Day 1072 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 12th January:

We stayed the night at Checkers Motel in Terry Hills and managed to get an 11:00am checkout so a bit of sleep-in was in order. After checkout we cruised down the road to the Terry Hills Tavern for a steak lunch but we were too early for the cooks.

We made our way to the Belrose Supa Centre (Shopping Mall with mainly building / household stuff) for a look while we waited. While there we found a great little Laksa place so opted for Laksa for lunch, which was a good move as the Laksa was awesome.

We were waiting for Jordan and Carly (Carly had to work this morning) so we could pick them up and all of us head back to Canberra. At 1:30pm Jordan texted to say they were ready to go.

On the way to Canberra we were held up by an accident (Truck jackknifed but everybody was okay). So after some 4-hours (Should have been 3-hours) we arrived in Canberra at 5:30pm and back to see Zali.

Sunday 13th January:

Zali’s christening day today. We all got ourselves spruced up and were off to the church at 11:45am. After the service we made our way across Canberra to Dave’s uncle’s place for lunch.

After a yummy lunch the christening cake as cut and enjoyed by all. The crowd dispersed at 4:30pm ish and we made our way back to Jo and Dave’s place for a relaxing evening.

Tomorrow we pack up and all head to a Jervis Bay holiday house for a week of R&R before we make our way back to our island paradise.

Monday 14th January:

Guy and I were up early ish as she had some more paperwork to complete and get off in the post today before we head for Jervis Bay for our last week in AUS.

We finally got the convoy (two cars loaded up) underway at 12:30pm and arrived at Jervis Bay at 4:30pm ish.

The house is great being two stories with four bedrooms and huge living area.

So with Jo, Dave, Zali, Jordan, Carly, Guy and I we all had our own rooms. Dave’s mum and sister are also in Jervis Bay but staying with friends and will be visiting us during the day.

It is only a short walk from the bay but as it was raining and cold when we arrived, the beach walk will have to wait till tomorrow.

Tuesday 15th January:

A lazy morning was had by all. When Guy and I got up we discovered that Jordan and Dave had hidden all the tea bags in the house so we couldn’t have our first cup of tea. Little did they know that I always carry an emergency supply of tea bags so we were sipping our nice hot teas when Dave came upstairs hoping to see us in pain…..

Lola Marlene (Dave’s mum) and Aunty Belinda (Dave’s sister) arrived for the day to a big brunch of pancakes, eggs, bacon, fried tomatoes and mushrooms. Marlene and I went for a walk to the local shops and found a bakery with fresh vanilla slices and carrot cake. So an early afternoon tea was had by all with the goodies.

After a rest and a little siesta Guy and I went for a drive to check out the local area and beaches. The evening’s entertainment was playing cards.

Wednesday 16th January:

We finished up the card marathon at 2:30am so we were a bit slow arising this morning. After brunch we packed up at 1:00pm and headed for Hyams Beach some 20 minutes away.

We spent the afternoon there and made our way back to the house at 4:30pm ish. Dave and Jo called in and got some yummy fish and chips for snacks that turned into an early dinner.

Thursday 17th January:

A leisurely morning was had by all. After our usual brunch we went for a drive to Mollymook Beach about 45km away. We stopped at a lovely old country bakery in Milton for pies for lunch.

We arrived at Mollymook Beach to find it very windy and with no shade for Zali. After a wander up the beach while Jo feed Zali we meet them at the café.

Jo knew of another beach called Moona Moona only 15 minutes from the holiday house so we made our way there. This one was much better with a protected lagoon and shade by big old gum trees.

Back home for Tacos for dinner and then we all watched the first double episode of American Idol. Interesting…

Then it was time for another card playing marathon.

Friday 18th January:

I went to bed at 1:00am ish, Carly at 2:00pm ish and Guy finally hit the sack at 3:30am.

We awoke to a stinker of a day. By 1:00pm it was 44 degrees C. Jo, Zali and Dave had gone off cruising in their vehicle with the aircon (No aircon at the house) so we decided to make our way back to Moona Moona Beach.

When we arrived, the temperature at the beach was 33 degrees C (11 degrees C cooler). Jo, Zali and Dave joined us for a swim at Moona Moona Beach.

At about 4:00pm ish the cool change hit and the temperature dropped to 30 degrees C ish. Back to the house at 5:30pm and opened it up to a cool 29 degrees C breeze.

More American Idol tonight.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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