Day 1163 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 13th April:

Leisurely morning. It is a no unpacking day today. At 10:30am we decided to walk to Warringah Mall some 4km down the road. After a few detours checking out the local “attractions” we arrived at the mall.

We topped up with a Chai Latte and then wandered round the mall for a bit. Guy bought a couple of cushions and some coat hangers then we retired to the food hall for a light lunch.

After lunch we walked back home carrying our purchases. A slight detour to our local Aldi for some supplies and home for an afternoon siesta.

Guy was going to play Mahjong (Her first game in AUS) at 5:00pm. I picked up Jordan from Carly’s (Girlfriend) place at 6:00pm and we had a quiet night at home.

Sunday 14th April:

Guy got home just after midnight with a win for her first Mahjong game back in AUS. Wwwwooo hhhoooo….

A slow morning. Jordan had to start work at 11:00am so we left at 10:15am to drop him off some 25 minutes away. Then we drove to the back streets and Guy had here first drive off the Mighty Mazda and a manual gearshift.

It has been eight years (2005) since she last drove a stick shift. She was all fine after about 30 minutes of driving round the streets. We dropped into Adli for some supplies on the way home.

Back home for lunch then we walked down to the beach (15 minutes away). Guy sat and read and I went for a walk round the rocks. Jordan was off with Carly (Girlfriend) tonight so Guy and I had a DVD night.

Monday 15th April:

Mid morning we were off to KMart once again for the last of our main things (Iron & Ironing Board). Back home and after lunch we went for a walk in our local area to checkout the shops and see what’s where.

Finished up with a very nice Chai Latte watching the world go by. On the walk home we checked out the local bus stops as we are off to the city on Wednesday on the bus.

Tuesday 16th April:

At 10:00am we dropped Jordan off at Carly’s as he and some of his mates are off camping till Thursday. On the way home it was a stop at Aldi (food) and Office Works to print, sign and then scan my Australia Electoral Commission (AEC) re-enlistment to the electoral role.

You can fill out the form online and get a receipt for your application. But you still have to print it, sign it and then send or email (Scanned) the signed form back to the AEC. When we left AUS three years ago we were removed from the role.

Another walk mid afternoon looking round the local area and get a tire gauge for the Mighty Mazda.

Guy off to Mahjong at 6:30pm and back at 11:00pm ish.

Wednesday 17th April:

Today we were going to the city to meet up with Naty (Guy’s friend from Rooty Hill) for lunch. But she called to say that due to work commitments she had to postpone lunch till next week.

So Guy and I decide to go for a longer walk down on Dee Why Beach. I walked round to the bluff north of the beach and Guy walked about half the way. All up I walked just over 8km with Guy walking about 4km.

Back home and nice afternoon siesta after lunch. We shall enjoy the siestas while we can, as I fear they will be ending soon with us going back to work.

I received a text from Gerald (Pom) back on Marinduque to say that they were experiencing more brownouts. One of the few things I don’t miss…..

Thursday 18th April:

Up and off for our Dee Why beach walk to the bluff and back. A leisurely 7.5km stroll. After lunch another walk to Aldi and back (2.5km round trip) for some supplies.

At 4:00pm we headed off to pick up Jordan from Carly’s place as he is back from a 3-day camping trip with his mates. On the way home we called into Warriewood mall as Jordan needed a pair of new black jeans for work (He works in Subway, Belrose).

At 8:00pm Marlene (Dave’s mum & retired) arrived for a chat and to pickup the bike in the garage, as she wants to use it in her retirement cycling group.

Friday 19th April:

Up and off with Jordan for his first drive in the Mazda as he has his learner’s permit. He hasn’t driven since January so he was a bit rusty but he picked up the stick shift pretty quick.

We drove round the back streets for nearly an hour and then I dropped him off at work (Subway) at the Supacentre in Belrose.

After lunch I went for a walk via Aldi and picked up a few supplies for dinner. Guy and I then drove over and picked up Jordan from work for a quiet evening watching American Idol.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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