Day 1023 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 24th November:

A quiet morning’s reading where I finished my 70th book of the year. Guy off to Mahjong at 11:00am and we had a brownout from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm (1-hour).

After lunch (And the brownout) I hit Google IT to post the blog. I also read some more of a travel blog of an old work friend of mine (From my council days back in Cummins where I was born) who tracked me down via facebook (Yes you Smithy).

Kylie, husband Ted and three kids are on a 3-year round Australia trip in a customized greyhound bus. They are home schooling the kids with web contact with a teacher in Adelaide. I think it’s awesome what they are doing and wish them well in their adventure.

On the way home I picked up 5kgs (Yes five kilo’s) of fresh sweet lansones. They should last us till tomorrow…….

My 70th book of the year, “How to Analyze People on Sight ” by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict (Kindle Book). A very interesting read written back in the 1920’s (before all the airy fairy stuff of today) about all human beings fall into five definite divisions according to their biological evolution.

It looks at all our traits, what we are best at and what we should avoid (The usual stuff but very interesting nonetheless).

Sunday 25th November:

The Thunder Monster got a good wash and extra careful wax this morning. Then it was a quick trip into Gasan for 3kgs of lansones. We have about 1kg left from yesterday so that with the new batch should get us through to tomorrow.

At 11:30am we headed into town where I dropped Guy off at Mahjong. I hit Google IT for a quick half hour of Wi-Fi before making my way to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

I finished reading my 71st book of the year “The Remaining” by D. J Molles (Kindle Book). This is book 1 (3 books in all) about a soldier who emerges from his bunker to a pandemic and tries to rally survivors.

Monday 26th November:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. Only the two of us today. We walked up to Calong and then veered left onto a new track we have seen in the past.

We eventually finished up with a big cliff in front of us that dropped into the valley past Bilog Peak. So a bit of a dead end on this walk.

Home for a nice cool refreshing shower and a nice little siesta. Brunch was at 11:00am. A quick trip into the market for some supplies and then a late ish lunch/afternoon tea.

At 2:00pm we cruised to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Guy was able to Skype the gang back in Canberra AUS and ran over some plans for our visit.

I also downloaded the other 2 books of “The Remaining” series (Aftermath & Refugees) to our Kindles.

Tuesday 27th November:

A leisurely morning reading was the order of the day. Guy was off to Mahjong just after midday.

I did a trip to Boac (44km round trip) for a re-charge card for our satellite TV. We pay P650 ($16.00 AUS) per month for some 50 channels including the Australia channel, which has the ABC News so we can keep abreast of news back in AUS.

Once back at the cottage, I grabbed the laptop and cruised back into Gasan to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Once back home I got a message from Guy to say that our lansones lady had a fresh shipment in of the really good ones.

I did a trip back into Gasan and picked up 5kgs of the sweet lansones.

Guy played Mahjong till 8:00pm tonight.

I finished reading my 72nd book of the year “The Remaining: Aftermath” by D. J Molles (Kindle Book). This is book 2 in the 3 book series about a soldier who emerges from his bunker to a pandemic and tries to rally survivors.

Wednesday 28th November:

We had Ron (YANK) and John (Pom) dropped in for a morning chat. It was actually Ron’s 78th birthday today so birthday congrats all round. We all had a good old chinwag and caught up on all the island tsismis (pronounced “cheese-miss” and means gossip).

After they left we did a quick run into Gasan for another 3kgs of Lansones. Our supplier lady isn’t sure when the next shipment will be as the season is coming to an end.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday. Once I dropped her off I came back to the cottage, grabbed my pack and walked into Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

For the last few months I have been trying to track down an old friend of mine, Bruce, from when I was living in Canada in the mid to late 70s. I came back to AUS in 1978 and we lost contact. Then we hooked up in 1998 but lost contact once again.

So I have been searching for him on the web (Google, facebook, etc.). The problem is that he has a very common name so you get thousands of hits. I also have his wife and kids names but once again you get thousands of hits on their names.

Today I was scrolling through the thousands of hits on his son’s name on facebook. By sheer luck (A needle in a hay stack find) I just happened to see his son’s name that had his place of residence which was the last known residence of Bruce. A bit more checking and his birthday matched what I knew. He listed a sister that matched her birthday.

I then found his mum but she had a different surname. A bit more digging and she listed her old married name, which matched. Now I was unable to send a message to the son or daughter via facebook but was able to send a message to his wife/ex-wife.

I then bundled up all the info I had and sent it to my friend Andrea who lives in Calgary (Canada), which is just up the road from Liethbridge where Bruce lived.

So I’m hoping that with facebook and Andrea’s help I might find out what has happened to Bruce.

After all this flurry of activity I walked back home (6km) along the coast to ponder.

Guy had a late one and played Mahjong till midnight.

Thursday 29th November:

Cherry arrived at 8:30am for the washing and cleaning day. Ailyn (The massage lady) also arrived at 9:30am for my massage. It has been a few weeks with her being away so I was ready to enjoy it even more today.

After lunch and Cherry finishing her chores we made our way to Google IT at 2:00pm for some Wi-Fi. Guy was able to Skype the family in Canberra and had a good chat.

Home at 4:30pm for a relaxing evening.

Friday 30th November:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. Gil was back with us today as we made our way up to Kalong, Meadow Peak and back round the back way.

This was our first time at Meadow Peak since the Typhoon so we were keen to see how the tracks fared. They were pretty good and apart from one big fallen tree we had to navigate round, we had a good run. This also was Gil’s first time to Meadow Peak so we rested up on the peak to let him soak up the sweeping views of Mt Malindig and the coastal island.

Back to Gerald’s for some nice cold iced tea followed by a nice hot cup of tea. Then back home for a nice cool refreshing shower. After lunch I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and picked up some more lansones. Only 2kgs today as the good ones are getting harder to get hold of now.

I had a nice early afternoon siesta then it was time for the Thunder Monster to have her oil and filter changed and the carbie drained. I do this about every 3,000km or 3 months (Whichever comes first) just to keep her in good shape. The hot and humid conditions here are pretty hard on the machinery.

Mid afternoon I rode the fully serviced Thunder Monster to Google IT. I had to search for the best deal and book a hire car for our Sydney visit, pay my 2011-12 tax (All $6.90 of it) and continue updating some of the programs I use on my MacBook Pro.

I religiously update the Mac itself but have been a little lax with other programs I use. So I am working through them getting them all to the latest versions.

Guy played late once again so a quiet evening at home was enjoyed. We had a half hour brownout at 8:45pm just to keep us on our toes.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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