Day 1191 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 11th May

Drove Jordan to work for 11:00am then back home and prepared for a trip to Canberra tonight. We pickup Jordan from work at 5:15pm and headed for Canberra. I drove out of the city and Jordan took over and drove the rest of the way to get his driving hours up.

We arrived at Jo, Zali and Dave’s at 10:30pm ish after a stop for some dinner along the way.

Sunday 12th May:

Mother’s day today so a leisurely day for the Mum’s, Guy and Jo. After a bit of a sleep for one and all we made our way to the local Thai Restaurant for lunch with Jo, Zali, Dave, Jordan, Guy and I.

The food was great and for desserts we wandered down the street to the ice-cream parlor. Then into the Mall where Jo bought a finger paint kit for Zali to express her talents.

3:30pm and we left for Sydney. Jordan drove for the first 2 hours and after a drinks stop I drove the rest of the way back to the apartment.

Monday 13th May:

Up and off on our morning walk to start the day. Then back and into the job market. I got my first knockback today. The first of many I’m afraid. Guy also had a thanks but no thanks as well.

I spent most of the day rehashing my resume after some great advice from a good friend in the business world (Thanks Ben S). I have a couple of people to talk to this week on possible leads so now the resume is in order I will follow up with them.

This is hard work looking for work.

Tuesday 14th May:

Mid morning and I dropped Guy off in Mosman for High Tea with Karen, Libby and Boots (The Mahjong gals). It is Boot’s 60th Birthday celebration so the girls are celebrating in style.

I picked up Guy early afternoon at Forest Way and we did some shopping for supplies at Aldi then back home for some more job applications.

We both applied for a job each today after another revision of our Resumes (Thanks Alina R & Ben S). I also spent some time on my Linkedin page and update it to match my Resume (Thanks Ben S).

Guy was also able to organize an interview tomorrow afternoon in Chatswood with another company. She has an interview booked in the morning at North Sydney with a recruitment agency.

After dinner Guy was back with the girls from today for their weekly Mahjong night.

Wednesday 15th May:

Back on the job road again. Guy had an interview with a recruitment agency in North Sydney and I caught up with an old friend from my Civica days Gary B.

Back home and after lunch back to Chatswood as Guy had a job interview with a potential employer.

The interview went well and she should hear more by the weekend. I had another “thanks but no thanks”. I still have one live job application and should know more by early next week. So back to Seek and send out more Resumes.

Thursday 16th May:

Up for our morning walk this morning to clear our heads of all this work stuff. After lunch it was back to North Sydney as Guy had another interview at 3:00pm. It went okay.

But the great thing was she got a call from a very promising lead. Hopefully more to be revealed tomorrow.

As Jordan was working tonight Guy and I went across the road to the Dee Why RSL for dinner. We tried their Laksa (which wasn’t bad) but it wasn’t as good as the one Guy makes……..

I sent off another job application tonight. I still have one active application that I am waiting to hear back on.

Friday 17th May:

I sent off three more job applications this morning after viewing

After lunch we drove into North Sydney and Luna Park.

We caught up with Kylie Smith (Smithy) and her hubby (Ted) and their three kids (Charlie, Harry and Brie). I worked with Smithy back at the District Council of Eyre Peninsula in the late 1990’s. I hadn’t seen her since 1998.

The family is on a three year adventure round Australia in a bus that Ted converted into a motor home. Kylie home schools the kids via the School of the air, which is based in Port August in SA.

They have been in Sydney for the week and are back to the bush tonight. Ted is doing some work on a farm before they move on heading north for the winter.

It was great to catch up and have a chat about “the good old days”.

Nothing further on the job front for Guy today although she was informed she is on the short list for one job. Another interview will be scheduled on this one next week.

She did get further information on the hot tip from yesterday but it didn’t pan out. The positive is that she didn’t get any knock backs so all good.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


One Response to Day 1191 of retirement

  1. Hi Trev,

    It was SOOO good to catch up after ALL these years. A big thankyou to you and Guy for taking time out of your day to come into town to visit us for an ‘ice cream’ and a ‘good ole catch up about our DCLEP days’ !

    Like I said, let’s not leave it for 15 years until we meet again 🙂

    Smithy :):) and family x

    PS: I left a couple of comments on your photos … I’m not certain if they worked so I’ll leave this one instead 🙂

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