Day 981 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 13th October:

Off to see Gerald this morning for a chat after he went to a Tourism meeting in Boac yesterday. The meeting is linked with a local TV channel that is starting up on the island and wants to promote tourism.

Gerald and I were invited due to our exploits walking around and over the island and the exploring back in the mountains we are doing in our local area.

The area we call Meadow Peak (Up from Gerald’s) has been earmarked, as a camping ground so we are keen to see that what ever is developed is ECO friendly and sustainable.

At 11:30am I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and cruised up to Boac (44km round trip) for a few supplies that we needed. Back home for lunch, watched the MotoGP qualifying in Japan and then off to Google IT to post the blog.

Sunday 14th October:

We were greeted with a nice little brownout this morning (8:45am to 10:15am – 1.5-hours).

I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 10:00am and cruised by the Barbarossa Restaurant. Ron (Yank) was having a coffee so I dropped in and joined him for an iced tea.

He was telling me that he met an American and his wife earlier in the week who were visiting the island after finding my blog and liking what they saw in the pics.

So I now have my first official tourist visit to Marinduque solely from “Trevor’s” blog content. He has gone now and it is a pity I didn’t get to meet him as my first official tourist.

Back home at 11:00am for the MototGP in Japan and Casey Stoner’s return after ankle surgery. It was great to see him come in 5th on his return. Look out Philip Island (Australia) on October the 28th for his final race in Australia. Ooohhh great to see Danny Pedrosa win (Honda and team mate to Casey).

At 2:00pm it was into the Barbarossa for the remainder of the expat gathering. On the way home from the expat gathering I dropped into Google IT for some quick Wi-Fi.

Monday 15th October:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. We had Manny the TV Producer/Pastor with us today.

He wanted to see Meadow Peak (our name for the peak) and Bilog Peak (local name) and get some video footage of the trails and peaks for his TV station, which will be on air soon. He is working with a group of island locals to promote Marinduque to local Filipino tourists in the first instance then further afield to international tourists down the track.

This group wants the tourism to be Eco friendly, sustainable and using locals to provide infrastructure, guides, etc. Gerald and I are happy to work with them to try and achieve the above in the trekking side of things.

After 3.5-hours we were back for a nice cold iced tea. I must say that Manny did a good job of keeping up in the heat and humidity. He is 10-years younger than us though.

Manny is keen to join us on other walks to different areas to film the local island paradise and show it on his TV channel and blog once operational.

After lunch we rode over to see Berthold (German) on the other side of town 20 minutes away. He has a Kindle Touch and I had given him the Millennium 3 book series.

It turns out the book the “The Girl Who Played With Fire” was the wrong file so I gave him the correct one. He also gave us the latest Bourne movie “The Bourne Legacy” as we are both huge Bourne fans. And some of it was filmed in Manila which even made it more interesting for us.

On the way home we stopped into Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Skype for Guy.

At just before 10:00pm we had a brownout. I retired to bed and Guy read for a while before following. The power came back on sometime during the night as it was on when we got up.

Tuesday 16th October:

Up and off to market for some fresh supplies. Bought some nice Pork spare ribs and found some more of the local honey we have been looking for to go with our breakfast Oats (Australian Oats no less bought in Manila).

I dropped Guy off to Mahjong at midday.

After lunch I had a leisurely afternoon with a visit to Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

Wednesday 17th October:

Cherry here just after 8:00am for the washing and cleaning. She is a day early this week as we are off to Manila tomorrow afternoon.

Ailyn arrived at 10:00am for my 2-hour massage. Likewise she is a day early as well due to the Manila trip tomorrow.

Guy off to Mahjong at 12:30pm. I did a quick trip into Gasan for some Wi-Fi. On the way home I dropped into Barbarossa for an iced tea and a chat with Geoff (Pom). After Barbarossa I tried the ATM and no go today. It is offline.

Thursday 18th October:

Leisurely day as we wait for the JAC Liner bus to Manila at 4:00pm ish.

I spent the morning burning up the rubbish on the beach. The rubbish was mainly coconut husks that have washed up with the storms of the last few weeks.

The husks take a bit of burning, as firstly you have to let them dry for 3-4 days, as they are water logged. Then they are still hard to burn as then are full on salt and with the high humidity a good old “bushy on the beach” (Aussie slang for a bonfire on the beach) is hard to come by.

But I did manage to get all of our part of the beach nice and clean and all the husks burnt up after stoking the fire for 4-hours.

We made our way down to the road to catch the bus at 4:00pm. It turned up at 5:00pm for our trip to Manila.

The only excitement for the trip was when the JAC Liner bus drove off the Ro-Ro at Lucena it ripped the rear bumper bar off on the Ro-Ro ramp. Lots of shouting and arm waving but all good.

Some 11.5-hours later after a bus, Ro-Ro and another bus trip we arrived at Beth’s (Guy’s sisters place).

Friday 19th October:

We arrived at Beth’s at 3:30am and she kindly let us in. By 4:00am we were in bed and slept till 8:30am. We were lucky that we both were able to get some sleep on the Ro-Ro and bus so it wasn’t too bad.

At 10:00am (Mall’s open at 10:00am here) we cabbed (P100 ($2.40 AUS)) our way to the Ali Mall to pick up my TAG F1 watch (My only TAG now). From there we cabbed it once again (P100 ($2.40 AUS) to the Quezon City Malls where there are three Malls at the same location. These malls are our favorite as you can find everything you need at one of the malls.

After lunch at “Kangaroo Jacks” (They do nice burgers there) we had a Chai Latte for dessert at Starbucks and then caught a movie, our first in the Philippines. Cost of a movie on the big screen here is P181 each ($3.30 AUS)). Bargain. We watched “Taken 2”. An okay movie.

We hung out at the mall till 5:30pm and then headed back to Beth’s for the evening.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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