Day 45 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Saturday 29th June:

Rained pretty much all day. Not good for the weekend and start of the school holidays but great for Battery World business.

We had a steady stream of vehicles coming in all day for battery replacements and people bringing in dead batteries for a replacement.

I had a strange one today. I changed the battery in a Holden Statesman which all went fine. We use a battery saver that we connect up to the car so you don’t loose all your radio, clock and other electronic settings.

Then it wouldn’t start. So I got the boss and he closed all the doors and locked them with the remote. Then he reopened them and the car started fine.

Apparently Holden’s do this every now and then. The Immobilizer gets confused with the battery change and the locking and unlocking resets the Immobilizer. A few nervous moments for me but all good.

Sunday 30th June:

Had my first experience today with a European car (BMW) battery change today. The aussie and Japanese cars are pretty easy but the European cars can be a nightmare. It’s like they built this great exotic car but forgot to put in a battery so jam it wherever it will go when they discover they need to power all this gadgetry.

I had to drive out to the car (Call out) and jump start it, then the guy followed me back to the shop as we prefer to do the battery change in the shop as it can be a finicky job. The BMW today had the battery in under the boot next to the spare tire in the rear right mudguard. After so much grunting and groaning I got it all done and another happy customer and a happy battery changed concurred with it.

Monday 1st July:

At work today the boss received the results of our “mystery shopper” who dropped in on us last week. Battery World sends out mystery shoppers to evaluate the shop and the customer service of one of the staff.

We got hit last week and I was the staff member selected. Well we got a 96.8% rating (149 out of 154 points) for my customer service in dealing with the mystery shopper. From what I remember it was a woman who wanted her car battery tested and then wanted info on a camera battery options and charger. I spent about 20 minutes with her going through all the options.

So very happy with my customer service results and so is the boss.

Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd July:

My weekend days spent doing the shopping, cleaning the house, washing the Mighty Mazda and a couple of long walks along the beach.

Thursday 4th July:

Back to work today (My Monday). As I am getting more confident on doing “Call Outs” the boss is sending me out more and more. Today I had three callouts. One was to change a battery and the others were jump-starts.

I also dropped off some batteries to one of our account customers which is a Mercedes repair shop. The shop is immaculate inside. All neat, clean and tidy round these flash Mercedes.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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