Day 967 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 29th September:

John (Pom) called in for a chat and drop off a DVD series on some Shakespeare. More for Guy than me I’m afraid.

At 10:30am I made my way to Gerald’s for a chat with a guy who is setting up a local TV station on Marinduque. He is very interested promoting the outdoor activities Gerald and I participate in to the locals and tourists.

The aim would be to take the small film crew on some of our walks and show them the island that people don’t normally see. The guy is a local pastor so the aim of the station is to combine local tourism with some salvation as well.

Gerald and I are happy to help out with the tourism side of things to promote the island.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:30am. After lunch I picked up Arthur (Aussie) from just down the road and we made our way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. After about an hour he left after catching up with his family at the market.

On the way home I stocked up on fresh Lansones and Rambutans.

Sunday 30th September:

The Thunder Monster got a wipe over and chain adjustment this morning, as she was still quite clean from no rain riding this week.

Guy off to Mahjong at 10:00am and I made my way to Google IT just after 11:00am prior to the expat gathering at midday.

A good crowd at the expat gathering again today. Then home at 4:30pm to watch the MotoGP race at Aragon, Spain. Great to see Danny Pedrosa take the win.

Monday 1st October:

Up early for the early morning walk with Gerald. We headed back to the creek up from the cottage to explore another spur we found. But alas the track we found ran out and the jungle was too thick to bush bash through. So we retraced our tracks back home.

After a nice refreshing shower and breakfast it was off to the market for some supplies for the next few days as we are off to Manila on Thursday.

Lunch was followed by a little siesta and then off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Guy to Skype the family in Canberra.

Tuesday 2nd October:

A leisurely morning as we didn’t need to go to the market today. We got stocked up with supplies yesterday, so all good.

I dropped Guy off to Mahjong at midday and swung past the local ATM and surprise surprise it was working. So got some more cash to pay the rent before we go to Manila Thursday.

At 2:00pm I rode into Google IT for some Wi-Fi. At 3:00pm a big afternoon rainstorm hit brining with it a lovely brownout. So I packed up and rode home in the drizzle after the main storm had passed.

The power came back on at 7:00pm (4-hours off).

Wednesday 3rd October:

Cherry here this morning for the washing and cleaning. Ailyn was due at 10:00am but texted to say she would be late and could be there at 1:00pm ish. As I had nothing planned it suited me, as it is my massage day today.

We had Cherry and Ailyn come a day early this week as we are off to Manila tomorrow.

After my massage, I did a run into Google IT for some quick Wi-Fi. The afternoon rainstorm hit once again so I waited it out and rode home in the drizzle with a quick detour to fill the Thunder Monster with gas.

Thursday 4th October:

The Thunder Monster got her wash and wax this morning after a dirty week. There has been some road works going on between the cottage and Gasan, which has resulted in dirt being left all over the road.

With the afternoon rainstorms it has created a nice little swamp to ride through hence the Thunder Monster’s being very and muddy. But she scrubbed up okay and is back to her usual shiny self. She is now parked inside the cottage for a bit of a holiday while we are in Manila till next week.

At 3:30pm we made our way to the road to flag down the JAC Liner bus, which will get us all the way to Manila via the Ro-Ro from Cawit Port.

At 5:00pm the JAC Liner bus finally arrived and off we went.

The 3-hour Ro-Ro trip was pretty good with only a little swell. Guy and I managed to get a little sleep as the boat wasn’t very full. We left Lucena Port (On the mainland) at 11:30pm and arrived in Manila at 3:30pm which was one of the quickest trips (4-hours) that we have done. Traveling in the middle of the night helps.

We both managed some sleep on the bus, so all good.

Friday 5th October:

We hit the sack by 3:45pm and slept till 7:30am. After a shower and some breakfast we headed for the Land Transport Office (LTO) to see if we could get our drivers license plastic cards. The LTO is only 500m from Guy’s sister’s place Beth, where we are staying.

After a few trips round several buildings we found our paper work from the island had arrived and we had the originals. Our first stop was window 11 and the man there told us where to go, who to see and what to ask for, after having done photocopies of our licenses, and going where we need to go, It was back to the window 11 again, the guy there will know us personally after today, submitted our paper work and waited. At 10:30am he called us over and told us to come back at 4:00pm for our licenses.

We headed off to the Ali Mall, (Only about 3km from Beth’s place) to get our TAG watches fixed at the Philippines TAG service centre. Now as it stands, Guy and I have two TAG watches each. This time around we needed to get three of them serviced with batteries, seals and cleaned.

I think they saw us coming and with what they wanted to charge us to do all three, I could go out and buy a very nice new Seiko, for example. So we have bitten the bullet and will be retiring two TAG watches and only maintaining one each.

At 3:30pm we arrived back at the LTO and our licenses were ready to be picked up. So now when I arrive back in AUS I can hire a car with no worries with my Filipino license as my AUS one has expired (I will renew it while I am there though).

From there we cabbed it to our local Mall and hung out there till 6:30pm. We did our luxury goods shopping for the island just before we left.

We then had a bit of a family reunion at Guy’s mum’s place with Guy’s sisters from New Zealand and Australia arriving back from their mall trip. They are here for a couple of weeks and may visit us on the island.

They are all here for Guy’s mum’s 80th birthday party which is on tomorrow.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

One Response to Day 967 of retirement

  1. jun flores says:

    Belated happy birthday to Guy’s MOM…
    Wish her all the best…

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