Day 66 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Saturday 13th July:

Guy off to play Bingo with the girls. No Mahjong today.

Sunday 14th July:

Guy out with the girls for lunch at one of her friends’ house. Needless to say we had some very yummy “leftovers” for dinner to night.

Tuesday 16th July:

Got all the housework done in the morning. Then walked to Dee Why for a nice long leisurely lunch with Ben and Samantha.

They are expecting a new addition to the family any time so was great to see them before the new bub arrives.

Then off shopping for a particular fry pan to cook my Lamb roasts in. I tried four stores but they didn’t have any. They knew what I was after but they didn’t stock them any more. Aaahhhhh……

Wednesday 17th July:

Up and off to find my frying pan. First stop was “The Good Guys” and they had the pan I was after so Lamb roast is on the menu tonight.

Washed the Mighty Mazda after lunch and gave her a vacuum.

We all enjoyed a lamb roast with roast veggies for dinner……

Friday 19th July:

I had a pleasant surprise today at work. These three guys came in to buy a battery for a car.

As I was doing the hard sell one of them recognized me for a time gone by. It was Phil A who I used to work with at Civica many years ago. After a quick catch-up I sold them a battery so all good.

Saturday 20th July:

Guy played Bingo with the girls today. I had a busy day at work with 4 call outs. Kept me out and about most of the day.

After finishing work at 3:00pm I meet Guy at the hairdressers (Local Filipino place) for a haircut.

Tuesday 23rd July:

My Saturday today. Busy day with a drop into work to see Gareth who arrived back after 6 weeks away in Britain for a holiday. Then off to pick up Jordan from school at 11:30am as he finished his year 12 trials today.

We took the long way home as Jordan drove to get more hours in his logbook.

After a trip to the supermarket for some supplies I spent the afternoon organizing my battery changing tool kit for work. Tools are supplied at work but I have decided to have my own kit as I am doing more call outs now.

With my own tool kit I know that I will have all the tools I need for call outs and battery changes at the shop. Ooohhh and I painted the tools “Pink”. That way I will see if anybody else has “borrowed” them……..

Wednesday 24th July:

My Sunday today. I spent the morning doing house cleaning. Guy and I have agreed that I will do the house cleaning (Bathroom, vacuuming, etc.) and she does the washing, ironing. Works for us both.

At midday Jordan drove over to a mate’s place for the afternoon for some more time on his log book. Once back I went for my afternoon walk to the beach but it was too cold and windy so walked through the back streets via a Hearing Centre.

They were offering a free hearing test so I had my ears tested as I know they are not too good after all the years of heavy equipment blasting in my younger days.

The test did show some degradation so going back in two weeks for a detailed test. I do suffer from Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears) so will see what transpires from the detailed test.

Friday 26th July:

Guy went to her dentist this morning to get plaster casts to replace the tooth she lost last month.  It will be some kind of strong pliable plastic with no metal parts made to grip the two adjacent teeth and false tooth in between.  Could be interesting as this will be her first denture.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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