Day 80 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Tuesday 30th July:

My Saturday today. Lying in bed this morning half asleep I heard an engine start up (Builders Next door) and it sounded just like a Banka (Local Boat) engine back on Marinduque.

For a moment in my half dazed sleepy state I thought I was back on the island…..

Up and walked to the shops for a couple of things (A couple of tools for my Battery Tool box and a new SIG water bottle for Guy).

Then picked up the Mighty Mazda and did the grocery shopping.

After lunch a quick dash to Jordan at work in Subway as he forgot his pants (Had school in the morning). Then a long slow walk up the beach followed by a very yummy Bailey’s and Cream ice-cream…..

Picked up Jordan at work at 5:30pm and Guy off to Mahjong with the girls at 6:30pm.

Wednesday 31st July:

Up and house work time. Got all the cleaning down (I miss our cleaning lady Cherry from Marinduque) and fixed a leaking toilet system before a relaxing lunch watching Dr Phil.

Off to the Mall after lunch for some supplies and to find some cheap thongs. Trying to find cheap thongs in the middle of winter proved a challenge and came home empty handed. Oohhh well shall have to wait till summer time.

Thursday 1st August:

Guy off to Bingo at the Dee Why RSL club with the girls tonight.

Saturday 3rd August:

Guy played bingo with the girls and then had hair done….

Sunday 4th August:

I managed to swap my Tuesday day off for today so Guy, Jordan and I could drive to Canberra for Zali’s 1st Birthday Party. We left at 8:00am and endured a cold drive down. Jordan and I shared the driving, which was very pleasant indeed.

The party was a barbeque in a Park by the lake. And man it was cold (11 degrees C) with the wind blowing through. But in good old Aussie tradition we endured and a great Barbie / Birthday party was enjoyed by all.

We were back home by 8:00pm to a nice hot cup of tea to thaw out.

Wednesday 7th August:

My day off and a catch up with my sister Sandy. She and Brian are here till Sunday night as Brian is at a conference. Sandy caught the bus to Dee Why mid morning and after a long walk on the beach we had smoked salmon sandwiches for lunch at the Stella Blue restaurant.

Then a stroll round to the Dee Why baths and home for a little afternoon siesta. Guy arrived home at 6:00pm with Brian not far behind her. We cooked up a big pot of Pork Adobo (Marinduque style) for dinner which was enjoyed by all.

After a leisurely dinner and catch up we drove them back into the city to their hotel.

Thursday 8th August:

Back to work today and a challenging battery change to a Mercedes where the battery is under the driver’s floor. After a bit of advice from Craig (Boss) I was able to carry out the battery change with a bit of shoving, twisting and maneuvering.

The absolutely hardest battery changes are Porsche and Mercedes.

Friday 9th August:

Another Porsche 911 battery change today at the customer’s residence. Interesting to see how the other half live.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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