Day 468 of retirement working

September 3, 2014

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Saturday 9th August:

I’m a bachelor for the night. Guy and Jordan are in Canberra for the weekend for Zali’s 2nd birthday celebrations. Sadly I have to work so unable to make it.

I had a quiet night at home and cooked up a pot of Pork Adobo for my dinner and to be consumed by the hungry travelers when they return tomorrow.

Sunday 10th August:

Guy and Jordan arrived home at 5:00pm ish exhausted after partying with 2 year old Zali.

They also had a bit of an accident on the way home. Jordan had a bottle of RED cordial that leaked on the front passenger side floor. Man, it took 4 buckets of water and a sponge to get most of it out.

Looked like a blood bath in the driveway with all the red cordial.

Tuesday 12th August:

Off to the RTA for Jordan’s drivers license practical test again….

Once he got back to the RTA, he wasn’t too confident that he passed. Once the instructor informed him he passed he was one very happy boy.

We decided to have a bit of fun with Guy so I rang her and informed her that Jordan did good in his test but had a fender bender on the way back so it was an instant fail.

Jordan played along and said how “traumatized” he was with it all. As we ended the called I told her to check her SMS as Jordan was sending her a pic of the car damage.

Jordan actually sent her a copy of his brand new license. She called back within the minutes cursing us both……

Wednesday 13th August:

Spent the morning cleaning my camera and 3 lenses. It is surprising the amount of sea spray scum that the gear accumulates with beach visits.

Now that Jordan has his license we have started looking at another car. The mighty Mazda may well be “sold” to Jordan so we will purchase a new (Second hand) car.

This afternoon I visited all the car yards (six of them) in Brookvale to see what was available and the prices. Also looking at Lots of good cars in our range out there. Just need to find the right one that we both like.

Guy also has her contacts in the car industry looking as well, so all good.

Thursday 21st August:

Brush with fame today:

Served Kirk Pengilly (INXS & married to Layne Beachley). Nice guy. Very down to earth.

Saturday 23rd August:

Had a guy come into work today for a battery for his “Atomic Reactor” that he had in the boot of his car.

Wasn’t sure what this guy was about at first. Not sure if I should sell him a battery or call the cops…..

But turns out all was kosher.

Monday 25th August:

Got to drive an Austin Martin today. There is an exotic car showroom across the road from us with lots of very nice vehicles. I got a call from the boss of this establishment at 5:00pm asking if I would go and help out the lady there.

You see it was closing time and she was the only one there. They had a very nice Austin Martin parked in the driveway and it needed to be reversed back into the shop to enable the doors to be closed.

So over I went and slid into the very nice driver’s seat. We got the car started okay but couldn’t find the hand brake release. After a quick phone call to her boss we had it all sorted, the car was back in the shop.

I got to drive the car for a whole 1 metre…..

Monday 1st September:

Guy’s birthday today. She is 25…. again….

A quiet day was had by all as we will celebrate her and my birthdays in Adelaide this weekend with my family.

Wednesday 3rd September:

Just had an awesome plumber here to fix our leaking toilet cistern.

  • He arrived on time
  • He looked at the job and explained the options to me
  • Once agreed he completed the job within the hour (Had the parts with him)
  • He was courteous, neat and tidy (Ben was the guy)

If you need any plumbing or electrical work in Sydney call MrH2O on 1300 799 371

Now back to enjoying the rest of my day off.

Went for an afternoon walk to watch the huge swells rolling in at Dee Why Beach.

Life is good.
Trevor & Guy