Day 1128 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 9th March:

Busy day today. At 9:00am I rode up to our block to see Yolanda and her six workers as they’re clearing and fencing our block. We ran through what to do and I then left them to it.

Back home and at 10:30am I was off to the Hiking Association of Marinduque (HAM) Club meeting at Gil’s in town. There were four of us there today (Gerald, Manny, Gil and me). The main discussion was around the Moriones Festival at Easter time and getting some banners (with our photos) to display in Gil’s place promoting hiking on Marinduque.

Early afternoon and after lunch at Gil’s, I made my way to Google IT to post the blog and update the HAM blog with last Thursday’s hike to Butterfly Falls.

Late afternoon it was back to our block to see how the boys were progressing. They are doing a great job and I reckon that with clearing and fencing (Bamboo fence) our 2,908sqm we should get it all done for less than P10,000 ($250 AUS). This equates to about 9-10 days works. We pay each worker P200 ($5.00 AUS) per day, which includes food (This is a top rate for here).

Guy was playing a late Mahjong game so an evening to myself with some reading to catch up on.

And just to keep me on my toes we had a brownout from 6:15pm to 7:15pm (1-hour).

I finished reading my 12th book of the year “Nothing To Lose : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). Another great mystery read that had me guessing right up till the end.

Sunday 10th March:

The Thunder Monster got her usual wash and wax this morning. She was rather dusty and a bit muddy from all the road works (Ripping up bitumen road and replacing with a concrete road) happening between town and us.

At 11:00am I made my way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and then at midday hit the Barbarossa for the expat afternoon gathering.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday and played another late one into the evening.

Monday 11th March:

Ailyn here at 9:30am for Guy’s 2-hour massage. I did a run to the block to see the work the boys were doing. But they weren’t there so back to the cottage and caught up with Yolanda on their whereabouts. They are back in the hills cutting bamboo for the fence today so all good.

We were supposed to be going to the Dentist in Boac this afternoon but she text to say she was off sick. She will text us when she is well again so we can get our teeth done (Guy 2 fillings & me a clean) before we leave the island.

Midday and Guy off to Mahjong and another late one. I hit Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Back home and some more reading.

I finished reading my 13th book of the year “The Day of the Jackal” by Frederick Forsyth (Kindle Book). A great read set in the early 60’s about an assassination attempt against President General Charles de Gaulle of France. As it was in the 60’s there are no computers, no satellites, no drones and no mobile phones. All the investigation was good old-fashioned legwork and paper trails.

Tuesday 12th March:

After a leisurely breakfast on the veranda I made my way to the block to see how the boys are going with the boundary fencing. They are progressing well and have started the actual fence on the long side.

After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and I was back at the block “supervising” the fencing.

At 6:00pm I meet Guy at Gil’s Restaurant where there was a gathering for dinner. Gerald and Manny have a tourist operator (Called Briggs) from Manila here for a few days showing him round as he is looking at putting packages together for Marunduque.

These tours include looking at local attractions and also some caving, scuba diving and hiking for the more adventurous. They had also organized a Putong and a Kalutang welcome ceremony for the visitors.

Putong is a group who sing a welcome and you get crowned as part of the celebration. Kalutang is a group who play a welcome tune with only “tuned” sticks that each give off a separate pitch.

A great night was had by all.

Wednesday 13th March:

Up and off to the Marinduque Bridge club gathering at Terry’s (Welshman) place down the road from us. Terry and John were the winners today. We will have our last gathering next Wednesday so Guy and I planning our revenge so we can leave the island winners.

At midday on the way home we called into the block to see the fencing work by the boys. Bern was there and had Yolanda railed up. We rescued her from Bern as he is still disputing the land boundary. So once again Guy and I explained it all to him and once again he had to agree we were right.

After lunch I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 2:00pm for a late game. I stopped at Google IT for some quick Wi-Fi.

Then back home, dropped off my gear and off to see Gerald. I had a good chat to him about Bricks’ (Travel agent from Manila) visit and some tourism possibilities for the island, hiking included.

We had a little brownout from 9:00pm to 9:30pm.

I finished reading my 14th book of the year “Gone Tomorrow : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). Another great read about politics and espionage from the past.

Thursday 14th March:

Ailyn arrived at 9:00am for my 2-hour massage. After lunch and a bit of a rest for us both I made a trip into the market for some Pork spare ribs for dinner tonight and tomorrow.

Late afternoon Guy and I made our way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Guy then walked over to house number 3 for an evening Mahjong game.

I was back home for my adobo dinner and tonight’s American Idol episode.

Friday 15th March:

Up and off to Boac (22km away) today to complete the Thunder Monster’s transfer of ownership to Yolanda (John’s (Pom) wife at the Land Transport Office (LTO). We got there at 9:30am with “all” our paper work (5 documents) only to be told we were missing a 6th document of Yolanda’s details.

The guy gave us the document required and all we need to do is get her to fill it out. In the mean time we went to see the Highway Police (HP) about 2km out of town, as you have to get a clearance from them to sell the bike to say that it isn’t stolen.

When we arrived there we discovered that we didn’t have enough photocopies of the 5 documents (They want 2 copies and you need one for the LTO) so luckily there was a Xerox machine in a shop across the road (Catering for folks like us).

The highway police check is a two-part thing. Firstly we had the bike photographed and the serial number stenciled all for the cost of P300. Then off to the next HP office where the actual check takes place and two more fees are payable.

With the first payment you have to go back into Boac to the Land Bank and pay P300 at the bank and get their receipt. Back to the HP with the receipt and the check is done and clearance issued. Then the second payment of P500 is paid there to the police then and there for the clearance document.

All this took us just over 2 hours. So now all we need to do is get Yolanda to fill out her form and then back to the LTO on Monday to complete the process. Hopefully….

We dropped in to see the dentist but she was still off sick. Guy then got a text from her that she will be back on deck on Monday so Guy is booked in for her fillings and me for my clean in the afternoon after the LTO visit in the morning.

After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong (Another evening session) and I went back up to the block to photograph the fence and all the boundary markers, just to be sure.

Bern was there working on his land and we had the same conversation once again and he got the same answer once again. While we are back in AUS Yolanda and Gerald (Who lives only 1km away) will keep a lookout for us just to make sure all is good.

We had a short brownout from 3:00pm to 3:30pm (1/2 hour).

At 5:00pm I joined Yolanda and the boys for Friday night’s drinks. I gave Yolanda some cash to buy the boys some nice food and a 4 litre jug of the local hooch to thank them for the work they did at the block.

The food was awesome. It was Pork barbecue, Pork Dinuguan (Pork cooked in blood), Octopus, Fish & snails and Pancit. I ate all the food but passed on the local hooch. The boys got me to try a bit and had a great laugh when they saw the screwed up look on my face. Not for me.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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