Day 168 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Monday 28th October:

Guy and I awoke to some very sad news from Marinduque this morning. Yolanda (Our ex landlady) married to English expat John was tragically killed yesterday in a motorcycle accident.

Both John and Yolanda helped Guy and I heaps on our arrival on the island. Yolanda was a good friend to us both. She was also very active in the local community. She will be sadly missed.

The expats on the island are rallying round John to support him in this shocking time.

Wednesday 30th October:

Decided to wander over to Bondi Beach and have a look at the sculptures by the sea outdoor exhibition. Being mid week and cool windy drizzly weather I assumed that the crowds would be light.


It turned out to be school visit day and I reckon that half the schools in Sydney had their kids there. Nothing against school kids but it was chaos.

Still had a great day and inspected some “interesting” pieces.

Tuesday 5th November:

Sad day as we remember Yolanda (John’s wife) as she is buried today back on Marinduque. She will be sadly missed on the island and we wish John all our very best for the future.

Wednesday 6th November:

There is a large Typhoon heading for the island and it is called “Yolanda”. A total coincidence this Typhoon being named as such. It’s like Yolanda is having one last bash at leaving something to remember her by.

Thursday 7th November:

Today was the anniversary of my first six months of working at Battery World. I had a review with Craig (One of the owners) and all good. And I got a pay rise so even better.

Battery World is a great place to work. All five of us get along great and the two bosses (Craig (ex Mechanic) & Chris (ex auto electrician) are fantastic to work for. They are very customer focused which I love.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


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