Day 370 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Wednesday 7th May:

Up and off to the RTA for Jordan’s driving (Green P) to get off his learners. The test was a bit late and Jordan was just a tad nervous.

Sadly he failed test number one. He actually had 108 points which was over the 100 required but he had a little incident where he failed to give way to a bus pulling out so an instant fail.

Ooohhh well booked in for the second test in three weeks so all good.

Saturday 10th May:

Up and off to Canberra at 8:30am for Dave’s 30th Birthday party. AAaahhh to be young again….

Good trip down and arrived at 12:30pm. After baby sitting Zali for the afternoon while the adults prepared for the party, we made our way to the local Scout Hall at 4:00pm for the party. It was a Cowboy and Indian party and strangely there were no Indians there, all cowboys and cowgirls.

They hired a mechanical bull riding setup for 4 hours so as you can imagine there was some “expert” bull riders as the evening (and Alcohol) progressed.

At 9:30pm Guy and I went home with Zali while the “adults” partied on.

Sunday 11th May:

Slow start this morning for some……. The gang were back at the Scout Hall at 11:00am to clean up (After quite a late one….). Jordan didn’t rise till 12:30pm ish, just in time for us all to head out to a mother’s day lunch in the downtown mall.

Dave’s Mum Marlene joined us as well so three generations enjoyed a leisurely lunch.

We had a smooth run back to Sydney. Jordan and Guy slept most of the way. We were back in Sydney just after 5:00pm, so back before dark.

Wednesday 14th May:

Guy and I went on a hot date tonight to a very lovely small restaurant in Manly. And the food was pretty dam good as well.

Guy has found a website where you can get cheap “vouchers” for meals in Sydney restaurants. Once you have the voucher you give them a call and book according to the requirements.

I see more hot dates coming up.

Wednesday 21st May:

I got a call from Ross (Fellow Battery World employee) at 3:00pm as he was stuck at the Royal North Shore Hospital. In March 2013 he had a serious motorcycle accident and one of his injuries was a shattered kneecap.

The doctors pinned it together with “staples” and it was time to remove them today.

His ride home had fallen through so Guy and I came to the rescue. Guy dropped me off at the hospital and came home. It took several hours for Ross to get discharged and retrieve his car from the parking lot.

We drove past our place in Dee Why where Guy followed us in our car to Ross’s home up Mona Vale way. Once Ross was home (Another friend of his was there to meet him and look after him for the next few days) Guy picked me up and home we came. So all good in the end.

Friday 23rd May:

My 1st year anniversary working at Battery World today. Great staff & a great place to work. Another year closer to retirement……

Tuesday 27th May:

Guy started work at her new offices today in Linfield which is about 15km away. The whole Admin team has been moved there from various locations so that they are all now in the one central location.

Sadly this means no more walking to work for Guy. By Bus/Train it is about a 1h 30m travel time and by car about 1 hour.

I drove her to work this morning so I could have the car for my “weekend” and it was a bit of a shock being back in Sydney traffic chaos once again (Warringah Road….). Guy will drive the car to work and if I need it on my Tuesday / Wednesday I’ll drive her to work.

She will fine tune her driving over the next week to hopefully make it a bit quicker via a couple of back streets.

Wednesday 28th May:

Jordan was back for his second driving test today. And once again he failed. He had the right number of points but made one fatal error in not giving way to other vehicles in a school zone, which is an instant fail.

Ooohhh well back in three weeks again.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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