Day 946 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 8th September:

Up early for my morning walk with Gerald. I walked 2km down the road and met Gerald at the Dawis village turnoff. We walked into Dawis village and then crossed the river to make our way up the backside of the ridgeline.

Once we made the top of the ridge (The ridge behind the cottage) we traveled along the top to the north till we came to the track that leads down to the creek we found on Monday.

It was quite slippery (muddy) in a couple of places as they had some heavy rain back in the boondocks last night. We both finished up slipping over on our butts.

From there we made our way back to the road down the creek and home to some iced and hot tea. A good 9km walk with a reasonable up and down thrown in for good measure.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:00am. After lunch I gave the Thunder Monster her wash and wax (A day early) and parked her on the veranda under her cover.

As it was a drizzly afternoon I caught the Jeepney into Google IT to post the blog and grab a few things from the market across the road. I was going to walk back home but caught the Jeepney as it was drizzling rain.

Finished reading my 59th book of the year “Conduit: The Beginning” by James Alexander (Kindle Book). A good murder / psycho mystery where Aliens become involved. I liked it. This is book one, so now need to get book 2.

Sunday 9th September:

My birthday today (57 years wise) and I don’t feel a day over 27 mentally and a day over 37 physically. Life is dam good.

For breakfast I cooked up scrambled eggs for only the second time since being in the Philippines. There isn’t anywhere on the island that serves scrambled eggs. As I was having a craving I cooked my own.

We also don’t have a toaster, as bread isn’t big here. So some little buns had to do with the eggs. All up, the breakfast was very very nice and enjoyed by all. My craving is now satisfied.

At 10:30am Guy was off to Mahjong and I decided to walk into Gasan to Google IT (6km) for some Wi-Fi.

At midday I made my way to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering of the usual crowd. I think we may have created more problems than we solved today (we were talking about politics).

3:15pm and as it was a beautiful afternoon I walked back home (6km). Was nice and sweaty by the time I got home so a cool refreshing shower was enjoyed.

Monday 10th September:

Up early for my morning walk with Gerald. I meet him at the cottage at 6:00am and we walked back up the creek from Friday’s walk. Our aim was to follow it all the way up the ridge till we reached its start.

Up near the headwaters of the creek we found that there was a good track running parallel to the creek so we hopped up onto that. It is only mad dogs (me) and Englishmen (Gerald) that walk in the rough rocky creek when there is a good track next to it.

We eventually came out on the Tabionan Road so a 5km walk home down the road was nice after the mud. The whole walk was 10km so a nice stroll.

About 500m from the cottage the heavens opened up and we had a downpour. I had my trusty umbrella and Gerald has a Poncho so we didn’t get too wet. It did wash a bit of the mud of our boots.

Up on the ridge it was pretty muddy and slippery from the rains last Saturday. It was fun though but the shoes also need a wash when we got home.

After a shower and a rest we caught the Jeepney into town (and back home) for some supplies. Got a very nice large fish filet slab.

Tuesday 11th September:

Busy day today. Up and off to the market day in Gasan for some supplies. Back home and time to service the Thunder Monster with a fuel filter change, carbie drain and spark plug change.

Then time to process some Buko (coconuts) juice. Guy and I are now drinking the juice straight out of young Buko without the additives (we used to add Condensed Milk). It’s really good for your cholesterol and the kidneys and is full of electrolytes.

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I rode up to Boac (22km away) to replenish the Thunder Monster spare parts used in the morning service. I got almost all of my bits. On the way home I called into Barbarossa for a nice cold iced tea and a chat to Geoff (Pom).

Back home and grabbed the MacBook and off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Late afternoon and a swing past the bakery on the way home for some treats (Pandecoco Buns) followed by a rest up after the hectic day…….

Wednesday 12th September:

Leisurely morning with Guy off to Mahjong at midday. At 1:00pm I made my way to Google IT for a couple of hours as I had a few things I wanted to investigate. Also booked our tickets back to AUS for Xmas this year.

