Day 1002 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 2nd November:

A leisurely morning was had by all. Guy left for Mahjong at midday and I walked into Google IT and posted the blog at 2:00pm. I also walked back home after Google IT even though it was pretty humid and hot (12km round trip).

A nice cool refreshing shower helped to cool me down.

Sunday 3rd November:

The Thunder Monster got a good wash and careful wax today. It has been some weeks since her last scrub due to being away in Manila and having visitors here (Guy’s family and my family).

At 11:30am after a nice refreshing shower Guy and I headed into Google IT for a quick email check. Guy was off to Mahjong just before midday and I made my way to Barbarossa for the expat gathering. A good crowd came and went during the afternoon.

I was back home by 4:00pm and relaxed under the fan as it is nice, hot and humid at present.

Monday 4th November:

Up early for our morning walk today. At 6:00am I meet Manny (TV Producer / Pastor) and Gerald on the road. We walked to Tabionan (8km back in the boondocks) to have a look at the bridge that got partially washed away last week in the Typhoon.

From there we meet Ailyn’s (our massage lady) husband and his friend who guided us back even further into the remote interior to this place on a creek where gas oozes out of the ground and you can actually light it.

We were told it was 30 minutes walk away from Tabionan. Some 3.5km and 1.5 hours later we arrived after negotiating a rough, rocky and wet creek. Gerald stopped about 500m short as he was having issues with his feet with the thongs he was wearing on the rough rocky terrain. He had taken his hiking boots off so they wouldn’t get wet hence the thongs (Not ideal footwear in this situation).

Manny and I made it (I had my Columbia wet shoes on so all good) and we were hit by the smell of gas as we arrived at the point in the creek. The guides dug round by a rock and after a few match strikes they got a small flame in the bottom of the hole.

So they got a piece of hollow bamboo and inserted it where the gas was coming from. They packed sand and rocks round the bamboo and then lit it up. It burned like a candle. Amazing.

On the way back to Tabionan we picked up Gerald from his resting spot. As there were no jeepney’s or trikes we had to walk out. Tabionan is quite remote where it is. They still don’t have power some 12 days since the Typhoon.

At 5km from Tabionan we finally found a lone trike parked on the side of the road, so we tracked down the driver and had him take us to the main road some 2km away.

From there Gerald and Manny caught a Jeepney and I walked the last 1km to the cottage. I finished up doing 21km in 7.5 hours including the stop at the gas field.

After a cold iced tea, lunch, a hot cup of tea, some Fruchocs (for energy only, of course…) and a nice cool shower, we made our way into Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

I sent off my proposal to assist the Municipal Pulis with their web page (My new job & unpaid of course). Guy skyped the gang in Canberra for a look and a chat.

Then it was home for a very relaxing evening.

Tuesday 6th November:

Market day today so we rode in, as it is just too hot and humid at the moment to walk. Back home to a late ish breakfast.

I received a text from Edna (Pulis woman) that the web / blog project outline I sent to her yesterday has been approved by the powers that be. So it was time to brush off my old project management work skills, which have lain dormant for nearly three years now (998 days to be exact but who’s counting).

The first task was to organize a project kick off meeting tomorrow at 10:00am at the Provincial Pulis station by Boac. Once this was organized I started making notes on the things we need to sort out to start.

After lunch and watching the Melbourne Cup live, Guy was off to Mahjong and I made my way to Google IT to browse the themes to see what we can use. After downloading some screen dumps it was back home and some more notes for the meeting tomorrow.

I must say I am enjoying this dusting off of some of my old work skills and using them for a good cause.

Wednesday 7th November:

Guy has picked up a bit of a flu so a quiet day for her today. At 10:00am Ailyn arrived for Guy’s 2-hour massage. She is a day early this week as she has a Catholic Church function tomorrow. She will be back to her regular Thursday next week.

At 9:30am I made my way to Boac and the Marinduque Provincial Police station for my first project meeting with Edna on the web / blog implementation.

We finalized the 4-day program and the work that will need to be carried out in between. We also locked in the dates with the official start date being the 20th November and finishing on the 29th November.

I will send Edna a document tomorrow requesting the information I need to do a draft of their page in the mean time. We are getting together next Tuesday, the 13th just to do a review of where we are at, prior to the official kick off on the 20th.

Back home for lunch followed by a quick trip into town with Guy for some more drugs for her cold and some fresh Lansones as they are at their peek season now and ooohhh so sweet.

I spent the afternoon working on the information request document to send to Edna tomorrow.

Thursday 8th November – Day 1,000 of retirement:

Today is my 1,000th day of retirement. Wwwooohhooooo. Here’s to many more. Loving this retirement thing……

Guy is feeling a little better from her flu this morning. Good old aussie “Codral” has helped heaps with enabling her to get a good night’s sleep last night.

Wash day today but as Cherry is away with her husband her two teenage daughters carried out the chores in her absence.

At 9:30am I made my way into town for the first gathering of the “Marinduque Bush Walkers Club” at Gils restaurant.

Present were Gerald (Pom), Manny (Local TV Producer / Pastor), Gil (Local restaurant owner), Joel (Local and Gil’s nephew) and myself (Aussie). There is quite a bit of interest in our exploits as Manny now has two videos of our walks that are being shown on “Smile TV”, the local channel on the island.

It has been decided that we will meet on the second Saturday of each month at Gil’s restaurant and everybody is welcome. We will plan new walks, review old walks and look at encouraging more members to come along and join us.

Gil and Joel are new to the club and will start to join us on our walks when they can. Looking at Gerald, Gil, Joel and I kicking off the 1st club walk on Monday with a short walk to break them in gently.

We are going to setup a web page / blog (WordPress once again) for the club where we will show the walks we have done, advertise new walks coming up, have a gear page on what is required for our walks, a sponsor’s page and anything else we think of.

It was a great meeting of the original fantastic five of the Marinduque Bush Walking Club.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday. After lunch I spent the afternoon working on Bush Walking and the Police web page stuff with a little siesta thrown in for good measure. Busy busy busy.

A thunderstorm hit late afternoon and we had a brownout from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Friday 9th November:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. A short one this morning as Gerald has a bit of a tummy bug and after the rainstorm yesterday the track was very muddy and slippery up by Kalong.

Guy is feeling a little better from her flu today.

After lunch we made our way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Guy skyped the gang in Canberra.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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  1. Hope to walk with you in two months as Menchie, Mira, and Joe visit Marinduque from Jan. 18-Jan30 or so.

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