Day 10 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Saturday 25th May:

Workday for me (8:00am to 3:00pm). Guy off to Mahjong at 3:30pm just down the road.

Monday 27th May:

Why I love my job………

Today a little old German man came in the shop (Battery World) with a bucket and a towel in it. He unwrapped the beautiful old German brass clock.

It was a cube with a clock, barometer dial, temperature dial and humidity dial that all folded out.

The clock needed a battery and he couldn’t find one anywhere and we were his last resort. When he showed us the battery nobody had ever seen one let alone us having one on the shelf.

So I dug out an old box of very old batteries and started looking.

Stuck to a bit of old cardboard I found a battery that fitted but was too short. The little old man pulled out some brass washers just for this purpose and we fitted the battery and the clock worked.

The battery cost – $5.00….

To see the pleasure on this old man’s face to have his clock working again…. Priceless……

When I left work today the boss gave me a contract document for the job. I’ll have a look at it over my days off but it all looks good so far.

Tuesday 28th May:

My day off as I now work Thursday to Monday and have Tuesday and Wednesday off as my weekend.

I had another job interview for 9:00am at a business down by Warringah Mall (4km away). The interview went well but the job isn’t for me. I’ll be staying at Battery World in Brookvale.

Guy and I then made our way to Mosman to see her new work place and drop off her employment forms. A stop in Dee Why for a haircut for me and some groceries for a quiet evening.

Wednesday 29th May:

My second day off (Sunday for me).

This morning we headed across to the other side of the city to St Peters to visit my sister Lyn who has arrived for her daughter’s (Petrina & Benji) engagement party next Saturday night.

After a cup of tea and a catch up we made our way back across the city to pick up Jordan after midday (Short day at school) and a few supplies for dinner.

Carly (Jordan’s GF) joined us for dinner and she and Jordan cooked us beef stroganoff which was very nice.

Rest of the week:

Work for me and Guy relaxed before she is off to work on Tuesday the 11th of June.

On Saturday (June 1st) night we headed across town for my niece’s engagement party. My sister was there along with her other kids Jackie (Sydney), Mel (WA) & Bronte (WA). It was great to see them all at Petrina and Benji’s party.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

One Response to Day 10 of retirement working

  1. Marg says:

    I liked the brain tour. Sad disease. I am sure the mahjong is good for the brain, perhaps we should take it up

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