Day 727 of retirement working

May 20, 2015

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Hi All

Wednesday 25th March:

Jordan is struggling to find full time work so time to try something different.

At Battery World they have a business coach (Julian Bakarich) from The Dream Consortium, ( He is working with them on coaching to further expand the business and provide a quality service to the customer base.

I had a chat to Julian about Jordan’s predicament and he offered to have a chat to Jordan and hopefully provide him with some direction and on going support.

This morning at 10:00am Jordan and I meet with Julian in North Sydney for our first meeting. The ground rules were set with all three of us then I left Jordan with Julian.

Some 45 minutes later Jordan emerged with some tasks he has to complete prior to his next meeting with Julian on the 7th March. So fingers crossed we are all hopeful that something will come out of this new approach.

Saturday 4th April:

Had to work today so after work Guy and I headed off to Canberra for the rest of the weekend to see Dave, Jo & Zali.

Passed six Police / radar setup on our 300km trip south. As it is double demerit points over Easter I was rather more careful watching the speed limits.

It also rained all the way down so I was even more careful on the drive down. Made it just on dark so all good.

Sunday 5th April:

Started the day with the good old Easter egg hunt with Zali. Then we all over indulged in chocolate during the day.

Jo and Dave have now received their wedding photo’s and video. So they invited some of their friends around (Who were at the wedding in Vegas) and we looked at all the pics and watched the video.

Was great to see all the happenings and even a few we had forgotten about.

Monday 6th April:

Up and away back to Sydney by midday. Only four police radar units encountered on the way home so we stuck to the speed limit religiously.

Encountered rain about half way and missed the worst of the Easter Monday traffic. Only added an extra half hour to our trip with delays.

Saw on the news that a couple hours after we got home the back up on the highway we came in on was 12km long.

Sunday 12th April:

Guy picked me up from work at 3:00pm and off to the medical centre for both of us. Just a minor checkup for both of us. Nothing serious just old age catching up with us unfortunately.

Thursday 16th April:

Served a lady today whose name was “Running Horse”. Absolutely true as this was the name on her credit card. She is an American Indian. A very interesting, bit out there lady to chat to.

Friday 17th April:

Home with the man flu and an infected eye. Been to the doc and have medicine and using it.

Note: Don’t get old, as it takes twice as long to recover….

Tuesday 21st April:

Man we are having some wild weather at the moment. It has now been raining steadily for 2 days. And the wind hit in the last 24 hours. Flooding, trees down and no power all round us but so far so good we are okay.

Jordan was back to see Julian (His business coach) again to day. They had a 45 minutes session together and Julian had me sit in on the last 10 minutes. Must say I am very impressed with his approach to Jordan and the coaching he is providing. Jordan has his first job interview tomorrow so we shall see.

Wednesday 22nd April:

Jordan was off to his job interview at the Brookvale Jeep dealership (15 minutes walk from home) as a trainee salesman. It just so happens that Guy is working there for a few weeks (Normally she is at Mosman) so was able to “put in a good word” for him.

The interview went well and Jordan was offered the job. He starts on Monday 27th April. The first step for Jordan on his passage through his working life.

Monday 27th April:

Jordan off to his first day of work today. He survived the day a-okay so all good.

The start of the rest of his working life.

Tuesday 28th April:

Visited Specsavers today and new glasses ordered (Multifocal, Transition, Anti Glare).

I did discover that one eye is much better than the other which means I now have to have each lens made differently for each eye.

So much for my cheap Specsaver glasses……..

Sunday 3rd May:

Guy didn’t play Mahjong all weekend so needless to say she is a little twitchy tonight.

Tuesday 5th May:

Got my new Specsaver glasses back yesterday. After feeling a bit wonky with my new prescription all is good.

As the song says: “I can see clearly now…….”.

Sunday 10th May:

Happy mothers days to all the Mum’s out there.

Jordan and I took Guy out to Dinner in Dee Why. Very nice Thai food at one of our favorite restaurants.

Sunday 17th May:

Today at work:

Fitted the correct battery to a guys 4×4 and cleaned up all the corrosion caused by the old battery leaking – $250.

The box of macaroons he bought me from the cafe to say thanks for cleaning up the mess – Priceless….

Tried Vegemite Chocolate tonight.

Interesting. Tastes more like bitter caramel to me….

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy