Day 1065 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 5th January:

A hot one today so we spent most of the day keeping cool in the lounge with the portable air-conditioner.

Late afternoon it was a quick trip to the mall for some supplies. When we arrived home there was a big thunderstorm that cooled things down quite nicely.

Sunday 6th January:

Another hot one so we all congregated in the lounge room, played with Zali and watched DVD’s. Guy and I did a quick run to the mall for some supplies late in the afternoon.

Once the sun started to go down at 8:00pm ish the coolish breeze arrived and we opened up the house. At least it does cool down overnight in Canberra.

The next few days are going to be scorchers by the looks of it as well.

Monday 7th January:

Off to the mall and Medicare first thing to finalize our new Medicare cards. They lost the last ones we ordered last year when Guy and I merged and had Jordan (Guy’s son) included.

A bit cooler today so lounged around the house once again.

Late afternoon the “Door to Door” man arrived to pick up our box of goodies for the Philippines. In about 6 weeks time we should see it on Marinduque delivered to a friend of ours in Gasan where we will pick it up.

The box has all my remaining hiking gear, a heap of photo negatives and slides (for me to scan) and some condiments from AUS.

Tuesday 8th January:

It’s a real stinker today with the temperature reaching 38 degrees C. We all camped in the lounge room under the air-conditioner for the day. There are no bushfires near us thankfully. But the poor folks down in Tasmania are really suffering from the fires down there.

I did do 3 loads of washing (Ours and Jo’s) which was great as each load was dry by the time the next load was ready to hang. So a quick washing and drying day.

Wednesday 9th January:

Up and off to Sydney at 8:00am from Canberra. Arrived at the Sydney Olympic Park at Home Bush (Some 3.5 hours later) for lunch with Kim, an old friend of ours.

Then over to Dee Why where Guy caught up with friends and I made a trip to Jo’s garage (Just round the corner) to retrieve a couple of things I forgot to get in our last visit. They were only small things so will go in my bag as our Door to Door box has already been sent.

At 5:45pm we made our way across the city to stay with my niece Petrina and her partner Benjie for the night. Jacki (Petrina’s sister) Jonathan (Her partner) and Stephanie (A friend staying at Petrina’s) also joined us for a great aussie barbecue dinner and a catch up on family news. A great night was had by all as it has been three years ish since we were last all together.

Thursday 10th January:

After we arose I dropped Guy off in the city late morning to catch up with Naty (An old friend). I made my way through the city to the Civica offices in Mascot (Where I used to work). I had a great catch up with my old work colleagues and lunch with Christine H.

Mid afternoon I picked up Guy from the city (I really do hate Sydney driving) and we escaped the city and drove to Gosford to stay with Mark and Julie (Old Ducati riding mates) at Woy Woy.

At 5:30pm Julie, Guy and I made our way back to Sydney to pick up Mark from work in the city and headed to Leichardt for dinner and a catch up with my old Ducati riding mates. It was a great turn out and great to see some old faces once again along with their shiny Ducati’s. I got my fix of Ducati bling for the next few years.

Friday 11th January:

Mark and Julie took us to Pearl Beach for a very yummy breakfast. On the way back to their place they gave us the guided tour of the area with some great views from the cliff tops.

We then made our way back towards Sydney (Waitara to be exact) where I dropped Guy off at her old work place. While she caught up with them, I went to the Westfield at Hornsby and wandered round for a few hours.

At 1:30pm I picked her up and we drove to Frenchs Forest where Guy caught up with Karen and Libby who are her old Sydney Mahjong mates and they also know each through Jordan (Guy’s son) who is friends with their sons.

While they caught up I checked into Checker Hotel in Terry Hills as we have decided to stay in Sydney tonight because Jordan’s girlfriend Carly has to work tomorrow.

Once she is off work at midday we will pick Carly and Jordan up and head back to Canberra.

We had dinner tonight in Crows Nest with a group of my outdoor friends at a very nice Nepalese place called the Mustang. Present were Gina (Adventure Racer), George (Her partner), Mark (Mountain biker), Ian (Bushwalker), Ros (His fiancée), Ivan (Mountain biker), Jonathan (Mountain biker) and Natalie (His wife).

A great night was had by all as we all swapped old war stories with lots of laughter.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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