Day 261 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Saturday 18th January:

After work Guy and I headed across town to see our good friend Lisa for pizza. Lisa is one of the most positive people we know and it is always great catching up with her for pizza, wine and a chinwag.

She too is living a simple life (by her choice) and loving it. Love sharing our simple life stories with each other.

Wednesday 22nd January:

Had a call from my bank manager (Westpac – been with them for 30+ years) yesterday and caught up with him today. It is the first time I have ever been called by any bank manager to have a chat re my finances.

It appears that I am in the “Transitional Retirement” stage of my life and a prime candidate for preparing my finances for retirement. Had a good chat to him and food for thought.

Guy (With her finance background) is my best financial adviser as she understands all the jargon so shall seek her expert advice……..

Sunday 26th January:

Happy Australia Day you all. Hope you had a great day in this lucky country of ours.

Guy and I were up early and off to Dee Why beach for the Big Breakfast of a bacon and egg roll and washed down with a chai latte. We wandered round the foreshore area taking in all the festivities.

I was off to work at 10:00am. In my 5-hour stint I had a whopping 6 customers. But I did have one guy who had his cruiser (Boat) all loaded up with the family, friends and food and found his batteries had died. He rang to check we were open and if I had the batteries and then came straight down.

He was sssooooooo grateful that I was able to supply him with his new batteries so he could head off on his boat and enjoy the Australia activities.

After work Guy and I headed off for a barbecue with Mark and Kylie (Old friends) across town. Lisa (Whom we had dinner with last weekend) was also there so a great time was had by all.

We had prawns, lamb, chicken and sausages all cooked on the barbie in the good old aussie tradition. And all washed down with a good wine or two (I was on the Ginger Beer).

Monday 27th January:

Got to love Public Holidays. We had a good sleep in after the food fest last night.

At midday Guy and I caught the bus into the city to have the best Peking Duck in the world at the B.B. King on Goulborn Street. This is where we had our wedding reception back in 2010 (Married on February 14th).

The duck was its usual fantastic self and was enjoyed immensely. We will be away for our wedding anniversary so celebrated our 4-year anniversary early (Linen, silk, fruit & flowers).

Wednesday 29th January:

Busy “Sunday” for me today. After washing the mighty Mazda it was off to the BeBeQ shop to get our Weber Q 220 barbeque (Our Xmas present to each other).

Picked up the Q and some additional accessories for cooking roasts and pizza’s. Got it all home and set up on the balcony (got the okay from the Strata) ready for pizza tonight.

The pizza’s were a huge success on the pizza stone in the Weber. It works just like a pizza oven.

Thanks Lisa and Mark for your great advice. Now just got to do a lamb roast……

Guy was off to Mahjong with the girls for the evening.

Monday 3rd February:

I’ve had it good at work:

~ No mobile phone
~ No email address
~ No business cards

Well it has all now changed…..

I now have business cards….

I think I will survive…..

Tuesday 4th February:

Got an email from The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) seeking a high-resolution copy of, and permission to reproduce a photo of a Coconut Crab I snapped in the Philippines.

The Material will be used as a stimulus to questions in an examination that will be available to all students and teachers in the three Southern Emirates of the UAE.

All good with me so permission granted and full res photo sent.

Saturday 8th February:

Wwwwooo hhhooooo I’m on holidays for the next couple of weeks. Guy, Jordan and I are off to Batemans Bay (300km south of Sydney) tomorrow where we have rented a house on the beach for 7 days. Jo, Zali and Dave are meeting us there for the week so a grand time will be had by all.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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