Day 1142 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 23rd March:

John (Pom) arrived at 9:00am to pick up the Thunder Monster. It was a little sad moment to see her go out the gate. But she is going to a good home.

Then back to the packing. We had it pretty much all done by midday so we caught a Jeepney into town for a lunch treat at the Barbarossa.

Back home and we sealed off the three plastic barrels that we are leaving here and John is storing for us. At 3:00pm the Door to Door van arrived and loaded all our gears (2 large duffel bags & a carry on). As it was too early to board the van (The Ro-Ro only leaves at 8:00pm) we told the driver we will meet him at Cawit Port later in the day.

Geoff (Pom) dropped in to say goodbye and Gerald text to say bon voyage. At 4:00pm we said our goodbye to Yolanda (a little sad moment leaving the cottage) and headed for our last visit to Google IT to post the blog before heading off to the port.

We made our way to the port at 5:30pm and caught up with our van driver. As it turns out there were only three passengers including us so we had plenty of room to stretch out.

The Ro-Ro left at 8:15pm and arrived in Lucena at 11:30pm. The Ro-Ro was pretty empty as well so we each got a bench plastic seat that we could stretch out on and lay down. We both got a couple of hours sleep on our makeshift beds.

Then into the van for Manila.

Sunday 24th March:

As we were the first to be dropped off by the van we had our quickest trip ever to Manila (Two hours). We were at Beth’s house by 2:30am and off to bed. We arose at 9:15am after having a good sleep. After breakfast it was time to pack and re-pack once again.

We worked for five solid hours and got all our stuff into:

  • 4 Door to Door boxes to go back to AUS
  • 1 big box of stuff to leave here at Beth’s place in Manila
  • 2 large duffle bags as our check in baggage on Wednesday

Back on Marinduque we have 3 plastic tubs with kitchen stuff so this is all our worldly belongings. And it is still too much stuff. We will cull some more of this stuff when we get back to AUS.

At 3:00pm we were both bushed so a later afternoon siesta was in order and man it was good getting that little nap.

A quiet evening just pottering and sorting through the last few things.

Monday 25th March:

Up and off to Immigration this morning to sort out my exit permit and how being out of the country for an extended period could effect my ACR (Residency) Card.

I paid P2,880 ($70.00 AUS) for an exit permit which is good for 12 months. When it is due again Jerry (Guy’s brother) can pay to have it extended for another 12 months on my behalf.

So provided I pay each year’s fee and make it back before my ACR Card expires in 2017 I retain my Filipino residency. So all good.

We then made our way to Greenhills Mall to get some more DVD’s for Jo and Jordan (They sent a list). While waiting for our “regular” DVD suppliers to go through the list we browsed iPhone’s in Phone Central in the Mall.

I was looking for an iPhone 4s 16GB. The sellers were quoting about $450 AUS for a “new” phone.

We got quite interested in one so took the serial number to an Apple shop round the corner and got them to run the number through the Apple system.

Turns out the iPhone is a Korean build and the warranty had expired. Which leads to the phone being a re-packaged second hand phone.

Needless to say we dropped it like a hot potato and left with no iPhone. As they say “If it sounds too good to be true……”.

Back home early afternoon and back to packing. We did a repack and managed to get our Door to Door AUS boxes down from 4 to 3 boxes. This leaves 1 ½ boxes of stuff left here at Beth’s for our return.

In bed for an early-ish night as it has been a busy day.

Tuesday 26th March:

Up at 8:00am as the Door to Door freight people are scheduled to pick up our AUS boxes between 8:00am and 11:00am. They finally arrived at midday and carted off our 3 boxes of gear for AUS. Just have to get it all through customs back in AUS now…..

Then off to the mall for one last time and Shakey’s Mo Jo’s for lunch. After lunch we wandered and found some very comfortable neck pillows for our journey. We have some old blow up ones but they were not so good any more.

Then a long spell reading in Starbucks with a Chai Latte for me and Hot Chocolate for Guy. Very relaxing.

The final stop was the supermarket in the Microwave oven section. Guy’s Mum’s microwave blew up end of last year so they have been without it for many months. So we bought her a new one as a parting gift.

Back home and ready for the final duffle bag to be packed in the morning. We have one done and it is a bit over weight (23.5kg) so we shall see how we go at the airport.

Wednesday 27th March:

Up and had a leisurely breakfast. Packed the last few things in the box we are leaving here and then the final duffle bag pack and weigh in.

We are 13kg over our limit all up. I distributed the excess over our four bags (2 checking and 2 carry on). So off to the airport we went at 10:30am. We arrived at 11:30am, lined up and got to checking in just after 12 noon.

They weighed our two duffle bags and Guy’s carry on (Prior to check in) but not my backpack as I was wearing it. And they waved us through. Bonus as in no excess charges.

The plane was an hour late leaving for KL. KL is much the same as Singapore airport. We arrived at the main terminal and had to catch the sky train to Terminal A for our onward flight to Sydney.

We originally had a 4-hour layover so now back to 3.5-hours so still all good. We arrived in KL at 7:30pm and the first stop was a noodle place for a good Laksa and noodle curry soup. It was the best Laksa I have ever had. It was listed as mild but by AUS standards it was medium +.

We then found a Starbucks and had a Black Tea Latte, which was very nice after the hot Laksa.

Back on the plane to Sydney and away at 11:00pm.

Thursday 28th March:

A smooth flight where we both managed to get some sleep. At 9:30am we arrived in Sydney along with all out luggage. We loaded up the Thrifty hire car and off to Forestway (North of the city) to catch up with Jordan (Guy’s son) and Carly (Girlfriend) for lunch. It was great to see them so soon after our Xmas visit.

Sadly they are working on Saturday so won’t be joining us in Canberra this weekend. But they start school holiday in two weeks so we will organize a few days when they are free for another Canberra trip to see Jo, Dave and Zali.

Off to Canberra at 1:00pm to beat the Easter traffic leaving Sydney. It wasn’t too bad (a couple of bottle necks) but once we were out of the city on the freeway it was fine.

I did count eight Police radar speed traps between Sydney and Canberra. It is double demerit points off your license if you’re caught speeding for the Easter weekend. The cruise control worked well as we cruised on the speed limit.

We arrived in Canberra at 4:30pm for a leisurely Easter with Jo, Dave and Zali.

We were both pretty bushed after some 26-hours of Planes, Trains and Automobiles so crashed early.

Friday 29th March:

Man did we sleep like logs last night. We only woke up ay 11:30am so got a great night’s sleep. A very leisurely day trying to keep up with Zali. She’s 8 months old and mobile (Crawling) now so we were kept rather busy.

Early afternoon I went for a walk into Belconnen and found the street full of car lots. I had a wander round and looked at used cars. The rest of the afternoon and evening I spent searching for a suitable car in our budget and options range in Canberra.

I found a very promising Mazda and arrange an inspection for tomorrow morning.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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