Day 655 of retirement working

March 10, 2015

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Hi All

Monday 26th January:

Huge happy Australia Day to you all. It is a great country we live in and lets celebrate that.

Guy and I off to the city to enjoy the festivities but alas it was a drizzly old day and not very pleasant. So we hit the BBQ King for our favorite Peking Duck lunch.

Then back home and settled in for a marathon “Breaking Bad” series afternoon.

Wednesday 11th February:

Off to the city (The Rocks) today looking for a special gift. As it is our 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday (Yes Valentines Day) and the traditional object is “Wood”.

I have seen this shop in the rocks before that has Australian timber bowls and small containers. I found the shop and they had the small bowl that I was after.

It is made from Mallee stump. Now, when I was a kid back in Cummins (SA) on Dad’s farm, one of my jobs was to collect all the mallee stumps in the paddocks. Dad would then bring them back home and I then had to chop them into small bits so Mum could use them in the wood stove in the kitchen (Yes pre electric stoves).

I always remember chopping the stumps and admiring the unique grain pattern of the mallee stumps. So Guy’s 5th wedding anniversary present has a bit of the old me in it.

Saturday 14th February:

Well 5 years ago today, Guy and I were married. I gave Guy her special mallee bowl for our “wood” anniversary (5th year).

It has been an amazing adventure in the last 10 years (I courted her for 5 years before getting married). And as we have discovered, life began again at 50 ish for us both. So many adventures and so many more to come. Bring it on……

A few weeks ago on a Sunday I helped a guy with a very dead battery. He was a bit down on his luck so I lent him a battery and he assured me he would be back to pay in a week or two.

Well today, good to his word, he came in and paid for the battery and even gave me a bottle of red wine for helping him out.

Good karma all round……. 🙂

Saturday 7th March:

Guy picked me up after work and after a quick shower we were off to the 50th birthday party for the real “Ian Thorpe”. No, not the swimmer but the bush walker Ian Thorpe.

I met Ian when I moved to Sydney many years ago on a Sydney Bush Walkers walk. We had many a bushwalk back in them there mountains over the years.

It was great to catch up with Ian and Ross as we haven’t seen them for a year or two.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy