Day 1170 of retirement

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 Hi All

Saturday 20th April:

Cold, wet and windy today. A bit of a shock to the system so we broke out the winter woolies.

A relaxing day with a DVD and a trip to Bunning’s to get a few fixit things for the unit.

Off to pick up Jordan from Carly’s at 4:00pm.

Sunday 21st April:

Jordan had work at 11:00am so we went out early for another one hour driving lesson round the back streets of Belrose.

At 12:30pm we made our way over to see Gina and George (Old friends) in Pymble for lunch. Gina wanted to set up a WordPress blog so we spent an hour or so setting up the page and going through the administration processes of the page.

We had a great lunch out on their deck as the sun was out and the rain had abated.

Back home via Aldi then back to pick up Jordan from work at 5:30pm.

Monday 22nd April:

Up at 4:30am to watch the MotoGP Austin Texas (USA). A great win by Mark Marquez and the youngest winner ever at 20 years old.

Back to bed for a few hours sleep after the race finished at 6:00am.

At 9:00am we boarded the Mighty Mazda and were off to Umina up by Woy Woy to visit Ben, Samantha and the kids (Taylor, Milla and Lily) who are camping in a caravan park (1.5 hours drive).

After a good old chat and a cup of tea we drove to Patonga Beach for fish and chips on the beach while the kids went for a swim. 5:00pm back in Sydney and picked up Jordan after work at the Belrose Supa Centre (Subway).

Guy’s Mahjong was cancelled tonight so we had a quiet one at home.

On the job front Guy got a call from a recruitment agency that she applied to for a payroll job. The job is in Brookvale which is just down the road from Dee Why so would be great location-wise. She has a interview tomorrow at Chatswood so we shall see how it all goes.

 Tuesday 23rd April:

The Mighty Mazda got a wash and vacuum today as the rain has departed for a few days.

After lunch Guy had a 1st job interview in Chatswood with a recruitment agency. Jordan and I dropped her off and hit the mall. Jordan had a haircut and then we hung out in JB Hifi looking at stuff.

Guy was back for her interview 40 minutes later and so far so good. She now has a phone interview with her potential employer tomorrow at 2:45pm.

Back home for a cup of tea and then Jordan and I went off for a driving lesson. We were out in the traffic today but he was fine.

Back home and then Guy and I headed off for dinner with our good friend Lisa over in Summer Hill (Across the other side of the city). We allowed a good hour to get there but almost 2-hours later we arrived (Caught in Sydney rush hour traffic,,, aaahhhh).

We had a great pizza and an even greater chat to Lisa on life, love and the universe.

Wednesday 24th April:

Guy and I did a morning walk up the beach to the bluff and back (7km round trip). When we got back home at 9:30am there was a note in the letterbox to say that our broadband router was ready for pickup at the Dee Why Post office. So I walked back and picked it up and proceeded to install it only to find that I needed a phone plug.

So a walk back to the $2 shop and a plug was purchased. All plugged in and all the lights showed we were good but no Wi-Fi connection. Using a network cable worked fine. So a call to Internode and 10 minutes later all good.

Guy and I then drove to Aldi for some supplies for the next few days. When we got home the Wi-Fi was down. So after another call to Internode it was all fixed once again. My fault, as I changed my password online but not on the router.

I must say that Internode support was great. I got through within minutes and the guys knew exactly what had to be done and talked me through it.

Guy had her phone interview at 2:45pm and it went okay. Just have to wait now to see how it all pans out.

Guy off to Mahjong at 6:30pm, dropping Jordan off at Carly’s along the way.

Thursday 25th April:

A leisurely morning was enjoyed by all. Mid morning we did the 7km beach to bluff walk and back. After lunch it was a glorious day so Guy and I walked back to the beach and went round onto the rocks.

Guy read and I played round with my Infrared filter on the Fuji X100 for a couple of hours. Late afternoon we had a very nice Chai Latte before walking back home.

Jordan arrived at 6:00pm and we had a very nice chicken curry (cooked by Guy yesterday) for dinner.

Friday 26th April:

Jordan has work at midday so just before 11:00am we headed out for a driving lesson. Into the traffic today as he is much more confident driving now.

After lunch Guy and I did our 7km beach to bluff walk along the beach once again.

Just after 6:00pm I picked up Jordan from work and Guy was off with the girls for a birthday dinner in Dee Why.  She checked her email after coming home from dinner with the girls and there was an email from the recruitment agency to say that the manager who will conduct the face-to-face interview is away for the long weekend so she should expect a call early next week for the interview.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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