Day 236 of retirement working

January 14, 2014

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Monday 18th December:

Caught up with my sister Lyn from Perth way today for a good old chat. She is here to be with her daughters (Jacki & Petrina + Partner) for Xmas. We had a very nice lunch at a Thai restaurant in King Street, Newtown.

Bloody traffic though. I thought I missed rush hour……

Tuesday 24th December:

Car all packed up and Jordan and I picked up Guy at 1:00pm along with some Filipino food from the local restaurant and off to Canberra we went.

We arrived at 5:00pm to be with Zali, Jo and Dave for Xmas.

Wednesday 25th December:

Bit of a sleep in for us all then off to Dave’s uncle’s place for Xmas lunch. Dave’s mum and sister were there as well so there was quite a gathering for a fantastic lunch.

Back home late afternoon and then the grand opening of Zali’s presents. She is one amazing 16 month old. Just sitting there watching her grab the iPad, turn it on and navigate her way to her games. She does the same thing on Jo’s iPhone as well. She is one tech savvy kid.

Thursday 26th December:

Jo and Jordan stayed up till 5:00am so they had a bit of a sleep in. After a very healthy lunch (McDonald’s) Jordan and I headed back to Sydney (At 1:00pm) as I have to work tomorrow and Jordan was off to a party with his mates.

Guy is staying in Canberra with Zali, Jo and Dave till New Year’s when I head back again. Some quality time with Zali…….

Jordan and I arrive back at 4:30pm (The traffic wasn’t too bad on the freeway) so all good.

Monday 30th December:

After work, I had a shower and packed my bag and headed back to Canberra to see the gang. Jordan stayed behind as he has a New Year’s Eve bash with his friends in Sydney.

I drove straight through to Canberra and made it in 3.5 hours (Arrived at 9:00pm). Only saw a few police radars but I stuck to the speed limit as it is double demerit points at the moment for traffic offences.

Guy has had a great time with Zali, Jo and Dave this last 5 days.

Tuesday 31st December:

Off to fight the crowds at the mall to get some groceries. Man I hate mall car parks and parking. Total chaos……

Guy and I, babysat Zali as Jo and Dave had a free night out on the town for New Year’s Eve. We made it to midnight to watch the Sydney Harbor fireworks on TV and see in 2014.

Wednesday 1st January 2014:

Happy New Year to you all and here’s to the many new adventures that 2014 shall bring us all.

Zali slept through the night with only one little stir so we both got a good night’s sleep.

Jo & Dave arrived back just after 11:00am from their night out on the town in Canberra. Guy and I packed up our stuff and headed back to Sydney at midday.

The traffic was pretty good and we made it home by 4:00pm safe and sound.

Sunday 12th January:

After work today Guy picked me up and we made our way across town to meet up with my sister Lyn along with her daughters Jacki and Petrina and Benji (Petrina’s fiancé).

We had a great dinner and catch-up at a local pub (The food was awesome). Lyn is off to Adelaide tomorrow to see our mum and the rest of the family. Then back home to WA next Sunday. The kids live in Sydney.

Monday 13th January:

Last week I stepped off the curb, twisted and popped a calf muscle…..

Today I did it again, same leg, same circumstances…..

Don’t you hate that…….

Note to self….. Don’t do it again….

I just can’t get used to that getting old thing. All good though. Just hobbling round for a few more days.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy