Day 297 of retirement working

March 16, 2014

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Wednesday 19th February:

Went for a bit of a drive today across town to Fraser Motorcycles to have a look at the Ducati’s. Some very nice bikes but I must admit with all their “modern” looking designs they just don’t have that “raw” look anymore.

Still some very nice bikes though.

Thursday 20th February:

Well our next holiday is booked and AL approved. In November Guy, Jordan and I are off to Las Vegas for the wedding of Joey and Dave. Looks like there will be about 20 of us all there in Vegas for the ceremony.

After Vegas Joey, Dave and Jordan are visiting San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. From there Jordan flies home and Joey, Dave and Zali are off to Mexico for the honeymoon.

Guy and I fly from Vegas to Hawaii for 5 days then back home. It will be here before we know it.

Tuesday 25th February:

Guy and I had an old friend Wayne over for dinner. It has been over 3 years since we have seen him and it was great to catch up once again.

Wayne is part way through his Electrician Apprenticeship as a mature age student (He is in his mid 40’s ish). It is something he has always wanted to do so is going for it. Being a mature age apprentice is certainly a challenge but he is determined and once he completes it he wants to set up his own little ‘money printing’ business.

Thursday 27th February:

Back to work only to learn that I miss the Police raid on the “Establishment for illicit substances” next to the shop

It even made the local paper where the Police statement in the paper read:

It is the sixth time the Mitchell Road premises has been raided in recent time. The police found cannabis and heroin along with a significant amount of property”.

The property included laptops, power tools, gardening tools, mobile phones, bicycles and replica handguns. It’s all very quite now.

Tuesday 4th March:

Well, my new Fuji X-F1 camera arrived today. I picked it up from the camera shop and spent most of the day playing with the setup. It is quite an upgrade from my old Fuji X100 so plenty to learn.

I have the Fuji 27mm f2.8 pancake lens at the moment. I am also looking at the Fuji 56mm f1.2 lens when it arrives in AUS. Not available as yet but should be a few weeks away.

It’s an awesome camera and I’m looking forward to capturing some great pics with it.

I haven’t bought a new camera in nearly 3 years so definitely feels like a very new toy.

Thursday 7th March:

I had to deliver some gear to Manly Council today. When I arrived I was met by Ben H.

Now it just so happens that Manly Council were one of my customers when I worked with Civica some 4 years ago and Ben was one of my contacts.

It was great to see him again and catch up with the local gossip from the last 4 years.

Tuesday 11th March:

Having picked up my new Fuji X-T1 digital camera last Tuesday I discovered a small issue with it. Under very specific circumstances there is a “light Leak” on photos taken at this time.

Nothing serious as it would only effect a very small selection of my pics and I could fix it with a small piece of duct tape.

Anyway I called the Fuji Australia service centre, which just so happens to be round the corner from where we live. The guys were great and after dropping my camera to them they had it fixed in 3 hours. Just need a light seal re-installed.

Awesome service by the Fuji tec service guys to fix the issue and get my camera back to me in 3 hours.

Having lots of fun playing with the new toy.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.