Day 272 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Sunday 9th February:

All packed up and on the road by 9:15am to Batemans Bay (320km south of Sydney). With one stop for lunch we made it at 2:30pm.

After picking up the keys and unloading the car it was time for a swim on “our” beach (20m from our digs). And it was dam good.

By 5:00pm Zali, Jo, Dave and Marlene (Dave’s mum) all arrived so we settled in for a quiet evening.

Monday 10th February:

Quiet day today as we all just chilled out. The weather was cooler so no swims. I went for a couple of walks exploring the beach beyond the point to the north of us.

I found this great little boardwalk through the mangroves with lots of interesting points with plaques explaining the local mangrove life.

Tuesday 11th February:

Bit of an overcast day today and not real beach weather. Marlene left in the morning, as she had to be back in Sydney for tomorrow.

Guy and I went for a long walk and explored the foreshore area round to the bridge into town.

A relaxing afternoon with a nap was had.

We spent the evening playing cards (Poker) with Dave being the big winner.

Wednesday 12th February:

Off to the best fish and chip shop around for lunch. And it wasn’t bad at all as we enjoyed a hearty meal on the foreshore.

After dark Dave and I headed off to the headland for some night shooting with the camera and LED flashlight. Got some interesting pics.

Thursday 13th February:

Bit of a grey day again. The kids all headed to the Mogo Zoo for the afternoon while Guy and I drove to Bodalla (50km away) and visited the local cheese factory. Got some yummy cheeses to try.

Friday 14th February:

Happy anniversary to us. It was 4 years ago today that Guy and I got married in Sydney. We have been together for the last 9 years and what an awesome time it has been with many adventures along the way.

Looking forward to many more years of great times to be shared.

For lunch we all made our way to the Hogs Breath Café for a yummy steak fest. After lunch a drive to Pebbly Beach was the order of the day then back home for our afternoon siesta.

Saturday 15th February:

A grey old drizzly day today so a quiet one was had by all on our last day at the cottage.

Sunday 16th February:

All packed and we left Batemans Bay at 11:00am ish for home. We hit really heavy rain for the first hour and a half, which slowed us down a bit. Then after lunch in Nowra we hit pea soup fog by Wollongong.

Hasn’t seen fog like this for years as the whole freeway was slowed down to below 60kph and even slower in places. We finally got clear of the fog as we hit the Shire (Sutherland) south of Sydney.

Back home in Dee Why and as we relaxed we were hit by a brownout at 5:30pm. The first one in 10 months (Since leaving the Philippines). Ooohhh well beats weekly brownouts back on Marinduque.

Monday 17th February:

Guy took the day off as I also had the day off so we had a nice quiet day. A visit to Flight Center in Dee Why to organize our trip to Las Vegas and Hawaii in November was the order of the day.

They are walking distance from home so nice and easy to visit them to finalize our bookings.

We had a very nice Laksa lunch at the mall.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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