Day 208 of retirement working

December 17, 2013

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Monday 25th November:

2 months ago ish a little old lady came into the shop and Chris (Boss) and I fixed her old digital camera. She took a pic of us in the shop while testing the camera and said she would come back and give us a copy of the pic.

Today she came back in the shop (Special trip on the bus) with 2 copies of the pic she had taken of us for us, all be it a little blurry.

Awesome little old lady.

Fixing her camera – $20….

Having her come back with a pic she took of us for us – Priceless….

The Mazda Monster was in the shop for the day for a new clutch. At 177,000km I guess a new clutch is in order. All good and runs like a new one now.

Tuesday 26th November:

After the cleaning was completed I went for a walk with my camera to a new motorcycle café / workshop “Surf Side Motorcycle Garage” that has opened in Brookvale. They have some very nice bikes in amongst the stalls so you can enjoy the view while you have a coffee and sandwich.

Sunday 8th December:

Busy day at work today. I am doing Sundays by myself now. Today was the busiest day I have had. Its all good when customers could see that I was on my own, they were great in being patient and helping out.

I had three battery changes where the owners helped out with the tools I lent them. People were very patient.

Tuesday 17th December:

My sister Lyn arrived in Sydney from Perth this evening to be with her daughters (Jacki & Petrina) for Xmas. Catching up with her tomorrow for a catch-up.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy