Day 31 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Saturday 15th June:

Guy off to a night of Mahjong with the girls.

I have a bit of a flu so a quiet night and early to bed.

Sunday 16th June:

Got the man flu well and truly. And you all know how sick we blokes get……

Monday 17th June:

Off to work this morning flu and all. I worked through it knowing that I have the next two days off to recover.

This last week at work I have been promoted to a battery changer (replacing batteries in cars & vans). About 80% of the changes are pretty straightforward. But the rest are down right challenging by being under seats, in the boot, under the windscreen and encased in cables. But I’m learning fast and the guys are only too happy to pass on their tips and tricks.

We had a beautiful olive green Maserati come in the other day. The battery is hidden away in the side of the boot. Needless to say the boss did this one.

I also have just completed my first week of work striving to meet my service targets. The targets are set by the boss and are very achievable and not outrageous. I managed to meet my targets and received gift cards that can be used for fuel, food, etc.

It’s a great incentive program they have for the employees that can be achieved with some good old hard work and customer service.

Tuesday 18th June:

Guy is enjoying her second week at work and I’m home with the man flu on my day off.

Wednesday 19th June:

Feeling much better today (day off) with the man flu. It is a cold, wet miserable day so did some cleaning round the house with lots of rests in between.

We got a letter from John (Pom friend back on Marinduque) keeping us up to date with the entire goings on back on the island.

Both Gerald (Marinduque Adventures tour company ) and John (Both expat Poms) stay in touch with us which is great as we do miss our island life just a little bit………..

Thursday 20th June:

Off to the Dee Why RSL for dinner tonight. Great food and lots of it. Next time we will order the small serving. Guy stayed on with the girls and played Bingo.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

One Response to Day 31 of retirement working

  1. Margaret St Hill says:

    Hi Trev, Enjoy Sydney, it is not that cold. Cheers Marg

    Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 09:25:44 +0000 To:

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