Day 1121 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 2nd March:

We had a very leisurely morning sitting on the front veranda, reading. Guy was off to Mahjong at midday for a late game.

After lunch and a siesta I made my way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and post the blog. Late afternoon I dropped the MacBook off at the cottage and made my way to our block.

I marked all our boundary survey pegs with tape as we are getting Yolanda’s (Landlord) boys to use some of the bamboo on the property and fence it off for us. This will ensure nobody squats on our land while we are back in AUS. Yolanda will also keep an eye on the property for us as well.

Guy arrived back home at midnight ish.

Sunday 3rd March:

The Thunder Monster got a good wash and wax today after all the dusty and muddy roadworks she had to endure this week.

Then Guy and I were off to Barbarossa for lunch and then a meeting with Bern (German) re our block and a land dispute.

The history of our block purchase is a follows. We bought the land off Laura (Local) who was married to Bern (German). They divorced and she received a portion of land from Bern as part of the settlement. We bought a part of that land from Laura, which is our block.

Laura died last year. So now Bern has come to us and said that part of our block (More than half) is on his land so therefore we don’t own it. Ssssoooo as you can imagine with both Guy and I being Virgos we had all the paper work with the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.

Bern had a plan that showed that our land was his but it wasn’t certified. We have our certified plan with our land title showing that we do indeed own our land. We also paid a certified surveyor last year to peg our block so that the boundaries from the certified plan are correct.

So after showing Bern all this he conceded that indeed we do own our land and none of it is his.

Case closed………. Or is it????

We are getting Yolanda and her boys to fence the boundaries for us with bamboo from the block and maintain it while we are back in AUS. Just so everybody knows where our boundaries are and ensure no squatters appear.

After the meeting Guy was off to Mahjong and I joined the expat gathering for the afternoon.

I finished reading my 10th book of the year “The Hard Way : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). A good mystery about mercenaries, kidnapping and murder.

Monday 4th March:

No walk today as we have a big one coming up on Thursday.

Ailyn arrived at 10:00am for Guy’s two-hour massage. I rode into the market and got some nice Pork spareribs and snake beans for lunch.

After lunch Yolanda joined us at our block and we ran through the fencing we are getting her boys to do while we are away. Back to the cottage and we grabbed the MacBook and off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and to Skype Zali and the gang in Canberra.

Tuesday 5th March:

A very leisurely morning with Guy and I sitting on the front veranda enjoying a long breakfast and reading. The weather was overcast so very pleasant and not too humid.

At midday Guy was off to Mahjong and I made my way to Google IT. After my Wi-Fi fix I needed to photocopy some document for the sale of the Thunder Monster to proceed to John (Pom).

And wouldn’t you know it just as we fired up the copier a brownout hit. It was 2:00pm so I hung round for 45 minutes and caught up with Geoff (Pom) for an iced tea in the Barbraossa. Still no power so I decided to do a run to Boac (20km away) and hope that they had power as they usually do even when we don’t.

I arrived in Boac and they had power so I got all my documents photocopied. I arrived back home at 4:00pm and the power was back on, all good.

I finished reading my 11th book of the year “Bad Luck and Trouble : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). Another great read on espionage, murder and mystery.

Wednesday 6th March:

After breakfast I walked up to see Gerald (8km there & back) for a chat and to finalize our hike tomorrow into some new un-explored country. All sorted for tomorrow so all good.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I hit Google IT for some Wi-Fi and spent a couple of hours looking at heaps of info sent to me by family and friends on cars, white goods, mobile phones and broadband plans.

I must say that coming back to AUS is being made just that little bit easier knowing ahead of time what we need, where we can get it and what it will cost.

Back home late afternoon and some more reading in the cool evening was enjoyed.

Thursday 7th March:

Cherry arrived at 8:00am ish for the washing and cleaning.

I had already left for my walk with Gerald and Manny (Left at 5:45am). I walked down the road to the Tabionan turnoff and meet Gerald and Manny there to catch the 6:30am Jeepney (There are only 2 per day to Tabionan) the 8km back into the interior. The aim was to link up the Maapoy (Fire field) walk with the Butterfly Falls walk (In the Caigangan River), which is separated by a rather large ridgeline.

When the Jeepney didn’t turn up we decided to start walking to Tabionan and catch the Jeepney when it came along. Well an hour later and two thirds of the way in the Jeepney finally turned up.

We caught it to Tabionan and meet our two guides there (Ailyn’s husband and one of his friends). We headed off to Maapoy and made good time. Just before Maapoy we turned right and made our way up the steep ridgeline to the top (300m climb). So far so good.

We then picked up the Caigangan River at the very start of the river in which Butterfly Falls are situated further down. As we started to descend we discovered that there are no tracks and we had to make our own. We spent some time in the river (More of a creek at this stage) but came across 3 large waterfalls so had to detour onto the jungle’s steep sides to get round them. We also scrambled down 4 smaller waterfalls (4-6 metres).

So for about 3km we scrambled, slid, slipped, hacked and balanced our way through jungle, landslides and loose rocks. It took us just over 2 hours to cover that 3km so it wasn’t real fast.

But it was awesome fun with a few heart in the mouth moments high up on the escarpment’s sides scrambling.

Finally we made it to Butterfly Falls and the old “resort” (2 Nipa Huts on big rocks in the river), which has been washed away following heavy rains last year during the Typhoon season.

We had a bit of a spell and some snacks there before we walked out to the township of Bagtinjon (Over another ridge) and caught a Trike back to the main road (5km ish). Then we all piled into a Jeepney and got off at our relevant home stops. We only covered 14km ish but we had a hard 6km section so we all were a little shagged.

Our guides did a great job of getting us through the 3km wilderness bit in one piece and we rewarded them with a very nice tip.

Home and Guy had cooked up a pot of vegetable curry. After lunch, some iced tea and a refreshing shower, it was time for a little siesta.

At 4:30pm we headed into town so I could sign the deed of sale at the “JP’s” for the Thunder Monster so I can transfer the registration to John’s (Pom) wife Yolanda. I then dropped Guy off for a late Mahjong game (Till midnight).

It was home for me and time to relax watching American Idol.

Friday 8th March:

I am a little stiff this morning after yesterdays epic hike so an easy day is in order.

After breakfast we made our way to Terry’s (Welshman) place down by our block for a gathering of the Marinduque Bridge Club. Terry is back on the island for a few weeks. He and his wife spend most of their time in their Manila condo and also traveling between England and Canada.

John (Pom) joined us so Terry and John paired up as did Guy and I. It wasn’t our day as Terry and John were the winners today.

After lunch it was siesta time for us both. At 3:00pm we headed to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Skyped Zali and the gang in Canberra. Guy then made her way to Mahjong for an evening game and I relaxed at home watching American Idol eliminations from 20 to 10 (5 guys & 5 girls).

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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  1. MaryMary says:

    Good for you both that you made sure that the land paperwork were in order. Bern thought he could pull a wool over your eyes and think that he is dealing with “ignorant” folks. Well, you sure showed him otherwise……

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