Day 1093 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 2nd February:

We were greeted by a brownout at 9:15am this morning. The power came back on at 1:15pm (4-hours). We spent the morning reading, relaxing and planning our return to AUS.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday. At 1:00pm a big rain shower went through and settled the dust and watered the garden very nicely. So at 1:30pm and with the rain almost gone I walked into town to Google IT with my trusty umbrella.

I got the blog posted and have started looking at flight back to AUS and when is the cheapest time to travel just after Easter. Once I finished my Wi-Fi I walked back home in the steamy humidity after the rain.

A nice cool shower refreshed me very nicely. Guy played a late one and arrived back home at midnight.

I got some more color slides scanned and reminisced on the good old days back on the Eyre Peninsula round Cummins where I grew up.

I finished reading my first book of the year “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston (Kindle Book). A great documentary read about the Ebola virus and its strains (some deadly and some not). Recommended read.

Sunday 3rd February:

The Thunder Monster got a good wash and wax today. It’s the first one in six weeks so she was a little dusty.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I made my way to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering. We caught a Jeepney in as it was raining when we left.

I caught a Jeepney back home at 3:00pm. The rain was gone so I grabbed the Thunder Monster and rode down to see Gerald.

We are in print again. In the “Enrich” Healthy lifestyle & Living magazine (February edition) we have had an article on the Marinduque Moriones Festival published. Gerald did the write up and I supplied the photos.

This magazine is distributed throughout Asia and the United States (

Great to see our work in print once again. Our other article (his words & my pics) on our around the island walk (Marinduque) from December 2011 was published by the April 2012 edition of the “Enrich” magazine.

Guy arrived back home at midnight from her late game.

Monday 4th February:

No walk today as Gerald is recovering from a foot injury. Should be back on Friday.

Ailyn arrived at 8:00am for Guy’s two-hour massage. Once the massage was finished we rode into the market for some supplies to make a big pot of Pork Sinigang. After lunch and a bit of a siesta we made our way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

We are currently looking at flights back to AUS both for just before and just after Easter. The prices vary a lot cause it’s Easter. Now looking at leaving the Philippines just before Easter as long as the cheap prices remain.

I finished reading my 2nd book of the year “Killing Floor” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). This is the first book in the Jack Reacher series and is a good murder mystery read.

Tuesday 5th February:

A leisurely morning. I did a rubbish burn up and clean the beach. Very little rubbish on the beach today. But I did manage to get quite a sweat up slaving over the hot incinerator. A refreshing shower washed away the sweat and cooled me down.

At midday Guy was off to Mahjong. At 1:00pm I walked into Gasan to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Gerald was there also catching up on loading some of his old photos to facebook.

I walked back home after Wi-Fi (11km round trip) and after my second refreshing shower for the day had a quiet evening scanning more slides.

Guy played another late Mahjong game and arrived home at midnight.

Wednesday 6th February:

Off to Buenavista to pay our “Council Rates” on our block of land. We enquired if we could pay in advance as we will be away for a few years and it was ok, so we paid our rates for the next five years.

And the total cost for our beachfront allotment was P250 ($6.00 AUS), which covers us to the end of 2017. Bargain.

Back to the cottage where John (Pom) his niece Jessica (From England) and her partner Neil (From England) came to spend the day under the Nipa hut. Yolanda (John’s wife) cooked up a big dinner, which we all enjoyed in the cool of the evening.

They all stayed the night in the other cottage just down from us.

Thursday 7th February:

Ailyn arrived at 8:30am for my 2-hour massage which was a very nice start to the day. After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and I walked into town and Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

I had a pleasant surprise in my email inbox today. I have been trying to track down an old friend of mine Bruce B from the 70’s when I was living in Canada. He has a very common name so I get zillions of hits when I search.

But I managed to track down his son (I presumed….) on facebook so sent him a message. And low and behold it was his son and he sent me Bruce’s phone number in Edmonton, Canada. I’ll call him tomorrow.

At 3:00pm I walked back home (11km round trip) to a nice cool shower to wash away the sweat.

Guy played another late game and I was back to scanning my old slides.

Friday 8th February:

Leisurely morning with a trip to the market for some veggies and chicken for a curry to feed us the next few days.

I tried to ring Bruce a couple of times but he was out. Morning here is the previous evening in Canada.

After lunch we rode the Thunder Monster into Google IT and had a Skype session with Zali and the gang. She is almost crawling now at 6 months. Won’t be long now.

Home and settled in to watch American idol.

I rang Bruce at 10:30pm our time which was 7:30am yesterday in Canada and managed to get hold of him. We had a great chat and I now have his email. So we will swap life stories, which should be very interesting after all these years.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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