Day 1184 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 4th May

A leisurely morning. Jordan and I went out driving prior to his 11:00am work start at Subway.

Guy was off to have her nails done and then caught up with friends for the afternoon. Mid afternoon I meet Guy at Aldi and we bought a few supplies.

The old piano we had on eBay closed today as well (Belongs to the former owner of the unit). We got $60 and the buyer has to remove it. So all good for us.

Well not so good. Just got an email from the buyer that made a mistake and are removing their winning bid…. GGggggrrrrrrrrrr….. Anyway I offered it to the second highest bidder so we shall see what happens.

Sunday 5th May:

Up and off for our morning walk to the bluff and back.

I spent the afternoon fine tuning my Resume for a job I am going to apply for. Guy was my proofreader and after many hours and a few cups of tea I had it pretty much done. Not ever having to present a Resume for a job before this is a very new experience for me.

I’ve only ever had about six jobs in my life and all were just a chat and I had the job. No Resume required.

A bit of drama tonight as Carly (Jordan’s girlfriend) finished up in hospital with a dickey knee. She was playing soccer today and after a clash has damaged ligaments. She will have further tests over the next few days to determine the damage.

Finished up the night watching the MotoGP in Spain. It was great to see Marc Marquez come home second right at the last corner after a bit of push and shove with Lorenzo.

Monday 6th May:

A quiet day as I scour the Seek and Careerone websites for a job and work on my resume. Guy contacted the employment agency and it looks like tomorrow before we hear any more on her next interview (4th one) with her prospective employer.

After lunch we walked to Aldi for a few supplies for Laksa for dinner tonight. Guy has perfected her Laksa and it is the best.

This evening I got notification from our handling agent that our boxes have cleared customs and quarantine. Just got to pay the bill and the boxes will be delivered the following day. I paid the bill tonight so should see them on Wednesday.

The total cost for three boxes (0.61 cubic metres in total) ended up being $1,372 which sounds expensive but if we had to replace all the stuff in the boxes it would be three times that amount so all good. We discovered it is cheap (a quarter of the cost) to send boxes to the Philippines but expensive to send stuff back to AUS (Shipping Agents, Customs, Quarantine & Delivery).

Tuesday 7th May:

Up at 6:30am and drove the Mighty Mazda a couple of kms down the road to the local Mazda dealer to get the 170,000km service done. I left the car there and walked home.

Mid morning Guy and I did our usual beach to bluff walk. I walked back and picked up the mighty Mazda at midday.

After lunch Jordan arrived back home (He has a short day on Tuesdays) and we headed for Warringah Mall. You see, he turns 18 in August and he wanted a MacBook Pro as his present. So as he is currently doing year 12, we brought forward the MacBook purchase to now so he can utilize it for his studies.

Back home and we updated the software, installed MS Office, did a backup and then he started his world of War craft install.

Guy heard from the recruitment agency and her potential employer wants Guy to come to their office tomorrow at 10:00am and meet the team she maybe working with. So looking good.

I sent off my first job application tonight and preparing a second one to send tomorrow.

Wednesday 8th May:

Up and off to the Mazda service department again this morning at 6:30am to drop off the Mighty Mazda for the remainder of the service from yesterday. I walked back home in the fresh morning air.

Guy was off to meet her prospective fellow work mates at 9:00am. This was basically the 4th interview for this job. She met them at 10:00am and was back home just on midday. She received a great reception from the team and got favorable feedback from the Operations Manager re getting the job. More waiting now.

Just after midday our three boxes from the Philippines arrived all in one piece. The poor old guy who delivered them wasn’t keen on carrying them up the stairs so we left them at the entrance to our building. I got Jordan (He was home early as he had a short day today) to give me a hand and we got them into the apartment, no worries at all.

The afternoon was spent unpacking…Again…..

Got a call from the Mazda service department and the car will now be ready tomorrow as they need one more part, which will be delivered overnight (The penalty of having a 10 year old car I guess). No worries here as we don’t need the car today.

I applied for two more jobs today. One in customer service in the Health industry and one at a large Kennards Hire (Sounds very interesting) just up the road.

Thursday 9th May:

Up early and walked down to the Mazda service department (2km) and picked up the Mighty Mazda after a major service and $1,000 later…… But I must say that she is definitely running a lot smoother so at least I can feel something for my hard spent cash.

Jordan stayed home from school today as he has a nasty flu, so we got him on the Codral drugs.

Mid morning Guy and I did our beach walk and what a glorious day it was. After lunch I was back into sorting out more of our gear that arrived yesterday.

Guy finally heard back from the recruitment agency and the potential employer has decided that she is “Too Qualified” for the job. All this after 4 interviews. The recruitment lady was a little annoyed as well but ooohhh well it wasn’t meant to happen. The recruitment lady will keep Guy on her books and let her know if anything further comes up.

Just means that there is something even better out waiting for her. Late afternoon we went for a walk so Guy could walk off her frustration at being “Over qualified” for a job she would have been perfectly suited for.

I scoured the career websites today but nothing new.

Friday 10th May:

Up and off to drop Jordan off at school with a detour via his Dad’s place so he can pickup a few things.

Then back home and Guy got serious looking at jobs in Seek. She contacted a couple of recruitment agencies and had a chat to them and sent out her Resume to a couple of others.

One of the agencies she spoke to organized an interview with her at 4:00pm re a finance job with a car dealer in Sydney. So off we went and she had a good meeting with them. More to come on Monday.

I had a look but nothing there today. Although I did ring one of the employers that I had applied to for a job. I spoke to the manager and he informed me that their HR at head office handle job applications.

But he did give me his email and said I could send my Resume through to him and he would have a look prior to head office sending through my official application. So we shall see.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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