Day 1058 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 29th December:

A quiet rest day today. We slept in a little and had a late lunch of barbeque Steak and Lamb chops. Man, they were good……

We then settled in and watched three DVDs in the afternoon. After a light dinner we went for a drive to see some Xmas lights across town. The first lot was only half alight as the owner has already started to take them down.

The next lots were amazing and well worth the visit.

Sunday 30th December:

Guy, Jo, Jordan, Zali and I all pilled into the hire car just after 7:00am and headed off to Sydney for the day (300km ish away). We swung by Jordan’s Dad’s place to dump his gear and then dropped Jordan, Jo and Zali off at Warringah Mall to meet a girlfriend of Jo’s for the afternoon.

Guy and I caught up with an old friend Ben, Samantha (His fiancée we’re meeting for the first time), Milla, Taylor, Kyle and Lilly (the Brady bunch kids) and Samantha’s Mum Lorraine who was visiting from WA.

We had a great lunch and afternoon with them catching up. At 4:00pm we left Ben and Samantha’s for the Forest Way Mall where Guy met up with Boots, a great friend of hers.

At 5:30pm Jo, Zali, Jordan and Jenna (Jo’s friend) meet us at the mall also. At 6:15pm we left Sydney (After dropping off Jordan once again at his Dad’s) and cruised back to Canberra arriving at 9:15pm.

We had a quick stop to feed Zali about 40km out of Canberra. She didn’t quite make it home. She was really good considering she was on the go for 14-hours. She slept most of the time in the car so didn’t get grumpy at all.

We covered some 700km today so coming from our island where 70km is a big day out, we were exhausted.

Monday 31st December:

Quiet morning. Dave off to work early but back at 2:00pm.

I did a quick run to the mall to the post office only to hit gridlock in the car park. I finished up parking in a “shopping trolly” bay and rushed in only to discover that the PO was closed. Ooohhh well at least I didn’t get a ticket for my parking.

At 3:00pm Jo, Zali and Dave wanted to go to the mall so I dropped them off and picked them up a couple of hours later. Easier that way to avoid trying to park.

After dinner we all piled into the car and drove to the outskirts of the city centre and parked off the road on a grassy centre of an off ramp (with lots of others) to watch the 9:00am fireworks. It was a pretty good display I must say.

We left Dave in the city and came back home with Jo and Zali. Jo feed Zali and put her to sleep and then I drove her back into the city to meet up with Dave round 10:30pm for the midnight celebrations.

Guy and I babysat Zali for the night.

Tuesday 1st January 2013:

Happy New Year everybody and may 2013 bring you many great new adventures.

Zali’s feeds were at 2:00am, 4:00am, 6:00am, 8:00am and 10:00am, so with “waiting” for her to wake for a feed Guy and I didn’t get much sleep at all. Plus this was her first time on the bottle (So we were a bit worried) but she was fine.

Jo and Dave arrived home at 4:00am ish and didn’t rise till 11:00am ish just a little worse for wear. Zali was getting rather restless at this stage as the bottles of expressed milk had run out. Jo was fine for breast-feeding by then so Zali was a happy camper.

A leisurely afternoon was had by all with a few siestas’ being had by all.

Wednesday 2nd January:

A leisurely morning once again. After a latish breakfast I did a trip to the mall to post a box of camera stuff to Jason (Son) back in Adelaide. The line up to the Post Office was rather long as it took me 30-minutes to get served. Also picked up another box to send all my old pics to Jason.

Back home and packed up all my old photos. I have now sorted through all my photos and slides and packed up the slides to send to the Philippines. I went through a big box of pics, took what I wanted, also took out all the negatives (Sending to the Philippines and will scan them) and packed them up to be sent to Adric and Jason (Sons).

After lunch Jo, Zali, Guy and I loaded ourselves into the car and went for a drive across town as Jo was after some curtains for Zali’s room. A successful trip with some new curtains purchased. Then off to the mall near Jo’s for a bamboo steamer as we have been unable to get one in the Philippines (Well the one we want).

I also posted the box of photos to Jason to sort out with Adric and then send any left over kid pics left to Robin (Their mother).

Thursday 3rd January:

Very nice sleep-in this morning. We finally arose at 10:30am. Late morning Guy and I were off to Office Works to get some documents printed for her name change with a financial institution.

We are nearly there with all our address / name changes / overseas notification paperwork. It has been a bit of an ordeal. We stopped off at the mall for some food and back for a quiet afternoon with Zali.

And talking of malls!!! There is this great mall with lots of shops just down the road from Jo’s but the big problem is parking. There are just not enough spaces. Every time we have been there it is chaos / gridlock trying to find a park. Aaahhhhhh give me the simple island life please…

Late afternoon we all piled into the hire car and went to the Catholic Church across town to hand in the paperwork for Zali’s christening next Sunday.

Friday 4th January:

Got up this morning and the internet was down. Tried the usual resets but to no avail. I waited for Dave to come home from work and have a look but it looks like the problem is at the providers end.

Bit of a stinker today (up to 38 degrees C). So after lunch we headed for the mall in downtown Canberra and hung out there till 5:00pm in the air-conditioning. Very bearable.

Once the sun went down it did cool off somewhat so all good.

Still no Internet tonight (Almost feeling like back on the island…..).

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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