Day 1107 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 16th February:

Midmorning I rode down to see Gerald for a cup of tea and a chat. We haven’t walked at all this week as everybody has been tied up with other commitments.

At 1:00pm I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and made my way to Google It to post the blog. I also had a bit of a browse through some online job sites just to see what is out there in the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Back home late afternoon and did the rubbish burn up followed by a nice cool shower to wash away the sweat.

Sunday 17th February:

The Thunder Monster got a wipe down today, as she wasn’t muddy/dirty (No rain this week) just dusty/dirty. After a good wipe down and some lubrication to a few spots she was good as new once again.

11:30pm Guy and I made our way to Google IT to check emails. We had a very pleasant surprise from Jo (Guy’s daughter and Zali’s mum). Now you have to remember that Jo is a really good shopper and finder of all things.

She has been looking at cars for us in Canberra given our criteria of being a manual, 150,000km ish and round $5,000. She has sourced a number of vehicles that fit our requirements very nicely. Good food for thought and hopefully one or two of them may still be available when we arrive. If not I’m sure Jo will find us some new similar ones. Thanks Jo.

At midday I dropped Guy at the Mahjong house and I headed to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

Back home late afternoon and a brownout from 4:30pm to 6:00pm (1.5 hours) greeted me.

Monday 18th February:

Ailyn arrived at 8:30am for Guy’s 2-hour massage. After she left it was a quick trip into the market for some supplies to last till Wednesday midday as we are off to Manila that night on the JAC Liner Bus.

After lunch we rode to Boac (22km away) the capital as Guy had her tooth fixed with a permanent filling. All done for P750 ($19.00 AUS). Guy has a couple of other small cavities that the dentist will fix in one more visit. So she will get them done before we head back to AUS.

I had my teeth all checked out as well and all good. Might just get a clean also before we head back for P500 ($12.00 AUS).

I finished reading my 6th book of the year “Echo Burning : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). This is the fifth book in the Reacher series and another really good mystery set in Texas.

Tuesday 19th February:

We spent the morning packing up the gear we won’t need for the next month on the island to take back to Manila tomorrow. I don’t know where all this stuff comes from but it seems to multiply. Anyway all done and got it all in the bags / boxes.

We are taking a door to door service to Manila. A fellow Mahjong player has a mini van that he operates where he will pick you up on the island and deliver you to your address in Manila, for a price of course.

We were going to take the JAC Liner bus but decided to go the door to door as we have too much stuff to carry (6 bags / boxes) from the bus station to Guy’s sister’s place in Manila.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I hit Google IT for some Wi-Fi for a few hours.

We had a little brownout from 7:45pm to 8:45pm (1-hour) to finish off the evening.

Wednesday 20th February:

Spent the morning packing up the last of our gear to take to Manila. All up we had some 80kg so luckily we were catching the Door to Door van with plenty of room.

At 4:00pm the van turned up and they managed to push, prod and squeeze all our stuff in (6 pieces of luggage in all). So with 10 other passengers as well (They had little luggage thank goodness) it was a squeeze in the van.

We made it to Cawit Port for the 8:00pm Ro-Ro only to be told the Ro-Ro might not run because of rough seas. But we did leave at 8:15pm for our 3-hour journey.

Well this was the second roughest trip on a Ro-Ro we have had. The worst of it lasted for about 1.5 hours. We were on the second passenger deck with the side canvas curtains rolled down as the waves were spraying up this high.

As the water hit the canvas it then pooled on the deck and the whole upper deck was awash with seawater. Luckily there weren’t many passengers so Guy and I each had a whole bench seat to ourselves.

We put our backpacks up on the seat and laid down on the rest of the bench to escape the deck wash. There were times when you had to brace yourself hanging onto the seat so you wouldn’t slide off.

Guy was a little seasick but I was okay as I had doped myself up on Bonemine motion sickness tables and they actually worked for me.

Off the Ro-Ro and on the road at 11:30pm for Manila thank goodness. We arrived at Beth’s (Guy’s sisters house) at 5:00am. All our gear was fine and we hit the hay till 9:30am.

Thursday 21st February:

Up, showered and had breakfast by 10:30am. Then off to see Immigration about my ACR (Residency) card and if I can retain it while I’m out of the country for a few years.

After the third window we found the right person who told us what we need to do to keep my ACR current till 2017 (when it expires). Looks like I can retain it provided I pay my annual fee and an exit VISA fee each year.

We can get Guy’s brother Jerry to do this on my behalf while I am in AUS so all good.

Off to the Manila SM Mall for lunch and a very nice Chai tea to finish off the afternoon. We also wandered round the local appliance shop looking at fridge and TV sizes for when we get back to AUS.

Just need to send this info to Jo (Guy’s daughter) as she is looking online for us for the best deals. One less job for us to do when we get there.

Back to Beth’s and Guy was off at 6:00pm for a reunion dinner with her batchmates. Her mum cooked me some Sinigang (She makes the world’s best Sinigang) for dinner

I crashed by 9:00pm after last night’s adventure. Guy arrived home form her reunion night 11:30pm ish.

Friday 22nd February:

Up and off to Divisoria this morning with Annajoy (Guy’s niece). The weather was crap (Raining) as we are on the tail end of a large Monsoon at the moment.

We are training up Annajoy (This is her second trip) as an angel wing buyer for Rebecca back in Adelaide (AUS) who sells them on her website for kids’ clothes.

After a Trike, LRT (Train) and Jeepney ride we arrived in Divisoria to be greeted by flooded streets. Now this is a part of Manila where you can buy anything from food to building fixtures to clothes to medical supplies, wedding dresses and of course angel wings.

From our last trip back in December 2012 we knew where to go this time so found pretty much all the wings that Bec was after. We did a bit of a wonder round the one of the five story complexes as it was still raining heavily outside and found a whole Bridal section. We took some pics for Jo (Guy’s daughter back in AUS) as she is planning her wedding for late next year.

They had all sorts of frilly, colorful and just plain weird dresses. My favorites were the black dress and the feather (covered in purple feathers) dress.

After lunch the rain eased and we caught a Jeepney, LRT and Trike back home. We packed up the wings with Annajoy and she and Guy took them off to the local Post Office (By Trike) to send.

At 4:15pm Guy was off again for an overnighter with the girls. They are all getting together at one of the girls houses and having a night of food, fun and Karaoke.

Mean while Guy’s Mum cooked me some her very best Pork Adobo for dinner so I was happy.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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