Day 146 of retirement working

October 16, 2013

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Tuesday 17th September:

Day off today so off to lunch with Ivan C, an old mountain biking (MTB) mate.

I meet Ivan via eBay as he bought one of my old mountain bikes many years ago. We both enjoyed riding out on the trails and I also introduced him to 24 hour solo mountain bike racing.

He has completed numerous MTB races and also raced in the world championships last year.

I also realized today that I haven’t bought a magazine (Photography, MTBing or Motorcycling) for about 6 months. There were none on Marinduque to buy but I did used to buy the odd Photography one in Manila when I could find one.

I used to be a bit of a magazine hoarder but now find myself cured…

Friday 20th September:

A quiet day at work punctuated by two police raids on an establishment next to us. Interesting.

Then a callout to change a Peugeot car battery. Now the battery is basically under the windscreen so rather interesting to get. To cut a long story short I finished up talking to a Peugeot dealer mechanic as he stepped me through the process of dismantling half the engine bay.

I finally got the battery change and will know better next time.

Wednesday 25th September:

Off to the Apple store in Chatswood to get Guy her new blue iPhone 5C. I had my Macbook Pro with the latest backup of her old iPhone 3 on board.

After a couple of glitches the lovely lady was able to get the iPhone 5C registered and the backup installed (contacts, texts, apps, etc.) on the new 5C which was great.

Then off to see Vodafone to get a new nano SIM and 10 minutes later the phone was activated. Back home and installed 7.0.1 and Guy’s games and arranged the icons into their groups and all good.

The 5C is very niiicceeeeee……

Also updated my 4S to IOS 7. All went smoothly. Nice new OS this V7.

Friday 28th September:

Had a lady come in today for a battery change in her car. Just your normal battery change.

When she was paying for the job there was something familiar about her. Then I remembered that I met her on a climbing training day up in the Blue Mountains back in 2003. It was Di Westaway from Wild Women On top (WWOT).

She was in the process of starting WWOT back in 2003 and now has a very successful business. We had a good old chat about the mountains and wild places we both have been in the last 10 years.

Monday 7th October:

Being a public holiday Guy and I get to spend a day together (As I work weekends).

We had a bit of a sleep in and after dropping Jordan at work at 10:00am we walked down to Dee Why Beach and had a very yummy long brunch.

A walk round the rocks followed with a long rest on the boardwalk and we watched the world go by on a glorious day at the beach.

Later in the afternoon I drove to the other side of the city and picked up Rik my son. He is in town for a week staying with a friend so was great to catch up with him. After dinner Guy and I drove him back and after a “slight” detour we got him home safe and sound.

Tuesday 8th October:

My Saturday today so the day off.

I got an email today relating back to the Mount Everest Anniversary climb I did back in 2003. It was from a friend of the sister of John, a Canadian on the trip and my tent buddy. Part way through the early part of the climb John suffered a heart attack. He was fit and healthy and had no warning of the attack.

We were able to get him choppered off the mountain but sadly he died several weeks later. This year marks 10 years since his death.

I gathered all the pics I had of John and emailed them for the family to remember him doing what he loved.

Tuesday 15th October:

Guy has started her new job this week. She is still with the Sutton’s but has been promoted as the assistant accountant at the Brookvale Jeep dealership (20 minute walk from home). She was at the Jeep dealership in Mosman (30 minute bus trip) so being closer to home and no more bus trips is good.

She is just up the road from Battery World but works different hours to me. There maybe a few walk home together times if she works late. Oohhh and it comes with a pay raise so life is very good.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy