Day 184 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Friday 8th November:

Been texting and updating Gerald (Pommy expat) on Marinduque (Philippines) all day with updates on Typhoon Yolanda. Their power (Internet) has been off since the early hours of this morning (Friday). Mobiles still working though.

Technology can be great in adversity half a world away.

So far they are all okay and have been spared the brunt of the Typhoon.

Sunday 10th November:

Stayed up and watched the MotoGP in Valencia where Marc Marquez (20 years old) became the youngest ever MotoGP Champion. And all in his rookie year.

Awesome effort. Great to see some new blood make their mark in the MototGP racing fraternity.

Monday 11th November:

Have been in contact with family and friends in the Philippines and all are safe. They missed the worst of the devastation thankfully. Our thoughts are certainly with the many people hit by the full force of the Typhoon.

Wednesday 13th November:

Jordan’s year 12 graduation day today. Jo, Dave & Zali came up from Canberra for the day and all met at the school for the presentation. Jordan was all dressed up in his new suit cutting quite a figure.

After the presentation the usual pics were taken and then he and his class were off on the bus to their Year 12 Formal.  We met up with him again around 11pm after their formal so he can change clothes and go to the ‘after’ party. That was the last we saw of him till Friday night when he finished work. But he had a great time and survived, so all good.

Saturday 16th November:

Had my first Mercedes under the driver seat battery change today. The battery is huge and after much grunting and groaning I got the old one out and the new one in.

But in the process I managed to strip a nice big layer of skin off my left thumb. Craig (One of the bosses) fixed me up and back to work. It looked worse than it was.

Monday 18th November:

Man what crazy weather we are having. Bushfires one week and floods the next. Huge downpour today and I got to do my first callout battery change right in the middle of the downpour.

I did have a nice full wet weather suit so stayed pretty dry but the whole engine in the vehicle was awash all during the battery change.

But I got it all done much to the relief of the lady owner. She thought she would have to wait hours to get it fixed. Another happy customer…..

Wednesday 20th November:

Up and off 80km north to the Gosford area to see Mark and Julie (Old Ducati mates) for a catch-up. Now they just happen to be huge Ducati fans and have four of them in their specially built bike garage.

And one of them just happened to be the same model that I used to own (S4T Monster) and it is named “Trev”……

They very kindly allowed me to ride “Trev” for a quick run up the Old Pacific Highway (Great windy bit of road) with them to the Pie In The Sky for lunch.

After a very leisurely lunch and catch up we rode back to their place on the old highway. It has been 4 years ish since I was on a Ducati. I must say that “Trev” has just a little bit more power and braking than the old Thunder Monster……

It took a while to get back into the swing of things on the Duke but felt great. Huge thanks to Mark & Julie for allowing me a ride on “Trev”.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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    Very nice

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