Day 1030 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 1st December:

A quiet morning, reading and relaxing. At 11:30am Guy and I made our way to Google IT. Guy had to pay her 2011-12 tax online as she is a few days late with payment.

She then walked to Mahjong and I stayed to post the blog. It took a bit longer than usual today as wordpress has “altered” the photo loading process. Aaahhhhhh why do people have to mess with things that works, as there was nothing wrong with the old system.

Anyway got the blog posted and also update the Hiking Association of Marinduque (HAM) web site as well.

Back to the cottage for a latish lunch followed by a siesta as it was hot and humid this afternoon.

At 4:00pm I did a rubbish burn up along with a beach clean up as well.

Guy played a late game so was home at 8:00pm.

Sunday 2nd December:

The Thunder Monster got her usual wash and wax this morning.

At 11:30am Guy and I made our way to Google IT for some quick Wi-Fi before Mahjong and the expat gathering at midday.

Small crowd today at the expat gathering. The main discussion was about Typhoon “Pablo” which is heading our way and will hit in a couple of days. If it tracks as forecast then we will only get the edge of it but if it shifts its track to the north we will be right in the middle of it.

We will know in the next few days where it is going track. So I left the expat gathering a little early and came home to check my Typhoon checklist of supplies.

I made my way back into town with a list of supplies to top up our cache. The hardest thing to find was AAA batteries (For our head torches). My usual supplier was out so after a bit of a look round I found some Energizers at a hardware store.

The ATM was working so I got cashed up with a bit extra for possible emergencies.

Tomorrow we will top up the rice and replace our spare empty gas cylinder. I will also top up the petrol in the Thunder Monster. Then we shall be prepared for what eventuates.

I spent the rest of the afternoon backing up all electronic devices (2 x Kindle’s, 1 x Nintendo, 2 x Mobile Phones and the MacBook) and charging up all electronic devices and re-chargeable batteries.

A quick check of all our water storage barrels confirmed they are all full.

Monday 3rd December:

No walk this morning as everybody is busy, so postponed till Friday (Weather permitting).

I managed to get a quick check on Typhoon “Pablo” and it looks like we will start to feel the effects of it tomorrow as it goes south of us.

I did a quick run into the market for a few more last minute supplies. I hit the ATM (it was still working) for the rent, which is due at the end of the week. Figured to get the cash now just in case things go pear shaped in the next few days.

After lunch we grabbed two empty drinking water containers (20L each) and our empty 11.0kg gas cylinder and caught a Trike into town to replace them with full ones. Once back at the cottage we rode the Thunder Monster back into town to Google IT. Guy was able to Skye the gang in Canberra and I got the latest update on Typhoon “Pablo”.

On the way home we bought a few fresh goodies from the bakery and filled the Thunder Monster with gas.

We are now ready for “Pablo” to visit us.

Tuesday 4th December:

We awoke to a perfectly still morning (no wind and the sea was mirror smooth). The calm before the storm………

We watched the TV news for the latest update on Typhoon “Pablo” and it is still tracking west with the eye of the storm well south of us. It has hit the southern Philippines and is making its way across the islands.

I did a market trip for some fresh fruit and got a hair cut from Rose whose shop is just across from the market while there.

On the way home I dropped into our new bakery which does a really good Banana bread and Spanish bread. The Spanish bread is a sweet bread which is more like a bun.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday. As the afternoon was fairly calm as the clouds rolled in, I went for a ride to Boac and dropped in to see Wayne (AUS) and Grace (Local wife). I had a good chat to them and then cruised back to Google IT in Gasan for a quick checkup on Typhoon “Pablo”. “Pablo” has remained well south of us and it now looks like we will only get the edge of the storm some time later tonight. So all good.

Guy had a late game and played till midnight. When she does play late the house owner delivers her to the cottage on his motorbike, so it works well.

Wednesday 5th December:

Well Typhoon “Pablo” has been and gone. It continued to stay well south of us so we were fine. The islands down south didn’t fair so well. Just watching the news here and there are some 400 dead so far with the flooding and landslides.

We had a bit of a sleep in this morning only rising at 11:30am. We decided today was to be one of our rest days as we now had no Typhoon to worry about.

After lunch I did a quick trip to Goggle IT to check on the Typhoon but it has well and truly passed us now.

I finished reading my 73rd book of the year “The Remaining: Refugees” by D. J Molles (Kindle Book) which is the third book in the series about a solider who comes out of his bunker to the aftermath of a Pandemic. Book four is in the works by the author so hope it comes out soon.

Thursday 6th December:

We awoke to a brownout at 8:30am and it lasted till 1:30pm (5-hours). Cherry arrived at 9:00am for the washing and cleaning. As there was no power for the water pump she had to use the water on one of our storage barrels so the washing was all done.

Ailyn arrived at 9:30am for Guy’s 2-hour massage. I did a run into the market for some supplies and cooked up a big pot of Pork mince spaghetti. The butcher at the market minced the Pork by chopping it up very finely with a big meat bolo. They are really good at it and the mince was real mince.

After lunch while Guy rested, I did a trip into town for some quick Wi-Fi at Google IT then dropped in the Barbarossa to see Geoff (Pom) for an iced tea. Geoff has been pretty crook lately and it was good to see him looking on the mend.

On the way home I also dropped into Gil’s and meet a friend of his visiting from the USA. They are both joining us for our early morning walk tomorrow.

Another brownout hit at 5:30pm and lasted till 9:00pm (3.5-hours).

I delivered Guy to the Mahjong house at 6:45pm as she was playing a night game tonight. She arrived back home just after 5:00am as I was getting up for my morning walk.

Friday 7th December:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. We had five hikers today. There was Gerald, Gil, Manny, Colin (An American visitor of Gil’s) and myself. Our biggest gathering so far of the Hiking Association of Marinduque (HAM).

As Colin isn’t a hiker we did a leisurely walk up past Kalong to Bilog Peak over looking the interior of the island. After a nice rest on top of the peak admiring the view we made our way back via our loop track.

Once back at Kalong Manny had organized five fresh Buko (coconuts) to be waiting for us. Manny sliced off the tops so we could all enjoy some nice sweet fresh coconut juice, which is full of electrolytes.

We made our way back to Gerald’s for some cold iced tea and a good old chinwag.

Then home for a refreshing shower and a relaxing afternoon with a siesta thrown in.

After dinner I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 6:45pm for a night game. I called into Google IT for some Wi-Fi on the way home. Once home I dropped off the laptop, grabbed the camera and went back towards town checking out the Xmas lights.

We then had a short brownout from 9:30pm to 10:30pm (1-hour).

Guy arrived back home just after midnight from her late game.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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