In a nutshell our movements will be:
In Adelaide from Monday 17th December to Thursday 27th December

In Canberra / Sydney Thursday 27th December 2012 to 21st January 2013

At 3:30pm I dropped the MacBook back at the cottage and made my way to our block. I meet one of the guys who is cleaning the neighboring block and have arranged for his boys (2 of them) to commence clearing our block on Monday.

He reckons that it will take two men three days to complete so we agreed on that time frame. Wages are P200 ($4.80 AUS) per day per person. So should cost us all up P1,200 ($28.80 AUS).

Then it was back to Gasan to refuel the Thunder Monster and grab a few supplies of the non-perishable kind. We have tropical storm “Karen” sitting just off the east coast and we could see some rough weather in the next few days. So time to restock the larder.

I finished reading my 60th book of the year “Official Underground 2012 Doomsday Survival Handbook” by W. H. Mumfrey (Kindle Book). A very interesting read on lots of different ways the earth may end on December 21, 2012 (The end of the Mayan Calendar) and how to survive them.

It even tells you how to create your own Religion amongst the survivors with you as “God” of course.

Not sure I would want to survive in a wasteland and be a “God”. Just point me to the epicenter of the catastrophe and let me be vaporised instantly.

Ooohhhh and the author lives on an island off the south coast of South Australia and is ready to seal the bunker door at a moment’s notice.

Another well prepared south aussie……..

Thursday 13th September:

A leisurely morning with a trip to the market for some chicken and vegetables for a pot of Adobo.

After lunch Guy’s school best friend Aura and her husband Philip dropped in as they are on the island for Philip to give a speech to the local Boy Scout contingent (Phillip went to school on the island) over Torrijos way. After a chat they followed us on the bike to the block where we showed them our little piece of paradise.

It was actually Philip and Aura who enticed us to Marinduque back in June 2010 as we had never intended to come here right away before looking at other bigger islands first. So it was his fault we have settled here and we are loving it.

At 6:00pm we headed to Google IT for some Wi-Fi before Guy was off to a night session of Mahjong. Now I have been having a good run at Google IT with Wi-Fi and tonight it all came crashing down.

The Wi-Fi switch on the router broke so no wireless. I tried to connect via an Ethernet cable but no go there either. Not sure what the issue was and the guy there wasn’t able to help. Luckily I had my USB stick with me and as you can now get 3G in town I was able to get done what I wanted, all be it a little slow.

Might have to try another place in the mean time. Hopefully the switch should be fixed in a week or so.

At 7:00pm I dropped Guy off at the Mahjong house for her “night” session. She played from 7:00pm to midnight and had a win so she’s very happy with that. She got a ride home with Tisoy (Mahjong house owner) on his Trike so home safe and sound.

Friday 14th September:

Was up early for my morning walk with Gerald but it was drizzling and had been most of the night. We are currently under the influence of Typhoon “Karen” (the outer edge) hence the rain and rough seas.

After swapping texts we cancelled till Monday morning. So it was back to bed for a little unscheduled sleep-in.

Following breakfast we had a brownout from 10:00am to 11:30am (1 ½ hours) so it was a Kindle reading morning.

After lunch and a slight break in the rain we made our way to Boac to the Land Transport Office (LTO) to see about our renewed Philippines drivers licenses.

There is a chance that our new plastic licenses may not be back on the island by the time we leave for AUS in December. My AUS license has expired (I will renew it when back in Sydney) but I need a license to hire a car. My Philippines tempory paper license expires in early January.

So after a chat to George (The Boss) and one of his offsiders we were given the batch number of our new licenses so we can go to the LTO office in Manila (Walking distance from Guy’s Sister’s / Mum’s where we stay) and hopefully pick them up before we leave for AUS.

We stopped into the Boac Hotel for an iced tea and some Wi-Fi. Guy was hoping to Skype Jo and family but it didn’t happen.

The rain returned so it was poncho time for the trip home in the rain. It drizzled rain for the rest of the day & night.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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  1. jun flores says:


  2. It would be nice to meet you in Marinduque in January 2013. We are Joseph and Menchie Hobson and we will be going there to visit with Menchie’s family from Jan 18th to about Jan 30. We will be staying near Boac and plan to take a trip around the island. We are traveling with our daughter who is 23 years old. Take Care, Joseph

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