Day 501 of retirement working

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Friday 5th September:

Up nice and early and off to the airport for our trip to Adelaide. This is a family gathering to inter the ashes of my mum and dad at the cemetery.

It was a nice smooth flight and my sister Sandy picked us up and then back to her and Brian’s place till 3:00pm when we’re all leaving for the cemetery.

The interment gathering was small with us four kids along with nieces and nephews and few cousins and others thrown in for good measure. My sister Lyn spoke about the history of mum and dad and then various people spoke on their memories and experiences of time gone past.

It was a glorious sunny crisp afternoon and a fitting send off for mum and dad as their ashes were placed in the wall side by side.

After the ceremony it was back to the common room in the apartment complex at Sandy and Brian’s. There was much food and drink consumed by all with lots of stories told. It was great to also catch-up with some cousins that I haven’t seen in 20 odd years.

Saturday 6th September:

We all had a bit of a sleep in this morning. At midday Guy and I meet up with Rik, Jas and Mike for lunch while all the rest of the clan made their way into the city to an art exhibition.

As it was Guy’s birthday on the 1st of September and it is mine on the 9th of September and also fathers day on Sunday 7th of September, we celebrated all three at a great feast in a very nice Chinese restaurant next to the central market.

Guy got a very nice teacup with some tea to match and I received a very nice Lamy pen. I have a bit of thing for nice pens and used to use them back in my previous life of software support.

Sunday 7th September:

Back to work this morning. As it was Father’s day, business was extremely slow. I did get to use my new pen and I must say that I had forgotten how good it is to use a nice smooth writing implement.

Tuesday 9th September:

A nice leisurely morning with some Peking Duck for lunch followed by Haighs chocolate for dessert.

Lots of birthday wishes from you all, which was great. One more year to the big 60……

Thursday 11th September:

We (Jordan, Guy & myself) caught up with Zali, Jo, Dave and Jenna (Jo’s chief bridesmaid) for dinner at Dee Why Beach to celebrate a host of Birthdays:
Jordan – Aug 26th
Jo – Aug 29th
Guy – Sep 1st
Me – Sep 9th

A great evening was had by all.

Tuesday 16th September:

9 years ago today I met this beautiful woman in a coffee shop in Chatswood. And as they say “The rest is history”.

What an awesome adventure we have had so far and looking forward to many many more. Luv my Guy……..

Tuesday 23rd September:

Went for my afternoon walk today and came across this amazing guy at the Dee Why rocks. He was playing this 2 stringed instrument and singing with a deep throaty voice while the waves crashed behind him.

Sounded kind of Tibetan. Very soothing just listening.

Thursday 25th September:

Had a little old lady coming into the shop yesterday to buy a mobile phone battery. All good.

About 10 minutes later she came back into the shop in a bit of a state. You see, she couldn’t find her car and thought it had been stolen.

I settled her down, grabbed her keys and along with a description of the car set off round the block to look for her car.

Sure enough about half a block away I found her car all safe and sound behind a hedge.

She was very relieved to get her “stolen” car back….

Monday 6th October:

Public Holiday today so Guy and I get to spend the full day together. Started with a nice sleep-in and then a walk down to Dee Why beach.

After a yummy brunch (Eggs Benedict and grilled salmon) we went for a walked round the rock pool. The place was packed with beach goers.

A relaxing afternoon followed.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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