Day 18 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Sunday 2nd June:

Cold wet and windy. Winter is here. Give me hot and humid any day.

Tuesday 4th June:

My day off and Guy’s second last (Off to work next week) so we headed into the city (On the bus) for one of our all time favorite meals, Peking Duck.

Once in the city we caught up with Naty a friend of Guy’s. We had a Chai Latte and a chat with Naty before we headed across the road to meet with Guy’s financial adviser.

We had a good chat to him about maximizing our super whilst we are back working in AUS.

Then off to B.B. King for the best Peking Duck in the world.  And man it was good as it has been over three years since our last duck.

To finish off a great day I cleaned the bathroom……

Wednesday 5th June:

Our last full day together today as Guy has weekends off (She starts work next week) and I work (I have Tuesday & Wednesday off).

We started the day with a drive across town to see my sister Lyn before she heads back home to WA. After a cup of tea and a chat with her we made our way to the mall for a few supplies.

Do you know how hard it is to get a “GOOD” can opener and a simple radio alarm clock? We finally found a good can opener and a clock radio alarm that wasn’t an iPod surround sound stereo system.

We enjoyed our favorite Laksa for lunch and back home.

The mighty Mazda got a wash and vacuum before being tucked away in the garage.

Friday 7th June:

Guy has been having trouble with the tooth she had patched up in the Philippines before we left. So today she did the rounds of the local dentists and found one who would see her straight away.

Turns out the tooth had a bit of infection under it and it is slowly decaying. So she had it removed. She’s a bit sore tonight but it will all be good once healed up.

I spoke to Jas (Son) as he and Mike arrived in Sydney today from Adelaide. They are staying in the city till Sunday when they come to stay with us for a night, then back to Adelaide on Monday night.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

One Response to Day 18 of retirement working

  1. Mel Browne says:

    yummo to the desert!! Can you please email the family shots from the night please uncle trevor!! I have none from the night yet!! And, in your shots in this blog….the wooden boat ….. was that yours?? very cool!!

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