tinny in his shed. So gave Dave his contact details in case Terry wants to sell his boat or can direct Dave on where he got his.

I meet Guy at Google IT at 5:45pm as she once again Skyped the family in Canberra. And of course when we arrived home we were back into a brownout. Dooohhh as Homer would say.

Wednesday 15nd August:

Leisurely morning as we awoke to the tail end of Tropical Depression Helen. A bit windy and some drizzly rain.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday. After a bit of a siesta I walked into town with a stop at Barbarossa for an iced tea with Geoff (Pom) and then Google IT for some Wi-Fi. At 3:30pm I walked back home (12km round trip) just as it started to drizzle a bit.

Guy wasn’t far behind me as she walked home from Mahjong as well (5km walk).

Thursday 16th August:

Cherry arrived for the washing and cleaning day. The weather is still a bit rough from Tropical Depression Helen but no rain today so all good.

Ailyn arrived for my 2-hour massage at 10:00am and very nice it was.

After lunch it was off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Guy was able to Skype the new family back in Canberra and see the new baby grand daughter Zali.

Friday 17th August:

Off for our early morning walk this morning. Gerald caught a Jeepney to the cottage and we walk back over the boondocks ridge and found our way to Dawis Township, which is on the Dawis River.

Once we got on the top of the ridgeline we asked a local farmer for directions and he kindly directed to this little track running off into the jungle that finally got us to Dawis. From Dawis we walked back to the main road and home.

After breakfast and a shower Guy and I headed to Boac and the Land Transport Office (LTO) to renew our drivers licenses as they expire on your birthdays here (Guy on the 1st Sep and mine on the 9th Sep).

So after we both paid P818 ($19.50 AUS) each, filled in 6 pages of paper work, had 3 photos taken, had all fingers fingerprinted, had a drug test, had our eyes tested, had an eye colour blindness test, had blood pressure done and were weighed, we were done. It was completed in 2-hours (including going to 3 different establishments for all the tests) and all the staff were very helpful and made the process run very smoothly.

A temporary paper license was issued and our new plastic one will be here in approximately 4-months (Yes that is 4 months). Ooohhh well it is for the next three years.

We had a little brownout from 7:00pm to 7:30pm (30 minutes) but all good.

I finished reading my 54th book of the year “I am Ozzy” by Ozzy Osbourne & Chris Ayers (Kindle Book). A great read about Ozzy’s life.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

PS: The body on the beach investigation is still in limbo. I haven’t heard anything re the email on the missing uncle from last week so will check with the Pulis next week and see if they have more.

One Response to Day 918 of retirement

  1. Kamaka says:

    Re: Dave and a tinny.

    There aren’t any tinnys on Marinduque for a reason. If they worked out OK there would be a few of them around.

    Get smart, Dave. Buy a bangka.

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