Day 1051 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 22nd December:

Mid morning Guy and I dropped Sandy off at her coffee morning and we picked up Rik (son) and made our way across town to Jas (son) and Mike’s (partner) place.

We went for a 20-minute wander to a very nice little café for brunch. Then back to Jas and Mike’s place to play cards. We played a very politically incorrect card game called “Cards Against Humanity”. It was hilarious and Mike was the winner.

Mid afternoon it was back to Sandy and Brian’s for a siesta (We are missing our siestas) before catching up with Deb (cousin) and Pam (friend) for dinner. Deb and Pam have visited us in the Philippines last year so it was great to be able to talk island stuff with them and they knew what we are on about.

We had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant and the food and company was awesome.

We arrived home at 10:30pm and I decided to test out my Plustek 8100 slide scanner to make sure it worked okay. Got it all working and before I knew it, it was just after midnight so off to bed.

Sunday 23rd December:

Leisurely morning this morning. We walked a couple of streets over to the Adelaide Central market for some Xmas supplies for the next 4 days. I came home with all the meat to put in the fridge as it was hovering round the 40 degree C mark.

We watched an old Betty Davis movie after lunch in the air-conditioning of Sandy and Brian’s place. At 3:30pm Sandy dropped Brian off at the train station as he was heading down to Port Willunga to open up the beach house for us arriving later in the evening.

At 4:30pm Guy and I made our way to Doug and Bec’s (Plus their two girls) place for a Barbie dinner. Ray and Trish (plus their two boys) joined us as well, we chatted and catch up over some very yummy food.

At 8:00pm we made our way back to Sandy’s place and load up the car with all our supplies and headed off to Port Willunga arriving 9:30pm ish. We are settled in at Port Will for the next 3 days till we leave SA on the 27th December.

Monday 24th December:

A very leisurely morning with us all enjoying a bit of a sleep in. Sandy and Brian made a trip to the local supermarket for a few last minute supplies and Lotto tickets. It’s a big $30M draw this Saturday night so you got to be in it to win it…….

I dug out a box and bag of stuff we left here three years ago when we went to the Philippines. It was most interesting going through it all. I had a good cleanout and threw out a lot of stuff. Still a small amount of stuff (mainly clothes) left here for use when we come back next time.

After lunch it was a leisurely afternoon. Sandy and Brian went for a swim later in the afternoon, I went for a walk up the beach and Guy “rested”.

Dinner was smoked salmon, French stick bread, capers, cream cheese and lemon juice squeezed all over. One of my all time favorite meals.

After dark Guy and I wandered down to the beach and the old Jetty ruins to try some “Light Photos”. This is where you lock the camera shutter open and “paint” objects with light from a powerful LED light. I use a LED Lense M14 torch for this purpose.

You’re never quite sure what your photograph will turn out like but it is fun.

Tuesday 25th December:

Merry Xmas every body.

A leisurely morning as Sandy and Guy cooked up simple Xmas lunch of roast lamb, roast veggies and gravy. Mango yogurt for desert followed by a very nice cup of tea. All the rest of the family will be here tomorrow for our family Xmas day.

After a siesta Sandy and Brian went for a swim, Guy curled up on the lounge with the Kindle and I wandered down to the beach with the Infrared filter on the camera and took some pics.

After dinner I wandered down to the beach once again with the camera, tripod and LED torch for some more “Light Photos” in the dark.

Wednesday 26th December:

Today is the Kloeden family Xmas day. Sandy and Guy cooked up a storm in the morning before the clan arrived.

Present were my Mum (About to turn 90), Sandy (Sister), Brian (Bro-in-law), Simon (Their son), Craig (Brother), Rae (Partner), Jessa (Daughter), Jared (Son) and Guy and I.

A huge lunch was consumed by all with a relaxing afternoon catching up, before having leftovers for dinner. Once the clan had gone Guy and I packed as we are off to Canberra tomorrow to see Jo (Guy’s daughter), Dave (Partner) and Zali (our new granddaughter).

Thursday 27th December:

Up at 4:30am, left Sandy and Brian’s beach house for the airport at 5:00am. Arrived at 6:00pm and on the plane to Sydney at 7:00am. Arrived in Sydney at 9:15am and collected baggage.

Off to Thrifty to get our hire car. Now my Australian drivers license has expired but I can drive legally in AUS on my Philippines license. I handed over my Filipino license and AUS credit card and the guy looked a little concerned.

I then showed him my Filipino ACR (Identity card which shows I am a Filipino resident) and explained the situation and all good. He was very courteous and once he understood the situation it all happened very quickly.

First stop was in downtown Sydney to get copies of our marriage certificate (We forgot to bring our original copy) for Guy so she can change her name at a couple of her bank accounts. They needed certified originals.

We found the Births, Deaths and Marriages building easily but we had to drive around a bit to try and find parking. Ended up I parked in a loading zone across the road. I stayed with the car while Guy went in.

I had my eye out for a parking inspector (I would have driven round the block if I saw one) but none came and after 20 minutes Guy arrived back with her three copies of our marriage certificate so all good.

Then off to the other side of town (We drove across the spectacular Sydney Harbor Bridge) to the RTA in Frenchs Forest to renew my AUS drivers license. When we arrived it was closed for the holidays. OOoohhh well we shall have to do it in one of our trips back to Sydney over the next few weeks.

We then picked up Jordan (Guy’s son) and headed off to Canberra to stay with Jo (Guy’s daughter), Dave (Partner) and Zali our new granddaughter.

We arrived in Canberra at 6:15am and we were finally able to see Zali in the flesh after 4.5 months of Skyping.

Zali is gorgeous and got lots of cuddles.

Friday 28th December:

Very leisurely morning this morning. At midday Guy, Jordan, Jo, Zali and I all piled into the rental car and headed off for the afternoon. Luckily we were able to fix the car baby seat correctly into the rental car so Jo and Zali could join us.

First stop was the RTA office in Queanbeyan. Now Queanbeyan is just outside of the ACT (Where Canberra lies) in NSW so I was able to renew my NSW driver’s license for another 5 years.

That done, we were off to a place a little further past Queanbeyan to pick up a “Door to Door Box”. Now these boxes are supplies by a company that ships their boxes of what ever you can stuff in them to the Philippines. I have retrieved my hiking and climbing gear and am sending it over to Marinduque so I can use it over there.

We dropped the box off at Jo’s then it was off to the Mall to get a few things. We arrived back home just on 6:00pm all feeling a little bushed. Zali was really good for being “out” for 6-hours going here, there and everywhere.

We had a quiet evening going through some very old pics of Guy, Jo and Jordan. We separated the negatives which we will take with us to the Philippines and I’ll scan them so they will last forever.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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