Day 1156 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 6th April:

Up and on the road back to Canberra for the night. We are baby sitting Zali as Jo and Dave are going out to dinner with old friends. We had a leisurely trip down with a stop for lunch.

Arrived at 4:00pm for the evening activities with Zali. Jo feed Zali and put her to sleep before heading out with Dave at 10:00pm. Zali slept till about midnight them woke up and unfortunately wouldn’t go back to sleep.

She played and cried on and off till Jo and Dave arrived back at 2:00am. And of course she was fine when Mum arrived.

Sunday 7th April:

We had a leisurely morning and decided to head back to Sydney at midday. We arrived at 4:00pm after a bit of detour when I missed the exit off the Eastern Distributor, but all good.

We went for a walk round the Dee Why area and sassed out the local Aldi food mart for some cheap groceries. We bought some more steak for dinner (Still catching up on 3 years without steak).

Got a text from Fantastic furniture informing us our mattresses, bed frame, bedside table and tallboy will be here from 7:30am tomorrow.

Also got the Blue Ray player working as I bought a HDMI cable in Canberra. We watched the new “Jack Reacher” movie with Tom Cruise (We got it in the Philippines).

Monday 8th April:

Up and ready for our three deliveries. First was the Fantastic Furniture Queen bed frame, 2 x bedside tables, 1 x tallboy and 2 Queen mattresses. They only had one mattress and had to get another one from a different warehouse so would deliver it later in the afternoon.

Next was the mailbox man. Our mailbox out the front is a lockable one but there are no keys so it has to remain open all the time. So the mailbox man replaced the lock and issued us with 2 new keys.

Next was the Harvey Norman guys with the fridge and washing machine. After lunch we made our way to a very easy drive to get to Aldi store just down the road and did a big food shop to stack the pantry. Also got some spare keys cut for the garage and mailbox. Originals are now stored away in a safe place.

I spent most of the day putting together all the furniture piece by piece (Aaaahhhhh….). We only had a few bits left over. The instructions had omitted to show them but nothing serious and it all works.

The Fantastic Furniture boys arrive late afternoon with our final mattress so all good.

Jordan and Carly paid us a visit. Carly had to leave early (She drove her car) and later in the evening we dropped Jordan off at a friend’s place.

Tuesday 9th April:

Up and off to Kmart in Warriewood shopping centre for some more small household goods. Then off to Bunnings a few kms in the other direction from the unit for a few more small items.

On the way home we called into our local Aldi for a few more food supplies so all good.

Then back to the garage and brought up our queen bed frame and got our bed all assembled with the new mattress. Next job was getting the washing machine connected, leaking taps fixed and the cane shelves in the laundry.

Our first load of washing done and dusted and hung out on the clothes racks on the balcony.

I also dug out two plastic boxes of some clothes that Guy and I had left behind. Looks like they survived okay that last three years in storage.

Wednesday 10th April:

Up and off to the Apple Mac store (At 9:30am) in Chatswood to get the battery changed on my MacBook Pro 13”. The original battery (3 years old) started to die last November. I managed to get a cheaper battery over the web and installed it in December when I was back in AUS.

Then about a couple of months ago the MacBook would “lose” the battery on and off and only work on the charger. I then replaced the faulty battery with the old original Mac battery and it was all good again (so it was a battery issue).

I dropped off the laptop to the Apple technician who then ran their own diagnostics over the machine. All the tests came back okay except the battery. They informed me they needed the laptop for a maximum of 48 hours to replace the battery.

Guy and I headed off for a Chai Latte and twenty minutes later I got a call from Apple to say that the battery had been replaced and it was ready to go. So I was very happy with that and we picked up the MacBook.

Jordan texted us that he was ready to move in. So we dropped by his dad’s place and grabbed his gear and made our way back to the unit. After lunch it was back to KMart for a few extra’s for Jordan and to get a replacement learner’s driving license (at the RTA) as he has lost his original one.

Some driving lessons are about to come with Guy (she hasn’t driven the Mazda yet) and Jordan.

Back home and I retrieved the two leather couches from the garage, washed them down and with Jordan’s help got them up into the lounge. Also did a big rubbish run with all our packing materials to the recycling bins.

Guy cooked up a nice big curry for dinner. Bushed again tonight.

Thursday 11th April:

Up and into the garage for a major reorganize of Jo’s gear mainly and some boxes of our stuff. The aim was to arrange stuff so I could get the Mazda into the garage and shut the door.

I managed to get the Mazda in but couldn’t get the door shut by about 6”. Dam…..

After lunch and a shower it was off to do some more apartment stuff shopping. I got a chain and coach bolt and rigged a system to lock the garage door while it is still open at the bottom by 6”. It works okay and will do until I get rid of some more gear out of the garage.

Also some new curtains for the lounge and our bedroom.

Just before dinner I picked up Jordan from a friend’s house 15 minutes away.

Another day down.

Friday 12th April:

Up and the Mighty Mazda got her first wash today. She is nice and shiny once again and parked in the garage. Guy spent the morning cleaning the windows in the unit.

At 10:30am we decided to have a nice little rest and walked down to Dee Why beach (15 minutes away). On the way we dropped into the Dee Why RSL and signed up as members. Looking forward to some great meals there.

After a bit of a stroll along the shorefront in the cool but sunny day, we bought fish and chips and sat on the boardwalk consuming them as the world went by.

On the way home we dropped into a nice market for some fresh fruit. Back home for a little siesta then sorted a few more boxes of stuff and threw about half of it in the bin. By emptying a few more boxes and some rearranging on the garage I can now get the Mazda all the way in with the door shut.

Life is busy but good.

Trevor & Guy.

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