Day 1114 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 23rd February:

I had a bit of a sleep-in as Guy was overnighting with the girls. Late morning I headed to the Mall for a wander and to meet Guy there on her return.

I needed an extra link put in my TAG F1 so found the TAG shop and they fixed it for me for P250 ($6.25 AUS). I wandered round the three malls, and then set myself up in Starbucks with a Chai Latte, my Kindle and spent the afternoon in a lounge chair reading.

Guy arrived just after 4:00pm having had only about 1-hour’s sleep for the night so she was a bit bushed. Back to Beth’s and we both crashed by 9:00pm.

Sunday 24th February:

After a bit of a lay in we sorted some more of our stuff into what we will leave here and what we will take back to Australia. Have gone as far as we can for now so just need to do the final pack when we return on the 23rd of March.

We will be sending a few Door to Door boxes back to AUS with the gear we don’t need immediately so all good. They will arrive about 6 weeks after we send them.

Just before lunch we caught a ride to the mall with Beth. After a leisurely lunch we had a stop at the medical supply shop looking for an automatic blood pressure gauge for Guy’s mum. Her old one has given up the ghost.

We caught a cab back to Beth’s, packed our bags and caught a Trike to the JAC Liner Bus depot just round the corner arriving at 3:30pm.

On the bus at 4:00pm and the welcomed air-conditioning. The bus left at 5:30pm and arrived at Lucena Port at 10:30pm. The Ro-Ro left at 12:15am and we arrived on the island at 3:30am. The trip was nice and smooth this time and with not many passengers we got a plastic bench seat each. We both lay down and slept most of the way.

Monday 25th February:

We arrived at the cottage at 4:15am (12.75 hours after leaving Beth’s) to a lovely full moon and a nice cup of tea before bed.

We were up at 7:45am cause Ailyn was due for Guy’s 2-hour massage at 8:00am. She arrived at 9:00am so all good.

I did a trip to the market and got some nice Pork spare ribs which I cooked Adobo style. We had a leisurely afternoon reading with a little longer siesta than normal thrown in after last night’s travel.

I finished reading my 7th book of the year “Without Fail : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). Another great mystery thriller read. I like the Reacher series as each book is totally different from the last and has you guessing right up till the end who’s good and who’s bad.

Tuesday 26th February:

Market day today so we rode into town for some fresh fruit and some more supplies as Guy has an old school friend (And her nephew & his wife) from the USA coming to stay for a few days tomorrow.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I made my way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and looking at mobile phones and plans back in AUS.

Late afternoon I dropped into to see Gerald for a chat and a cup of tea. Then on the way home I swung by to see Ron (Yank) as I hadn’t seem him for a few weeks.

Guy played a late nighter’s game till midnight once again.

Wednesday 27th February:

The alarm was set for 3:30am as we got up and waited for the Door to Door van to deliver our visitors (Mayet (From the USA) her nephew Kerwin & his wife Ruth (From Manila)). They finally arrived at 4:15am. After a cup of tea / coffee and a lots of catch up we all went to bed at 5:00am ish.

Cherry came today at 8:00am to do our washing and cleaning.

We all had a bit of a sleep in till 10:00am ish. I did a quick run into the market for some supplies and was greeted by a brownout at 10:15am. The power came back on at 11:30am so all good.

After a leisurely lunch we made our way to the Hot Springs about 15km away and spent the afternoon lazing in the pools. The main pool was only about half full and being filled so it was really clear and the water was “Hot”.

The secondary pool was cold compared to the main pool so it was good plunging into each pool in succession.

Back home at 5:30pm and the girls spent the evening catching up.

I finished reading my 8th book of the year “Persuader : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). Another great mystery read in the Reacher series.

Thursday 28th February:

Ailyn arrived at 9:00am for my massage, which I gave up for Mayet to enjoy. Guy and I did a run into the market and bought a 3kg Tuna. One of Yolanda’s workers volunteered to grill it for us for lunch.

He did a great job so along with rice and a couple of veggie dishes we had a great lunch down in the Nipa Hut.

Guy and Mayet spent the afternoon in the Nipa Hut chatting and I pottered round the cottage and did a considerable amount of reading followed by a nice long walk along the beach.

Friday 1st March:

Up at 5:00am and Mayet, Kerwin and Ruth packed and caught the 6:00am Jeepney to Balanacan Port to catch the Ro-Ro back to Lucena and then the bus to Manila. Guy and Mayet only made it to bed round 2:00am so they were a little tired.

At 6:30am Gerald and Manny arrived at the cottage and we did a nice slow 8km loop walk over the ridge and down to the Dawis River and then followed it back to the main road. I arrived back home at 8:30am only to be greeted by a brownout. So I had a nice cool iced tea and the power was back on at 9:45am so a refreshing shower was had.

After lunch and a little siesta we made our way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Skype with the gang in Canberra. I’m currently looking at mobile Pre-Paid plans and buying an unlocked phone (iPhone 4s) in AUS. AAAaaahhhhhhh……

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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