Day 1177 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 27th April:

Leisurely morning. Carly pickup Jordan for his 11:00am start work today so no driving lessons.

At 10:30am Guy and I walked down to Warringah Mall and to the building where she has a job interview early next week. We now know where it is and is easily accessible by bus from our place in Dee Why.

It is 5km from door to door so good walking distance on a nice day.

Then we wandered round the mall for a bit and had a very nice Laksa for lunch. After a bit more of a wander it was a Chai Latte for dessert before we then walked back home mid afternoon (A nice 10km round trip).

Jordan was out with his mates tonight so a quiet night at home.

Jo has an old piano in the apartment that has been here for years. So with her agreement we put it up on eBay. It has a few busted strings but is mechanically sound. Starting price is 99 cents…..

Sunday 28th April:

Spent the morning down in the shed going through some more of our stuff and “recycling” some of the stuff that we don’t need anymore.

At 10:30am I drove Jordan off to work at Subway. Arrived home just as Guy was off to lunch in Dee Why with a good friend of hers, Chris from her old Sutton working days.

At 1:30pm I made my way to Office Works to get a basic printer / scanner for the apartment. I got a HP 3520 for the bargain price of $67.00. After Office Works I meet Guy at the Aldi supermarket for some supplies.

Back home and I proceeded to setup the HP 3520 wireless printer. It took a while but it is now all working off the broadband wirelessly for both printing and scanning. I can even now print directly from my iPhone, so all good.

A further play around with the software and I am now able to print via email. Just email the printer and it will print anything out.

As a basic unit it is a little gem and will serve Jordan for his year 12 work and us for our odd printout / scan needs.

Monday 29th April

Our usual walk up the beach to the bluff and back this morning. After lunch we made our way to Jordan’s school to drop off his bus pass forms, as he needs a new one now that he has changed his address to be with us.

Into Aldi for some food supplies on the way home.

Guy is still waiting to hear about her face-to-face job interview (1st with recruitment agency, 2nd a phone interview with employer). Should be in the next day or so.

Jordan cooked dinner for us tonight. A very nice chicken pesto pasta dish.

Tuesday 30th April:

We received the paper work for our 3 boxes from the Philippines from the shipping agent last night. After going through all the required paperwork for customs and quarantine and having a chat to the agent, we engaged the services of a handling company (recommended by the shipping agent) to handle the paper work and inspections on our behalf.

After chatting to the handling agent (re the price and process) I filled out all the paperwork required, scanned it on our new printer/scanner and emailed it to them. We are very happy to hand this process to them as they know all the tricks of the trade and we don’t.

They will also give us a separate quote for delivery of the boxes to Dee Why, which we will take up. So hopefully we should have our boxes by the week’s end or early next week.

After lunch it was our daily walk along the beach once again. Enjoying it while we can.

Wednesday 1st May:

A leisurely day as we wait for Guy to get notification of her third interview and delivery confirmation on our boxes from the Philippines. After a trip to Aldi and lunch we went for our afternoon walk.

I went right along the cliff tops to North Curl Curl beach and Guy did the left bluff walk. Turns out both walks are 7km ish so a good walk was had by all.

Guy had a chat to the recruitment agency re her interview and the hold up is the manager is currently traveling and isn’t in Sydney at the moment to conduct the interview.

It is still looking good for Guy so just need to wait for the manager and the final interview.

Thursday 2nd May:

Off for our morning Dee Why walk. Guy went left along the beach to the bluff and I went right for the ups and downs of the cliff top to North Curl Curl.

It just so happened that we meet up in Dee Why on the return leg so walked home together.

Guy had a chat to her Superannuation Fund advisor re managing her fund and going back to work.

Then finally she got notification of her job interview (third one) tomorrow at 11:00am in Brookvale (next to Warringah Mall). So we went through the job description and printed out all the documentation for her interview.

Friday 3rd May:

Mid morning we were off to the Warringah Mall as Guy has her third job interview with her potential employer who’s offices are just next to the mall.

The interview last for over an hour and went very well. The next step is for Guy to meet the team she would be working with (If successful) early next week. So far so good and it is looking very positive.

I also found a local job so started to prepare my resume. Now I have never had to supply a resume for any of my previous jobs so I must say I am struggling. So I will be seeking some advice, help and assistance from a few of you……

Later in the afternoon I went for a walk down the road (5km round trip) to the local Mazda dealer and booked in the Mighty Mazda for her 170,000km service on Tuesday next week.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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