Day 1135 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 16th March:

A leisurely morning breakfast was had. Then it was off to Google IT for some Wi-Fi for us both and to post the block. Back home for lunch and some afternoon reading as it is a little hot and humid today.

Guy off to an evening session of Mahjong at 4:45pm just as we had a brownout. The power was back on at 5:45pm.

I finished reading my 15th book of the year “61 Hours : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). A great mystery murder set in the back blocks of the USA.

Sunday 17th March:

Our last leisurely Sunday morning having breakfast on the veranda watching the world go by. We read for a while and then spent an hour practicing our Bridge bidding ready for Wednesday’s game.

The Thunder Monster missed her wash and wax this morning. Due to all the road works that are either dusty or muddy (after the water truck has been by) it just wasn’t worth it for now.

She will get a good clean on Friday when I hand her over to John and Yolanda as we leave on Saturday for Manila (stage one of the trip back home).

At midday I made my way to the Barbarossa for the final expat gathering and Guy was off to an afternoon / evening Mahjong game.

We had the usual gathering at the Barbarossa today. I must say that I will miss my Sunday afternoon expat gatherings where we solve all the problems of the world. OOhhhh well we will be back before we know it in a few years’ time.

Monday 18th March:

Up and off to Boac again today to try and complete the registration change on the Thunder Monster. We arrived with ALL the paper work only to be told that Yolanda has to purchase the third party insurance. We can’t transfer ours across.

So no go. Ooohhh well we will hand all the paper work over to John (Pom & Husband) so they can now complete the process. Normally the buyer does this transfer anyway so we were doing it just to help John out.

Then after a light lunch at Good Chow (As it is air-conditioned) we made our way to the dentist.

Guy had two fillings and a clean and I had a clean. Total cost was P2,450 ($61.00 AUS). A clean is P600 ($15.00 AUS) and she does a really good job. Most of the westerners here go to this lady dentist as she is good and doesn’t over charge.

Then we made our way to the Adis Resort just outside of Boac to meet up with Aura (Guy’s best friend from school) and Phillip (Husband) for dinner. They are from Manila but Phillip went to school here. He is here to speak to the current graduating class at his old school as he was chosen as the most successfull alumni last year.

They are friends with the owners of the resort who where there also. So a big feast was cooked up for dinner and enjoyed by all.  The resort is almost brand new as buildings are added little bit by little  bit and the location is very good.  Suitable for day trippers as there are numerous huts for rent and half a dozen rooms for overnighters.

I finished reading my 16th book of the year “Worth Dying For : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). A good murder mystery once again.

Tuesday 19th March:

Up early and off for my last hike with Gerald and Manny. We made our way up to Meadow Peak first for a last look over Mount Malindig and the coast. Then we hiked across to Bilog Peak for a last look over the interior of the island.

We covered a nice steady 10km and made it back by 9:00am before it got too hot and humid although it was pretty humid back in the boondocks. We got quite a sweat up.

I will miss my hikes with the gang.

After a refreshing shower I did a market run and bought some ready cooked food so we don’t have to cook while we sort out our stuff over the next three days.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday for another late evening game. After a little siesta I hit Google IT for some Wi-Fi. Jo (Guy’s daughter) sent through some more second hand car sales and we are looking good to get what we want.

I also printed off our tickets and hire car booking info for AUS and a document for John (Pom) on the satellite TV as he is taking it.

At 4:30pm I was back at Gerald’s. I took him down to the block and showed him the fencing and the boundary markers as he is going to keep an eye on the place while we are gone.

He only lives about 1.5km up the road from the block so handy for him and us.

I finished reading my 17th book of the year “Second Son : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). This a short story about Jack when he was a boy growing up with his Mum, Dad and Brother Joe.

Wednesday 20th March:

Up and off to Terry’s (Welsh) at 9:00am for our last meeting of the Marinduque Bridge Club. When we arrived, we found Terry with some major plumbing problems in his house.

So sadly the bridge game had to be called off. We meet John (Pom) on the road on the way home and managed to stop him and give him the sad news. He came back to the cottage and we had a cup of tea and a chat under the Nipa Hut in the cool ocean breeze.

At 10:30am after John left, we caught a trike into town with our empty water containers (filtered drinking water) and a gas bottle. We dropped the water containers off and got our container refund and then the gas bottle.

But it looks like we will not get a refund for the gas bottle so we left it at the gas depot anyway as we have no use for it.  John is buying our other spare bottle.

At 11:30am we meet Ron (Yank) and Vicki (Wife and fellow Mahjong player with Guy) for lunch in the Barbarossa for some farewell burgers and chips.

After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong with Vicki and Ron dropped me back home.

I managed a nice little siesta before we had a brownout at 1:45pm. The power was back on at 5:00pm (3 ¼ hours).

I spent the afternoon emptying cupboards and wardrobes and organizing the stuff into various heaps depending on what we are doing with it. I also did a burn up of a heap of rubbish I had collected and took some recyclables (Tin & glass) down to the road.

I have a spot on the road where I leave this stuff and it is gone within minutes as the locals collect the containers and re-use most of them or sell them to the junk collectors.

Once the power was back on I did a quick trip into Google IT for some Wi-Fi to check emails.

Thursday 21st March:

Cherry here at 8:00am for her final wash and clean. She got a nice bonus today. She will be back Saturday as we are giving her most of our left over food and our big fan.

John (Pom) arrived at 9:00am for the hand over of the Thunder Monster spare parts and service history and when she is due again. He will pick up the Thunder Monster on Saturday, our leaving day.

At 9:30am Guy was off to see Rose (Hairdresser by the market) for a cut and colour. At 10:30am, after John left, I made my way to see Rose as well for a nice short haircut (P60 ($1.50 AUS)), which will last me a while.

Guy was off to Mahjong after her cut and colour and I made my way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

Back home for lunch and a little siesta. Geoff (Pom) dropped in to say goodbye mid afternoon. I then rode back into town and caught up with Gil (Local) to say goodbye to him. Gil and I have some great old chats as he is an artist and loves the art of photography.

Back home and started the packing.

I started by sorting our stuff into piles:

  • Stay on the island, in storage on the island with John (Pom)
  • Give away to locals (Food mainly & other stuff (Fan, DVD, Rice cooker, shoes, etc.))
  • Take back to Manila (Leave there at Guy’s sisters for our return)
  • Take back to AUS (Take with us on the plane or Door to Door freight service to AUS)
  • Rubbish to burn

We are getting good at this…..

Finished up the evening watching American Idol.

Friday 22nd March:

Ailyn arrived at 8:00am for Guy’s last 2-hour massage. Then we had a little brownout from 8:00am to 9:00am just to remind us of what we are leaving behind……

I gave the Thunder Monster her last wash and wax as John is picking her up tomorrow. It will be sad to see her go as we have had some great rides together.

Once Guy’s massage was finished we rode into town for some Wi-Fi at Google it. At 11:30am I dropped Guy off for her last day / evening of Mahjong.

I spent the rest of the day sorting and packing our gear into the appropriate bags and containers.

I finished up doing two incinerator burns of rubbish plus a run down to the road with the glass and metal containers for the locals to use or sell to the junk collectors.

Everything fitted where it was supposed to so quite happy that we haven’t collected too much stuff over the last three years.

Guy arrived at 6:00pm with three of her Mahjong mates. They were here to pick up the booty consisting of stuff from the house we are giving away (food, alcohol, rice cooker, DVD player).

I finished reading my 18th book of the year “The Affair : Jack Reacher” by Lee Child (Kindle Book). A good read about Jack back when he was an MP still in the military.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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