Day 932 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 25th August:

After being away and the storms of the last week, it was time to do a rubbish burn up and clean the beach. It took a while but the beach is once again nice and litter free. This litter also included bits of coconut, bamboo and other driftwood so it wasn’t all plastics, paper, etc. We are pretty lucky on our beach cottage in that we don’t get a lot of littler washed up.

Guy was off to Mahjong at 10:00am for an early game. After lunch I made my way to Google IT and posted the blog and caught up on emails, etc. Back home at 3:30pm for a rest.

At 5:30pm I meet Guy back at Google IT as she was back on Skype to her new grand daughter.

I finished reading my 55th book of the year “Dead or Alive” by Tom Clancy (Kindle Book). A good read and maybe just a little of some truth in there.

Sunday 26th August:

No Thunder wash today as she is still nice and clean. But she did get an oil change. I do a change about every 3-4 months regardless of the km used.

Guy off to Mahjong at 10:00am. At 11:30am I dropped into Google IT for some Wi-Fi then off to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering at midday.

Home late afternoon to watch the MotoGP at Brno in the Czech Republic. Sadly no Casey Stoner after his crash in last week’s practice at Indianapolis in the USA. But great to see Casey’s Honda teammate (Danny Pedrosa) win in an exciting finish.

Monday 27th August:

Awoke to a brownout this morning. It went off at 1:30am and came back on at 11:00am (9.5 hours). We also heard at the market that it is supposed be off tomorrow from 7:00am to 4:00pm. We shall see.

I was up early (in the dark due to brownout) and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. I am 80% recovered from the flu so we did a slow walk up to Kalong in the boondocks and back.

It is pretty hot and humid at the moment so we both were balls of sweat by the time we got back. We need a good storm to clear things up.

Back home, a refreshing scoop shower was the order of the day. Then it was off to the market for some supplies for the next few days. Guy cooked up a big pot of chicken rice. Very yummy.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing as the walk did take a bit out of me. I think I must be getting a little old as the mind is willing but the old body is protesting. Maybe some payback for all those years of abuse……

Tuesday 28th August:

Leisurely morning as we have no power. It went off at 9:00am and came back on at 4:30pm (7.5 hours).

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and went exploring on the Thunder Monster. Basically I find a road running off the main road and follow it to the end or where it loops back to the main road.

Most roads here head back into the mountains and run out once it gets too steep. These roads can range for 1km to 10km in length.

Late afternoon and I dropped into our block. Vern (German) who owns all the land around us has cleaned up all the underbrush on his land. Our block kind of stands out so will look at getting it “thinned” out as well.

I finished the day’s activities in Barbarossa with a nice cool iced tea and a chat to Geoff (Pom) and Ron (Yank).

I was going to meet Guy at Google IT for some Wi-Fi after 5:00pm but when I arrived they were all closed up. I guess a day with out power is not good for an Internet café.

Wednesday 29th August:

Still a bit under the weather so a quiet day today for me.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:30am. After lunch and a siesta I made my way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi then back home by mid afternoon for a rest.

We had a very nice tropical rainstorm hit us at 4:00pm. It settled the dust and cleared the air after the last few days being very hot and humid so very welcome.

I had arranged to meet Guy at Google IT at 5:30pm so she could Skype Jo in Canberra and see Zali once again. As it was raining I caught the Jeepney just before 5:00pm and headed in.

Just as I was away on the Jeepney Guy rang to say we had a brownout. I continued into Gasan and met Guy at Google IT anyway but still no power so we caught the next Jeepney home.

The best laid plans hey…..

The power came back on at 6:45pm(Off for 1 ¾ hours).

Thursday 30th August:

Ailyn arrived at 10:00am for my two-hour massage. Even though I am still under the weather from the flu the massage was dam nice.

After lunch it was off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Skype for Guy. We were going to do a trip to Boac after Google IT but it was too hot so we came home to our cool cottage.

Ooohhh well will have to do the Boac trip tomorrow now.

Friday 31st August:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. A slow one along the beach today as my flu has now gone to my chest with a bit of a cough so not feeling the best.

Back home and Cherry turned up for the washing and cleaning. At 10:00am John (Pom) arrived for some tsismis (pronounced “cheese-miss” and means gossip).

Guy got a text from her brother Jerry who was at immigration in Manila trying to pick up my ACR Card (Residency ID Card) and they want my old expired ACR Card. Now they never told us this when we were there so it’s back here on the island.

At 11:30am after John had left we did a run into Boac (22km) to LBC (The national courier company) and overnighted my old card to Jerry in Manila. He will go back on Monday and hand in my old card and get my new one…. Hopefully.

Also while there we visited the Botica (Pharmacy) of Infant Jesus where they do blood tests for blood sugar and cholesterol (One of only a few on the island). They will also take blood and send it off to the mainland for a PSA (Prostrate) check.

The other westerners on the island use these guys so I’ll go back tomorrow and have my tests done, as it has been three years since my last tests.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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